The Rest and Shannon Curtis Come to Terms With a Caramelized Banana and Nutella Quesadilla

My refrigerator is a graveyard for condiments. I’m not talking about those popular ones like mustard, barbecue sauce or soy drizzle. I’m referring to the condiments I used once, shoved into an open slot on the refrigerator’s door and completely forgot about until the other day when they all came crashing down. Things like thai black bean and garlic sauce, suicide hot sauce, blueberry intercourse […]


2 For 1: Gluten Pigs in Various Comforters Warmed by Tinpan Orange

After seeing this post on Vegan Crunk I had a desire for some pigs in a blanket. These snacks were not prevalent in my household as a kid, probably because biscuits were more expensive than wonder bread, so I never had the chance to experience the real thing. Doesn’t matter. I liked the idea of boiling up some gluten pigs and wrapping them snugly. My […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Pear and Dark Chocolate Crumble Courtesy of Rackets and Fives

As J-Fur kindly pointed out yesterday these last few weeks have been rough with the amount of things I’ve been adding to my plate. Let’s just say that if I keep up this rate, they are going to be kicking me out of the all-you-can-eat restaurant (hey, I’ve seen it happen to my grandfather). Each morning I wake up, drag myself out of bed and […]

After Pesto

Playing games with food

Sometimes a person has to step in and take control. Or flop on the floor to impede another’s progress.  Today that person is me. Oh hi! I forgot to introduce myself.  This is J-fur.  You may remember reading about me from time to time when Tender decides to give me credit for my biweekly cooking efforts or when I make him do something he doesn’t […]

gnocchi cover

Do It All for the Gnocchi Mix: Shrag, Icarus Himself, Snakadaktal, Navet, Kenton Dunson, IfIHadAHiFi, Speak, Quilt, The Silent Section and more…

A few years back Limp Bizkit did something right…they did it all for the gnocchi. Wait, what? It was snookie? Aw nookie. Let me amend that then, Limp Bizkit has still not done anything right. Sorry guys, maybe next time. Gnocchi are beautiful potato pasta pellets that can make any ho-hum dish splendid in no time. Take, for instance, the pictured mac and cheese. That […]


Philly’s Phinest: Vegan Scrapple Pon Haused with We Were Promised Jetpacks

It is less than an hour before the Phillies begin their quest for a World Series title. Seems like the perfect time for another Philly’s Phinest entry that celebrates the varied cuisine of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This one is a vegan version of scrapple. Sometimes referred to as “everything but the oink” scrapple traditionally uses the leftover pig parts (scraps) and combines them with cornmeal and […]


Caged Animal Sandwich and Teflon Heart

The summer of my 9th year was one of the longest in recorded history. My mother volunteered to help with my sister’s girl scout camp and unable to afford child care, she drug my brother and I along. Here I was desiring only to do something boyish, play soccer, spy on the neighbors, possibly cut the hair off my sister’s barbies while she wasn’t home […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Antwan the Don’s Surf and Turf Burgers Courtesy of Chocolate Bread

Do you remember the Bloodhound Gang? Cypress Hill? Les Baxter? Sublime? Do you recall the time back in the late 90′s when you shoved albums from all four of these artists into your six changer CD player and by some miracle upon miracle they all played at once? You don’t? Not a  problem. You can experience the same thing by listening to Chocolate Bread’s new […]


Tampa’s 1st Food Truck Rally Sold Out by Moreno, Macklemore and Lewis and Love Migrate

This post was supposed to share all the interesting food I ate at today’s food truck rally, the first of its kind in Tampa. I knew I needed to get there early. Just a week ago the rally’s facebook page had 100 likes, now it was at 1,000. All the local media joints had tweeted and written about it and the pictures posted this morning […]