Food Flavored Video: “You’re A Problem” by Twin Berlin

Whoa…this one got buried beneath a bevy of ice cream and cake and everything else birthday related. The new video (well, it was new last month when I got it sent to me) for “You’re a Problem” by Twin Berlin features, amongst other things, the band celebrating a birthday surprise. That makes this video all food flavored with sugary things. If you can only hear:


Listen: Upbeat Wranglings from Walking Relic, Tales of Olde, Fake Shark Real Zombie! and Catfish and the Bottlemen

Packing quinoa chorizo, garbanzos and pineapple coulis into a pita sounds a bit like: Chris Schat from the electronic rock band Walking Relic, sent over his band’s new EP Sojourn. When music comes directly from the band…let’s just say its a lot more hit and miss than belting one out of the park. But in Walking Relic’s case it is definitely the latter. The EP […]

chorizo pita

Cook: Quinoa Chorizo, Garbanzos and Pineapple Coulis in Pitas

I bought some expensive red quinoa last week with the intent of turning it into a vegan variation of chorizo. My ultimate goal was a pita stuffed with quinoa chorizo, garbanzo beans and pineapple coulis. This dish seemed a bit safe. Not that it wasn’t going to be tasty, just so easy to make. Where was the danger? So I decided to add some. I […]


Listen: Sassin Fras, Against Me and Molly Beanland

Glaze your Bangers and Mash Croquettes with a bit of: Every once in a while I’ll get a little nostalgic for some Nirvana action. Usually I’ll crank up “Son of a Gun” run it through twice and everything will be right with the world again. But occasionally those two run throughs aren’t enough. So I go through the entire discography and find that still isn’t […]

Bangers and Mash

Cook: Bangers and Mash Croquette

I was that guy today. I was the guy who woke up and took his daughter to a couple farmer’s markets in the pouring down rain, wearing his trusty blue Phillies sweatshirt. I was the guy who upon returning home grabbed a big bowl of vegetables in marinara sauce and proceeded to spill it all over his trusty blue Phillies sweatshirt. I was also the […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Raw-vocado Key Lime Pie Courtesy of Alice Brightsky

The road hasn’t always been easy for indie folk rock artist Alice Brightsky. In 2009, citing “creative and logistical roadblocks”, the overwhelmed artist walked away from the music world, leaving a partially finished solo debut album lying on the floor. After three years away, Brightsky returned with a renewed passion and determination for finishing the album. With the help of friend/producer Brandon Wilde, she was able […]


Listen: Broken Promises of 5j Barrow, Johnossi, Colton Brown and the Janitors

Gluten based introspection works best with the sounds of: New York’s 5j Barrow is an “Earth folk/rock” sextet who is gearing up to release their first LP, the crowd funded From the Dim, Sweet Light (due out on June 24th, 2014). The band uses their music to craft a unique outlook indebted largely to their city and nature. These seemingly contradictory worlds are nicely meshed together with a harmonious folky […]


Cook: Sundried Tomato and Basil Chickpea Flat Bread

I didn’t expect an introspective journey when I pushed through the doors of my neighborhood corporate Italian restaurant this weekend (I had a gift card, give me a break) but that is exactly what I got. It started because of a baby, or more appropriately a baby’s mama. The booth I was seated at was diagonal from a long table of women who were holding […]


Listen: The Club MTV Stylings of Naked Pistol, Cardiknox, Redanda and Work Drugs

These are the tracks worthy of getting slimed to: You know those curvy chick cutouts that usually appear on jacked up redneck trucks? “Silhouette” by Naked Pistol is the musical equivalent to that. Therefore it is easy to bring on the slime. Well, maybe not easy. Other drivers can see in your car you know. Especially the ones in huge trucks that are looking down […]