LSTN Cherry Troubadour Headphones

I hate to admit this being a music blogger and all but I’ve purchased my last seven pairs of headphones from a little display right by the checkout area at Sports Authority. It is here that the fabulous colors of Skullcandy earbuds are arranged neatly in a rainbow of wires. For a little more than ten bucks, I can purchase headphones that are perfectly fit for running. As far […]


Click: Beyonce Delivers, Starbucks Going Coconut, Cardamom Creme Brûlée, I’m From Barcelona Returns, Pleather Sales are Booming and More Things That Came My Way This Week

Hello. I’m Tender Branson, and you are? I’m From Barcelona? Didn’t I used to know you back in 2012? Where have you guys been? Never mind. Let’s just get to your new music and all the other cool stuff that came my way this week: Happenings: Pleather..er…Vegan Leather Sales Are Booming Since the Name Change Starbucks is Going to Start Offering Coconut Milk for their drinks […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Valentine’s Day Tacos?

Employees were called to their boss’ office, reception area or mail room in droves the last two days. Most of them weren’t losing their jobs, getting an earful from the secretary or fixing the fact that they forgot to put a stamp on some outgoing mail. No, they were there to receive their latest tokens of love. These tokens probably came in one (or two or three) of several […]


Listen: Ditching Dates With The Score, Eternal Death, Dan Deacon and The Go! Team

We’ve ditched the dates and replaced them with raisins. Now what? Sometimes in order to find ourselves, we need to leave everything we’ve ever known behind. That’s why dates are out and raisins are in (not to mention they price difference). But we aren’t just talking fruit here. We are also talking The Score. These guys built their lives in New York City but, for whatever […]


Cook: Strawberry Fruit Leather

“Like a raisin in the sun, I’m just not a nice guy.” -Skizzy Mars Back in 2011, as Skizzy Mars announced his presence on the summer soundtrack scene with the release of his new single “Profound”, across the ocean a similar phenomenon was taking place. In the Nordic region of the world a leather clad rapper, Drizzy Lars dropped the immortal line “Like a raisin in some water, […]

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Food Flavored Artist: Can’t Stop by Babaganouj

Let’s pretend I’m twelve again and I’ve got two cousins coming to a sleepover at my house. The first cousin comes in, plops his stuff down on the bed and asks when we are going to play basketball, scream Nirvana songs out the window and talk about girls. The second cousin comes in, plops his stuff down on the bed and asks me if I ever […]


Listen: NEEDS, Cosmo Sheldrake, Bruising and Lux Lisbon

Simple grits and tempeh don’t have some complex, deeply hidden taste that you have to savor to unlock. What you taste is what you get. The same can be said with the following songs. Don’t try to read too deep into them, just press play and enjoy: The shitty luck of some bands. Imagine showing up to your record release show ready to unleash some havoc on […]


Cook: Simple Tempeh and Grits

One Sunday after a long run a few years back I met up with J-Fur and a couple of our graduate school buddies for brunch at this now defunct place called Circles Bistro (rightfully so, we stood at the check in station for about ten minutes before anyone seated us. It was so bad I called from the lobby just to see if someone would come […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well with the New Louis the Child Remix?

On a recognition scale of one to ten, with one being the girl I dated in elementary school who has since undergone massive amounts of plastic surgery and ten being Jello Biafra at a local diner, Katy Perry fell somewhere in the negative numbers. I didn’t pay an ounce of attention to her or her “accomplishments”. Because of that, every time she wound up in a lineup at […]