Beat Radio and Five Points Pizza Bread

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl yesterday mainly because I saw the same matchup four years ago and didn’t want to relive that day again. Except, when it boils down to it, I basically did. It was like a case of Deja Vu. There I was in the same grocery store buying that same wagon full of Dr. Pepper and month supply of tortilla chips. […]


Adventures in Soy Sauce Soured by Graves and Bedroom Eyes

A lot of my dishes the past few weeks have included soy sauce in the recipe. There was the onigiri, the scallion and potato pancakes from Appetite for Reduction, a big bowl of sesame broccoli and the sweet and sour tofu that is pictured to the right. The reason for these adventures in soy sauce is simple…I got my hands on some Microbrewed Bluegrass Soy […]


Kickstart the Ugly Club’s Debut Album

This isn’t my normal post but the Ugly Club did give me these so I guess it is the least I can do. The Ugly Club is trying to finance their debut full length album through Kickstarter. If you want to help you can go here. The band is trying to raise 3,000 in order to finance the mastering, pressing, publicity, video production and touring […]

talk doesn't cook onigiri mix

Talk Doesn’t Cook Onigiri Mix: Heikki, The Pocket Gods, Wade, Viper Creek Club, Dirty Fences, Foxes, Ginnels, Party Supplies, We Are Pirates and more…

Onigiri, aka balls of fluff sent from the gods to be enjoyed by all, doesn’t cook itself (although rice cookers do one helluva job). So many people can talk a good talk but when it comes time to actually but some substance behind their words they fall short. Lip Service I say. Onigiri is the type of lip service I can handle. It is just […]


Celebrity Cook Off: Cuban Cigar Crisis

This is a first. After seeing this blog post Chas from Cuban Cigar Crisis decided to invite the world into his kitchen as he prepared some Mac and Cheese with a Twist. He dedicated it to writeclickcooklisten. Awesome stuff! Get more Cuban Cigar Crisis: Web, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Soundcloud

Official Final front cover

Artist’s Cookbook: Black Forest Gateau by See Emily Play

See Emily Play is the stage moniker for 18 year old Emily Ireland. She is an artist who values her voice and piano playing abilities above anything else. Throw in lyrics that are influenced by her love of poetry and prose and it is no wonder that she has garnered comparisons to the raw energy of Patti Smith and the lyrical dexterity of Kate Bush. […]


Beer Barbecued Chiken with Sprite Biscuits Aged Perfectly with Sasha Raskin, the Jealous Sound and La Chansons

Everyone around me acts like a beer expert, yet I seem to know more than they do about what makes a truly fantastic beer. In the end a truly fantastic beer is one that is aged to perfection. This process takes at least two years. What you do is buy a six pack, put it in the back of your fridge and let it sit […]


Recipe Remix: Tropical Collards and Craig Finn

Those of you who have followed this blog since its inception (and let’s face it that’s no one) know that a few months ago it transitioned from a blogger cookie cutter dirt palace to a fat cow wind powered gravel track. I have my dear friend Michelle to thank for all of that. The other night I finally had a chance to thank her with […]


Tru Fam and Drunken Cheddar Soup

I used to think of cheddar as the cheese equivalent of vanilla. Both are decent enough dudes, good listeners, but not much in the way of adventure. If I’m going to go tagging or breaking and entering I’m going to call up smoked provolone or jalapeno jack to join me. That all changed the first time I got cheddar drunk. I remember it well, my […]