Cook: Back Alley Pasta

I spent a large portion of my childhood in the back alleys. These alleys were dim, smoked cigarettes by the carton and blasted Billy Ray Cyrus from their speakers. They had big hair with lots of hairspray, rolled pants and coffee that came from vending machines. They also sold french ticklers and other weird sex items in the bathroom. I watched North Carolina lose in the […]

DONS Press Shot web

Food To Record To: In Studio with D.O.N.S

One of the central pieces to the Branson family Thanksgiving dinner this year was a vegan green bean casserole topped with almond encrusted shallots. Oh doggie! Its been four days since Thanksgiving came and went and I still can’t stop thinking about that dish. What I wouldn’t give to have another plateful in front of me right now. My index finger? Possibly. My left ear? Definitely. My […]


Where We Eat (and drink): Naga Tea

Thanksgiving is a time of gluttonous delight for most Americans. We overeat to the point of discomfort and then spend the days afterwards wallowing in the aftereffects of our poor decisions. This year, I preplanned better than in the past. I went on a diet. A tea diet. It worked like this. Eat no breakfast, drink a tea filled with boba for a lunch time meal, […]


Listen: Otonana Trio, NOME and Born Joy Dead

It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. Ramen goes best with: Japanese rock supergroup Otonana Trio is all about the Ramen. After spending the last year recording and touring, the band recently released their new full-length album titled Say A Little Prayer for the Ramen King (out now via Toyotama No Mori Recordings). The first single from the album is “The Ramen War III”. It […]


Cook: Tempeh Ramen

So there’s this vision that has been running through my mind for the last few hours. It is me, walking up to the edge of a gigantic river that is full of man eating piranha-sharks. A whole slew of bloggers are about a half mile behind me and they are running as fast as they can. On their hands. Now running fast on your hands isn’t […]


Click: Obligated to Eat Insects, Unilever Sues for False Advertising, Tofurky Turns 20, Status Enhancing Orgasms And Numerous Other Things That Made My Week

Thanksgiving is closing in. The amount of articles about “dealing” with vegans as Thanksgiving dinner guests has increased exponentially. Must mean the animal product free style is making some waves. Here are some things, aside from those damn vegan dinner guest articles, that caught my eye this week: Articles: How to Cope with a Vegan Guest at Thanksgiving Free Advertising: Unilever Sues Vegan Mayo Company […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Sadnecessary by Milky Chance?

In the last eleven months I don’t think there’s an album I’ve enjoyed as much as I’ve enjoyed German folk-pop duo Milky Chance’s Sadnecessary. From start to finish, I’ve eaten that shit up. I love the way the band takes low key, mid-tempo acoustic pop, shoves it into an espresso machine and steams it with a side of DJ production. You know that former dance club kid that now […]


Food Flavored Artist: Open Your Eyes by United Fruit

The United Fruit Company was a US multinational that flourished during the early to mid 20th century. The company dealt mostly with bananas but also had a bit of a soft spot for dictators and monopolies as well. They enjoyed enormous privilege in Central America thanks to their willingness to oppose organized unions by backing the authoritarian governments that quashed labor unrest at any cost. The company has […]


Listen: Haunting Hits from Kolo, BANDOBRANSKI/NORDMARK, Wonderful Humans and Day Wave

A single from a 3 Doors Down approved London band, a Lykke Li backup vocalist, a haunting cover of Taylor Swift and a Carousel side project all seem to work better when black beans ain’t no thang. Kolo are a pop rock three-piece based in South London consisting of frontman Jon Burnell, Spanish born bassist Dani Mourinho, and drummer Steve Fuller from Croydon. The band toured America […]