Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With The Cad by Cuban Cigar Crisis?

Some friends go on a trip to a remote cabin in the woods. Chaos ensues. There are buckets of blood, campy gore, plastic wrapped dead bodies and a crazed murdering general on the loose. Those are just a few of my favorite things from the new Tobe Hopper directed…er, Cuban Cigar Crisis video “The Cad.” It is certainly not for the faint of heart. “The Cad” serves […]


Artist’s Cookbook: What’s (Not) Cooking with Lewis Hurrell?

Since the World Cup is coming our way in a little over two weeks I’ll use a bit of a soccer analogy to describe songwriter/producer Lewis Hurrell. He is an American, from Sebastopol, California, who holds dual citizenship as a result of being born in England. That means if he was a soccer star he could elect to play for either country in the World Cup. […]


Listen: Singles from Tiny Victories, YLUV and Little Earthquake

While eating a sandwich covered with the most popular American salad dressing this side of 1992, may I suggest a bit of: Imagine if the younger version of yourself could listen in on your conversations of today. Would they recognize you? Would the words coming out of your mouth sound like anything that younger you ever would’ve said? Those are some of the thoughts that Tiny Victories’ new tune […]


Cook: Portobello, Caramelized Onions and Garbanzo Fritters in a Pita

This is the story of two plumbers who will forever be linked in plumbing lore. Their connection to each other runs so much deeper than just their ability to fix a sink or unclog a toilet. Our story begins worlds apart, one in the remote Alaskan bush and the other in the hippy dippy eccentric district of Asheville, North Carolina. In the early 1950s, Steve […]


Food Flavored Song: “Sloppy Joes” by VOMITFACE

There is no greater pairing in the history of the world than a nice sloppy joe with a face full of vomit. At least that is what VOMITFACE will have you believe. After all, their new single “Sloppy Joes” evokes just this type of feeling. To make it worse, they grunge drop some lyrics about salmonella and toxicosis. Thankfully the song is nice enough to […]


Listen: The Latest Hits from Wonderful Humans, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Work Drugs and The Provincial Archive

Savory pancakes full of sauerkraut go down smoother when slathered with: A trio of Wonderful Humans who hail from New York City. They make pretty catchy, electro fabulous tunes. Wonderful Humans is an offshoot, as the three members are also part of three other “successful bands” of different genres. That’s about all I can tell you about them as, in this world of selfie obsessed look […]


Cook: Sauerkraut Pancakes

Back in college my pal Blake and I were on one of those all night concussion fighting benders. Unable to go to sleep, fearing that we would not wake up again, we decided to take a trip out west. We planned to hit up Albuquerque. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn. Then we took another and another and another. Before we knew it, we were […]


Click: Bowling for Rhinos, Vegan Prophylactics, Deckchairs on the Moon, Rocket Hummus and Other Things That Caught My Eye This Past Week

Running a bit behind schedule (that’s what traveling around the world via one gigantic pub will do to you). Here is what I noticed over the past 14 days: Recipes Rocket Hummus from Tinned Tomatoes Sweet Potato Tots  from Your Vegan Mom Charred Carrot Hot Dogs from the Chubby Vegetarian Gluten Free Buckwheat Crepes from Sweet Potato Soul Chocolate Truffle Cake (almost vegan) from the […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Beat the Heart’s Tjälknöl

Somewhere amidst the frost bumped loins of Stockholm, Sweden there lives a group of five men. Four of these men are brother pairs. The fifth wheel is a haunting fellow named Filip. These brother pairs and Filip have merged their extraordinary talents into one seamless project. The result? Beat the Heart. Beat the Heart is best described by what the band has accomplished. They’ve been able […]