Food Flavored Song of the Day: Salt in the Wound by Propane Cowboy

I ate dinner with a group of friends a few years back to celebrate a wedding or birthday or something. At this dinner there was a guy and a girl who I had never met. The two weren’t dating but it was obvious that the guy wanted to get with her as all night long he was putting on a show. Unfortunately a lot of […]


The Birth of a Focaccia Slut as Evidenced by StereoHeroes and Battle Ave.

For years I’ve been visiting blogs, reading their recipes for focaccia, and posting something generic like “looks good, I can’t wait to finally make my own.” Then I’d go back to my kitchen, get sidetracked on something else, and continue being a homemade focaccia virgin. About a week ago I finally was inspired enough to dive in and make my own. It is all thanks […]


Movie Food: Bridesmaids’ "Bear" Sandwich Fondled by Red Sammy

J-Fur had been bugging people for weeks to go see the Bridesmaids movie. No one seemed interested. Her sister and I finally broke down last weekend and agreed to accompany her to the theater. I had heard very little about the movie, other than J-Fur telling me it was a comedy, so I didn’t really have high hopes. I can’t go so far as to […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Corn and Shrimp Soup Courtesy of Shannon Curtis

When a songwriter sits down to pen a song they have something in mind, a sort of destiny for the song. Some are meant for the dance floor where glistening bodies and colored lights will move, sway and grind to the beats (think Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” or LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls”). Others reach for the airwaves so that people in cars and kids on […]


Mid-Run Concert Review: Matt & Kim, The Thermals and DJ Autobot at the Czar Bar

Here is a transcript from the review I recorded for Tuesday nights Matt & Kim, The Thermals and DJ Autobot concert at the Czar Bar in Ybor. It was around mile three of a six mile run. Pre-Concert Meal: If you live in Tampa, you’ve probably seen billboards for the Acropolis. They dot I-4, 75 and 275. We’ve been going here for as long as […]


The Warped 45′s, Let’s Wrestle and Accidental "Sausage Gnocchi" with Pesto and Fresh Vegetables

My old college roommate, Drew, is no stranger to accidents. In the short time that I lived with him there was the badly sprained wrist from roller skating around the kitchen while drinking hard liquor, the sword cut from trying to put Sam’s blade into his pants leg and the music video where he walked into the street and got hit by a cab (probably […]


Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwiches on top of New York Rifles

Once upon a time there was a happy monogamous marriage between peanut butter and jelly. The two went everywhere together, finished each others sentences and never wavered in their love. But then something started to change. Peanut butter became disillusioned thinking that the grass was greener somewhere out there. Pretty soon peanut butter started keeping the company of harlots such as marmite, sriracha, tomato, bacon […]


herMajesty, Class of Kill’em High and Long Island Sound Piled High on Top Macho Tostones Supreme

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere I joined some girls dancing like a fool. During a lull, I jumped from a second story balcony, grabbed ahold of a tree and scaled down it as gracefully as a monkey. Instead of filling a stereotype by grabbing a celebration banana, I turned a little to the west and reached for a plantain. My first experience with tostones […]


Some Days Are > Others

How did I receive mail on Sunday? Because it took J-Fur four days to tell me that I had a package waiting in the office. It was well worth the wait.