Listen: Carving the Fat Heaven, Little Daylight and Friends and Mating Ritual

Yo, radish carver! Create some art to this: I could carve anything to Fat Heaven’s “Liar and a Thief” which I liken to a mud puddle. Dirty as hell, full of things that you can easily catch and be infected with and able to provide you minutes of top notch entertainment. If only everything was this cheap, easy and fun. One of my favorite tracks […]


Cook: Radish and Pesto Crostini

I don’t mean to be such a humble bragger but I was contacted a few week’s ago by the National Radish Council for a bit of an impossible mission. The council had mistakenly been commissioned by the United States government to try and improve relationships between Mexico and the US. They tried to give the money back insisting that they were just a vegetable and […]


Spaghetti is Love

According to Medindia about 1.80 people die every second. That’s more than a hundred people a minute. Most of the time we don’t give these deaths a thought. The world keeps turning. The meat grinder keeps grinding. The race keeps being run. But every once in a while one of those 1.80 deaths hits close to home and, for a few moments, our own personal […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Turnip by Baby Baby

Behind every worthwhile band there are a couple of suits willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck or two. The suits who serve Baby Baby pulled them aside earlier this year and suggested a bit “more cowbell.” Baby Baby knew exactly what they meant. They also knew that when a suit suggests something you try to make it happen. Enter “Turnip”, the band’s newest single. […]


Click: Vegan Cannibals and Zombies, Shellacked Sprinkles, Black Bean Big Mac and Other Things That Caught My Eye This Week

Last week my elevator stopped on these floors: Articles: Plant Based Restaurant About to Take Root in Tampa (thanks DB for the heads up) Dottie’s Doughnuts (Vegan Doughnuts and Coffee) Taking Hold in Philly Ho Hum, NYC Named Most Vegan Friendly City by PETA, Tampa Least (Ok, not really but…) PETA Wants Accused Cannibal Fed a Vegan Diet Vegan Treats Pulls Sprinkles From Doughnuts Due to […]


Listen: The Dogged Endurance of Blue Plutos, Work Drugs, Wonderful Humans and VÉRITÉ

So what exactly does one listen to while prepping a dish that “sets up shop right where the dogged endurance of the Western States collapses into a heap on the desert floor and the post punk angst of Bruce Campbell reading from a flesh covered book brings rise to a plethora of undead vegetables” (that’s me quoting me)? A little bit of: Blue Plutos consist […]


Cook: Tamari-Lime Tempeh and Rice with Edmame and Corn

“…the whole shebang owes less to Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem than to Vampire Weekend, from whom Win Butler and co. most likely learned to use their passport stamps as musical inspiration without coming across (well, to most people, anyway) as craven imperialist marauders. (You gotta admit that syncing their full-album, pre-release-stream lyric video to the 1959 Brazilian flick Black Orpheus is some impressively zealous trolling.)” -Rob […]


Listen: Back to Life with FMLYBND, Dangerous the Dog and Will and the Won’ts

FMLYBND took a brief hiatus. Some people have suggested it is due to a meddling midget man. Other’s say it has to do with the band wanting to reformat themselves and start working with producer Eric Palmquist (he of Bad Suns and Wavves fame). I’m not sure who to believe in this instance…In the grand scheme of things, where they’ve been isn’t nearly as important […]


Cook: Artichoke Po’ Girl Sandwich with Roasted Red Pepper Remoulade

Z-Bot curled up on my lap the other night, turned her little blue eyes towards my face and gave me the look. Anyone who is a parent knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say the look. It is that moment when your child asks, without uttering a sound, for you to tell them a good story. I bit into my latest creation, a […]