Where We Eat: The Pierogi Grill Nestled Beside Jackson Hunt

Traffic was at a standstill. Stupid Bucs game. Here it was, my birthday dinner and I was going to show up late. I looked into my rear view mirror, met my eyes and thought, nope, not gonna happen. I quickly swerved my car onto the shoulder and began passing all the football fans. 40, 50, 60 miles an hour. I hit the CCC in no […]


Irish Au Gratin Drowned in Sound by Sleigh Bells and SONOIO

Last weekend J-Fur and I sat in La Crepe Bistro with two of our friends from Chicago. The four of us enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice alongside crepes, omelets, quiche and Vegetable Au Gratin. While all the food was good, the highlight was the Vegetable Au Gratin. This thing was packed full of zucchini, mushrooms, onions and asparagus and drowned in a waterfall of butter […]


Fennel Franks and White Bean Stew Prescribed by The Connects and Secret Music

It 6:53 on Saturday morning and I am awake, eating soup, writing and listening to music. It is taking a lot of effort to hold my head up as it is swimming, probably somewhere out in the Arctic Region by this time. This is my yearly ritual as we close in to my birthday: head colds, congestion, sometimes writing on the floor of an airport […]


2 For 1: Vegan in the Morning and Cuban Cigar Crisis

I’ve met quite a few crazy vegetarians in my life. There was the music teacher who told me she was vegetarian between mouthfuls of fried chicken. Another lady I worked with suggested that she was a vegetarian except for when the school cafeteria served “turkey and stuffing and pepperoni pizza.” A recent tasting introduced me to a fellow writer who told everyone she was “almost […]


Fryrito Bundled by PropaneLV, the Jefferson and Skizzy Mars

At recess today I taught a girl how to dropkick a soccer ball. A few minutes into the lesson, after varied success, the girl said to me “Mr. Branson, do you love kids?” A trillion things flashed through my mind but the only thing I uttered out loud was “Yeah, of course.” The girl got a little red and walked over to her friends. I […]


Fried Mashed Potato Balls with Various Sauces Pankoed by Frankie and the Heartstrings and School of Seven Bells

While Mr. Dunderbak’s is a great place to eat, what puts it over the top is the condiments that are offered. I can slather my Pomme Frites in curry, spicy, barbecue or thai ketchup. I can also cover them in wasabi, spicy, stone ground, jalapeno or horseradish mustard. Combine these options and the condiment bar is sent through the roof. Earlier this week when I […]

Fort Fairfield - bœuf à la bourguignonne

Fort Fairfield Food Manifesto and Boueuf a la Bourguignonne

Swedish innovators Fort Fairfield are currently holed up in a Lonneberga cabin putting the finishing touches on their new album (working title of The Straw Boys). Comprised of brothers John and Tom Lück, Fort Fairfield is best known for their atmospheric experimental music dubbed “shoegaze electronic.” The brothers are joined on the new album by producer Egon Ramberget and guest vocalists De Montevert, Brenden Beu […]


Good Frames Bordering a Coconut and Chickpea Curry

On Labor Day weekend J-Fur convinced me that our trusty futon, the one we have owned for six years, was better off in her sister’s apartment. At one point the futon had served as our bed but after buying an actual one of those it became our couch. The catch was that donating the futon meant we would have to buy another couch. I figured […]


Beta Vulgaris Interjaculation Hugged by The Hussy and Regurgitator

Beta Vulgaris Interjaculation is just a sexy way to say Beet (Sandwich).  The beets, while lovely in their own right, were gussied up by an apple, baguette and boiled peanut hummus. The result was a (sandwich) with the sex appeal of a bald, slightly overweight, twenty something hipster.  While I feared the rawness of the beets and apples were a little too much, J-Fur set […]