Food Flavored Song: Sleep Forever by Black Honey

Numerous university articles, none of which I plan on finding and citing, show that the darker the honey the higher the concentration of antioxidants. It truly is the sweet taste of darkness. What does that mean about “Sleep Forever”, the new single from English band Black Honey? It means that after just a few listens your body will begin to delay cell damage. I should know. […]


Listen: Little Tastes Courtesy of White Arrows and Little May

While I tried to rid my refrigerator of unwanted condiments, here is what was playing through my speakers: When I think of tasting items, I usually am thinking about food. Not everyone shares this thought process though. Exhibit number one, White Arrows. With a new single titled “I Want A Taste”, it might be easy to assume they were referring to my latest kitchen creation. […]


Cook: Tomato, Gomasio and Arugula Mayo on Cibatta (AKA The Fine Art Sandwich)

Last weekend I opened my refrigerator and broke down crying. It was an absolute mess. My greatest piece of art, my life’s work, my version of the Mona Lisa was teetering on the edge of complete and utter ruin. Right then and there I took it upon myself to do something drastic. I began throwing out condiments. Anything over a year old hit the garbage can. […]


Click: “Vegan” Parenting Gets a Bad Rap, Cronuts, Chicken and Waffle Dairy Free Donuts, Boxed Wine Leads to Remission and Other Things That Caught My Eye This Week

With all the moving and soccer and goodbye dinners, I still found time to enjoy a bit of this: Recipes 27 Vegan Pizzas to blow your mind (One Green Planet) Vegan Steak Sandwich (One Green Planet) Sesame Seed Bacon (Vegan Crunk) Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake (Vegan Dad) Mixed Berry Crisp (the Chubby Vegetarian) *includes honey Vegan Cronuts (40 Aprons) Double Chocolate Cherry Chunk Bars (Blissful Basil) […]


Where We Eat: Cigar City Brewpub

Every day after I’m done teaching I load onto a bus with six other raucous kids and am transported over to a martial arts practice center. Here I am part of a jujitsu group. I am the lowest member on the totem pole. There are kindergarten kids who can jui-jitsu better than me. This weekend we had a competition. Afterwards our best jui-jitsuer, Cassie, her friend […]


Pilfering, Deception and Patriotism: A Brief History of Pop-Tarts

A 1997 New York Times article by Florence Fabricant suggests that Pop-Tarts are the food that best defines the baby boom generation. She attributes this to them being “new fangled, convenient, sweet-tooth friendly and cheap”. Aside from defining a generation’s shortcomings in food form, Pop-Tarts have also had a very checkered past. This past includes pilfering, law suits, acts of heroism and public deception. Consider: *In […]


Food Flavored Album Review: Little Daylight’s Hello Memory

When I sit back and listen to Little Daylight’s debut full length Hello Memory (Capitol Records), I immediately start craving a Kung Pao Tofu Slider. This is not your Uncle Larry’s slapped together peanut butter and jelly on stale white bread horror show of a sandwich. The Kung Pao Tofu is the type of sandwich that makes your taste buds dance and twirl and cry out for more, long after […]


Listen: Earworms courtesy of LOLO, Baby Baby and Little Daylight

If sweet potato hash browns were served at a diner, what sound would they make? I would reckon: Based on how close LOLO is to YOLO, I wanted to hate her new song “Hit and Run”. She made it impossible. Best use of preacher’s son in years… *I just listened to it twice more to make sure it still gets my potatoes in a fried wad. It […]


Cook: Sweet Potato Hash Browns, Cauliflower Scramble and Breakfast Berry Pitas

I witnessed an interesting thing the other night at our local five and dime diner. I was sitting their eating a plate full of assorted pickles (wouldn’t you know the animal free choices are very slim around those parts) when in walked a guy who appeared to have stepped straight off of a movie set. He wore dark sunglasses with a fur half jacket wrapped […]