Cook: Seitan-Peach Salad with Cocoa Dressing

When we started making podcasts at school last Thursday, I never would’ve thought that a week later there would still be some kids that weren’t finished. Yet there I was, today, still suffering through something that is seemingly taking an eternity. How hard is it to find a bit of information on something, write a script, voice that script for a minute, add a few pictures […]


Listen: Paschionate Singles from Last Lynx, Gold is for the Golden Team and The Pierces

Around these parts we are very Paschionate about our potatoes. It borders on hooliganism. It sounds sort of like this: Last Lynx have cracked open the red wine with the release of their new “Curtains”.  This is the second track to be lifted from the Swedish band’s forthcoming EP (called Rifts). Fredric Lindblom explains the single as being about the end. It is also about […]


Cook: The Paschion of the Potatoes

For some people, Easter is a time for celebrating new beginnings. The world is slowly starting to thaw from its frozen winter, babies hatch and run amok causing the older generations to instantaneously question if they had ever been so out of control, flowers open and show everyone their true inner beauty and all those vices that were shed for Lent…they can be renewed with vigor. But for others, bad […]


Food Flavored Video: “Peacekeeper” by Bear Hands

I received the video for “Peacekeeper” by Bear Hands a few weeks back and the email was loaded with NSFW warnings. I watched the video and, aside from a boob shot, there wasn’t much to it. I thought to myself, what do they mean NSFW? After rewatching a couple more times, I finally came to the realization that the video was NSFW because Bear Hands […]


Where We Eat: Caribbean Crown and Pujol

My wife’s boss has been harping on me, through her, for years about eating Jamaican food. He insisted that I give it a try. I have largely ignored his suggestions, namely because the one time I had Jamaican food was at this “fast food” type shack that played loud reggae music. I found the food to be too sweet and boring. I changed my tune a bit […]


Listen: Singles from Powers, Tanya Batt and Beautiful Small Machines

While warding off the dream demons, one should probably listen to a bit of: I can’t say I was enamored by Powers new song “Touch the World” when it first kicked off. I mean it was just some lines about superman and superfly and, well, we’ve been there done that. But holy ghosts of fried food pasts, when the chorus hits, it was impossible to […]


Cook: Pulled Tempeh Pizza Salad

Last Tuesday I visited Eats American Grill in South Tampa and, due to circumstances out of my control, I ate a whole basket of fried pickles with no help from anyone around me. Alright, alright, someone did sneak one from my grasp, but the rest of the basket was all me. The following night I visited a vegan pizza place and kindly offered to dispose of […]


Click: Topless Woman Trashes McDonald’s, Pulled Spaghetti Squash, Killing the Fun and Other Things That Caught My Eye This Week

What was so good about the week leading up to Easter?  Let me show you: Recipes: Tempeh Fish N Chips from One Green Planet Graham Cracker Nut Butter from the Healthy Foodie Lemongrass Tofu Bowls from Sprouted Kitchen Pulled BBQ Spaghetti Squash from The Chubby Vegetarian Smokey Sweet Potato Tempeh Scramble from Connoisseurus Veg Superfood Peanut Butter Eggs from Blissful Basil Vegan Lemon Curd from Gluten Free […]


Record Store Day at Mojo Books and Records

  Happy Record Store Day! Z-Bot and I decided to celebrate 2014′s version at Mojo Books and Records in Tampa. Why Mojo’s? Because inside they sell records and outside they hold a vegan bake sale. It is like Mojo had me in mind when they originally set this thing up. I stepped inside to get my fix of music first. I was most interested in picking […]