Cook: Sukiyaki Donburi

AskMen ran a countdown of the top ten SNL skits of all time. At number six was the Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg holiday collaboration dubbed “Dick in a Box.” If you are one of the four people on earth who haven’t seen it, let me sum it up for you. It the story of some guys who wrap their genitalia in a box and give it […]


Listen: The Darker sides of The Trouble Starts, Mwansa, Bipolar Sunshine and Little Daylight

Nothing washes down a filthy Oyster Po’ Boy like the succulent sounds of: War. Specifically the part of America that has been heavily affected by it. The new single from Seattle post rockers, The Trouble Starts, relies heavily on distorted guitars, driving drums, beautiful melodies and contemplative lyrics. It is a metaphorical song, one that stands for loss, shame, pride and patience. Most importantly is […]


Cook: Oyster Po’ Boy with Radish Remoulade

Hey Philly…what’s up? We used to be bros. I mean I read your daily (via the internet of course), root for your sports teams (except the Sixers, I don’t stoop that low) and cook your food. I always stand up for you when people mention Santa Claus or Michael Irvin. But then Philly, you go and pull something like this. You take a package full […]


Listen: A Bunch of Buffalo from Soop, Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!, Secret Company and Luke Elliot

When bacon salting the hell out of some eggplant, one should turn these sweet sounds on in the background: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a grammatically correct sentence that tells the story of how bison from the New York city of Buffalo bully (or buffalo) other bison and are in turn themselves, buffaloed. Abbreviate it to Buffalo buffalo and you’ve got the […]


Cook: Sweet Potato and Eggplant Bacon Pasta

This is the story history won’t tell you. It is one that I’ve uncovered only after countless hours of personal research: When Christopher Columbus arrived in the new world (thinking he was really in India) he quickly set to work bartering for spices and goods that he could take back to the King and Queen. As Columbus traded some of his gold coins for a […]


Where They Eat: Yellowbellys of Bailgate and Vx

Those who spend a lot of their time shuttling back and forth between two locales that are quite a distance apart understand the importance of finding food that floats your vegan fancy in both places. Otherwise your left with a virtually impossible scenario. Take it from me, two hours for a deep dish pizza is a bit much (though Satchel’s is totally worth it). For […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Vegan Chocolate ‘Cheese’ Cake by Starar

A few nights ago I feel asleep to a documentary about the disappearance of bees from what has become known as Colony Collapse Disorder. According to the documentary, this is a very serious threat. It is one that could wind up having a huge impact on future eating habits and access to certain fruits and vegetables. What do bees have to do with British duo […]


Click: TCBY Adds More Vegan Flavors, McDonald’s Petitioned, Vegan Super Bowl Snacks, Dr. Dog Gets All Trippy, Made Violent Wastes Their Days and Other Things That Caught My Eye This Week

Linky links from around the webosphere that have made my Super Bowl Sunday superb. News: Petition Urges McDonald’s to Offer Vegetarian Options Marshall, TX Mayor Goes Vegan Then Urges the Rest of the Town to Do So Too. Its working. Las Vegas’ First Animal Sanctuary is Opening Soon Dallas Vegan Dessert Truck Rolls Out TCBY Adds Vegan Vanilla Frozen Yogurt to its Repertoire Recipes: Super […]


Food Flavored Song: “Chick-Fil-A” by EaSWay

I’ve never been inside a Chick-Fil-A before. The closest I came was yesterday when I pulled into the parking lot of one to exchange some amber for cash. Unfortunately I was not able to make it all go down without a hitch thanks to some road raging punks who pulled into the drive thru. They sold me out to management. So then I relocated to […]