The Local Dirt, The Caretakers, Theory Hazit and BBQ Tofu Quesadillas with Cigar City Smoked Salsa

On Thursday night the Roosevelt 2.0 hosted a magazine release party for the inaugural edition of The Local Dirt. The Local Dirt is published by Chefs Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez (both from Cafe Dufrain) and farmer Cathy Hume. It focuses on providing a voice for Tampa’s local food movement. The release party included live music, free wine, food trucks and a tasting of Cigar […]


Where they Eat: Chocolate Robots and Giresi’s Pizza Factory

The Chocolate Robots, comprised of Matt, Mutt and Marco Giresi, probably find themselves at Giresi’s Pizza Factory in Sarnia, Ontario more often than they want to. Afterall, it is the pizzeria that their parents own and the one that all three work at. Along with their uncle, the three brothers man the kitchen meaning getting out and gigging can be difficult (no restaurant boss would […]


Movie Food: Julie and Julia’s Quorn Bourguignon

When I watched Julie and Julia a few months back I had no desire to replicate anything in the movie. It was chock full of blood and guts and defeathering and all kinds of other things I don’t like to stick in my mouth. But when I received December’s Vegetarian Times there was a recipe for Quorn Bourguignon (one of the few dishes that stuck […]


Alternative Voices: Ramen Noodles by Bob Beck

Alternative Voices are just that…posts written by other cooks I know (and trust). November and December are months in which I imbibe and eat at a furious pace.  It seems like there are always social gatherings for the holidays, birthdays to celebrate, and just flat-out being lazy because of the weather and feeling the need to nosh on some confections or crack open a seasonal […]


Lemon Curd and Sour Cherry Bars Browned by Blondfire and Belleruche

I have to admit, when I tasted the lemon curd in the middle of my birthday cupcakes I had a slight orgasm. Gross? Sure it was but I wasn’t the only one. That is how good it was. Not wanting to let an amazing thing go to waste, I froze the curd so that I could use it again when we returned from vacation. As […]


Carrot-Ginger-White Bean Soup Gingerly Impaled by Oso Negro and Levi Bazilio

Pennsylvania was cold. Snow joined me on my runs, the wind ripped right through my piddly little sweatshirt and most of the shorts that I packed stayed in my bag. When my parents-in-law offered a trip to the West Shore Farmers Market I jumped at the chance thinking there would have to be soup somewhere. After a short delay (an emergency vet visit to repair […]


Panhandling for Vegan Food

Back in 2005 there was this bad ass movie called Hustle and Flow (a pimp tries to become a rap star). One of the songs, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp,” walked away with an Academy Award and a place forever in my vernacular. Since really getting into the food scene in Tampa the song has become “It’s Hard Out Here for a Vegan.” […]


Merry Listmas 2011: The Music

For me, music highlights this year included: a tribute to poet Langston Hughes, visits from a milkman, a Shakespearean sonnet, the strangeness of seeing your face on television, finding Gatorade in the wrong section at Wal-Mart, Bibles coated with tropical fruit and drunk simians who refuse to jump. Of course, this is only the tip of the proverbial cupcake (all of these songs aren’t from […]


Merry Listmas 2011: The Food

As another year comes to an end, I’m going to spend a few moments reliving some of my favorite food adventures of 2011. Favorite Sandwiches: Peppered Seitan with Creamy Mustard Sauce Caged Animal Sandwich Dr. Pepper Seitan Vegan Open Faced Portobello from Bern and the Brights Vegetarian Italian Roast Pork Porcini Veggie Burgers from The Chubby Vegetarian Fried Green Tomato Po’ Boy from The Chubby […]