Merry Listmas 2014: The Food

Before the calendar turns to 2015, let’s reminisce about the finer things that food in 2014 had to offer (click on the picture for recipes and blog posts). Favorite Sandwiches:                   Main Attractions               Favorite Pasta Recipes             Favorite Bread Recipes             Favorite Sides […]


Merry Listmas 2014: The Music

I’ve heard it breathed rather tritely so many times that I almost began believing it: “Punk’s dead, you know.” Maybe they are right. Maybe the punk of the 80’s is long dead and gone. Maybe even 90’s punk, despite the fact that a few bands continue to tour and record and pretend that nothing has changed since they first hit the scene, needs to recognize […]


Click: Facebook Firings, The Media’s Obsession with Toddler Diets, Meat free Sushi Shops, Vegan Cookie and Milk Combos for Santa and Other Ideas That Resonated With Me This Week

What if Santa’s a Vegan? What if you want to go on a cruise but don’t do the dairy thing? What if Dr. Dog covered Architecture in Helsinki? These were just a few questions that were answered via the internet this week. Here’s some more: Happenings: Toddler Dies from a Staph Infection, Not His Vegan Diet Veganuary Calls for Carnivores to Switch to a Vegan […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With “Sleep City” by Radio Birds?

For this year’s cookie exchange I decided something new was in order. I had wowed with my chickpea cookies, played lead fiddle with the iced up whoopie pies and smacked them upside the head with a crack pie. What haven’t I done? Gone simple. Gone easy. Taken someone else’s recipe and just moved along. So, that’s what I did. I flipped through the pages of Vegan […]

Drowning Clowns newscaster full frame

Artist’s Cookbook: Pineapple HOLDS YOU Upside DOWN Cake Courtesy of Drowning Clowns

A few week’s back I was spending a lot of time worried about feral cats having comfy winter living conditions, growing milk in laboratories and Whole Foods trying to accidentally (on purpose) kill a bunch of red state people with nut allergies. Almost as an aside I shared with the world my love of Drowning Clowns. It only seems fitting, Drowning Clowns, as a lot of […]


Listen: Wholesome Music from Genevieve, Side Saddle and Girlpool

My spiedie senses have reached high alert. The alarm continues to go off because of: Color. Glitter. Energy. Alt-pop. These are the driving forces behind the first single, “Colors”, from LA based Genevieve (formerly front woman for Company of Thieves). Its a song meant to inspire one to do themselves and not to be afraid to bear their true colors. This needed to come out now for Genevieve […]


Cook: Tofu Spiedie

Way up north, just south of the North Pole, lies the county of Broome. In this county two rivers, the Suquehanna and Chenango, meet up in a bowl-shaped valley. This valley is home to the city of Binghamton (population, about a quarter million). In the past, a typical family in Binghamton might’ve had someone working for the railroad. They may have produced cigars and shoes, rubbed […]


Listen: Young Romance, Death Team and Lady Low

A gigantic bag of green bean, water stained cashews and almond crusted shallots taste best when spiced with: What if moments before Bette Midler went off to record a song for the Beaches soundtrack she had loaded up on vegan green bean casserole? I guarantee she would’ve been less torture elementary school kid in chorus class “Wind Beneath My Wings” and more I want to lie […]


Cook: Vegan (Paleo Friendly) Green Bean Casserole

I try my hardest to treat my classroom like an airport. No bags left unattended or the hammer falls. I’m talking TSA, FBI, ATF, Girl Scouts, I’ll call them all in just to bring the threat level down to zero. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, mommas, you can’t trust those elementary school kids. Who knows what kinds of things might be hiding […]