Where We Eat: Pinky’s Diner with Carousel and Joywave

Breakfast is the hardest meal to do right. A few wrong turns and you end up on a fatty trip to Sweetsville where heart attacks hide down every alley way. A successful breakfast provider is one that is able to create a special meal in a way that the consumer enjoys it but doesn’t feel deathly afterwards. Of course, they also have to be able […]


Oatmeal Pancakes with Grilled Peaches Boxed Out by Gangstagrass

My idea of grilling is standing in front of two third graders trying to get to the bottom of who really did cut the Lego guys head off with scissors. Or who smeared the…nevermind. But there is something about grilled foods that attracts me and I am constantly trying them out to varied successes. Today’s breakfast, inspired by the grilled peach ice cream that the […]

Slimed Mix

You’ve Been Slimed Mix: Dana Buoy, BLACK TAXI, Paula & Karol, The Minutes, Mean Jeans, The Front Bottoms, You Won’t, Youngblood Hawke, Reykjavik and more…

I went in to a fast food restaurant chain and ordered the new triple deluxe bacon monster hamburger. An acne scarred, minimum wage employee handed me the burger with a little note that said “You’ve been slimed.” I went to my local chain grocery store and ordered some hamburger meat from the dead animal department. The burly man behind the counter smiled and wrote on […]


Lentil Swiss Burgers Beefed Up by Kayln Rock and Ophelia Syndrome

My new haircut has me seeing Shane from The Walking Dead every time I quickly glance in the mirror. Put aside the fact that I’m not a prick, I’m not trying to steal my best friend’s wife and, thanks to the second to last episode of  season 2,  I don’t have a hole in my head and we are practically twins. There is also the […]


Naan Loaded Tofu Kebab Wraps with Tamarind Chutney Styled by Capital Cities, Reptar and EMA The Kid

My personal hairstylist, let’s call her Faith, rang the other day and left a message on my voicemail. It was something about her dog picture business taking off and needing to begin seeing me on Sundays instead of Saturdays. I haven’t called her back yet. Not because I didn’t have time but because I was waiting. Waiting to see if I would even need her. […]


Food Flavored Artist: Chase the Sun by Skipping Girl Vinegar

(Photo by J-Fur) Skipping Girl Vinegar is an Australian Indie Pop band (think the down under version of I’m From Barcelona) that is not afraid to try crazy things in the name of standing out. Take their idea to send a Hobo Monkey into space for the “Chase the Sun” video. This Monkey soared, attached to a makeshift weather balloon, to 110,000 feet. For you […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with The Valery Trails

About fourteen years ago Andrew Bower, one of the members of The Valery Trails, followed his job to Papua New Guinea for a few months. Those months turned in to years and led to other stays abroad in Africa and the US. This put on hold any type of music making that The Valery Trails could do. With improvements in technology came the ability to […]


Val’s Apple Cinnamon French Toast Muffins with You and Me and Johnny Neon

I’m one of the best gift givers I know. It wasn’t always this way. When I was 17 I gave J-Fur a necklace with this beautiful sapphire on (her favorite gem). The only problem was that it was connected to a gold chain (a color that she refuses to wear). She tried to like it, even had herself convinced for a few minutes, but in […]


Roasted Cauliflower Panzanella Soaked in Brian Larsen and Tribes

Florentine traditionalists will thumb their nose at this dish as it does not contain onions, tomatoes, vinegar or basil. This is not panzanella they might utter, this is an abomination.  In my humble opinion, any abomination that tastes good is worth it. I mean just take a look at this site, you will find so many abominations that I should probably call it the food […]