Kid Tested, Father Approved: Butternut Squash and Apple Stew

“Wallace spent the rest of his life trying to explain away his racist past and in 1982 he won his last term in office with over 90% of the black vote, such is the duality of the southern thing.” -Drive-By Truckers “The Three Great Alabama Icons” Toddlers are rather funny eaters. You make up a batch of sweet, cranberry laced, granola bars and think they will […]


Food Flavored Artist: “Bloodlust” by Black Honey

Yesterday was a pretty big day for Brighton-based Black Honey. They released their fourth (and final) single “Bloodlust” from their unnamed debut EP and, as label head Rick put it, tied “the knot on what’s been a great year”. All four of Black Honey’s tracks are excellent singles and have found their way into regular rotation on all of my devices (I’m not the only one listening […]


Where We Eat: Little Greek Restaurant

I strolled into Little Greek last weekend like a lover rekindling with an old flame at the scene of one of their most sensuous jaunts. You see, a couple of months previous Yelp held an event at the restaurant. Head honcho Nick was led the event and he made sure that everything was done right. When he realized I was a vegan, he adjusted on the fly and […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Bangin Shepherd Pie Courtesy of The Cold Start

I’ve spent the last few hours scouring my rock and roll thesaurus looking for words that accurately describe The Cold Start and their brand of music. Sure I could’ve just pulled from the band’s Facebook page and explained that their music is a bit of “pop, indie and rock hooks infused with emotion, fire and fragility” but that would just be pure laziness. So here is what I’ve […]


Click: Spitting Vegan Lyrics, Exposing Thugs, Eating for Better Sex, Christopher Strong and Other Things That Caught My Attention This Week

The past few weeks have brought these sparkly gems: Articles: Vegan Rap Sofritas Come to Chipotles in the South (Including Florida) For a Few Days, You Could’ve Purchased a Vegan Du Rag Sixteen Million People in the US are now Vegan or Vegetarian Thug Kitchen Authors are Exposed (They Also Have a Cookbook Out) Bronx Cardiologist Prescribes Vegan Diet for Better Heart Health and Sex […]


Listen: Peppery new singles from Sirena, Sam Clayton, Y.O.U and Hozier

Tomato topped bread dipped into a deep pepper soup calls for a whole lotta: Sirena’s single “Chemicals” has been described as smooth, hallucinogenic, powerful, delicate and beautiful in different places. I’d like to throw yeasty into the mix. “Chemicals” is like the bread that binds the tomate el pan together. The only difference is the lack of chemicals in the bread. If Sirena is the bread, […]


Cook: Tomate El Pan and Cream of Roasted Bell Pepper Soup

Have you seen that commercial for a major insurance company where a guy is chatting with an agent early in the morning and his wife comes down from bed and thinks she catches him getting his hanky panky on? Well something very similar happened to me last week. I was flipping through Village Voice’s Hundred Favorite Dishes and came across the Pan Con Tomate from Casa Mono. It was […]


Food Flavored Artist: “Summer Sun” by Slow Down Molasses

Saskatoon, Canada is often referred to as “Bridge City” because it has eight different bridges that cross the Saskatoon River. In other circles the city has become known as Paris of the Prairies, Science City, Toontown, S’toon, the Hub City and POW City (for potash, oil and wheat). The place might need a new nickname soon as hometown musical act Slow Down Molasses is about to take […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Natural Fruit Jello Courtesy of Allison Strong

Howdy-ho everyone its Tender Branson back with another…whoa, what’s that weird looking force field thing? Let me just step in and <wavy lines appear>. Hey, this looks like my elementary school cafeteria circa 1986. Who is that amazing looking kid over there with the two foot high mohawk and the word vegan freshly Sharpied on his wrist? Oh wait, that’s me. I observe as Bobby Barfknuckles, the smartest […]