Listen: Date Night Mix Featuring Young Rising Sons, Zella Day, Jakil and Pimpton

Feeling a date night? Put these tracks into your high speed blender and bust them into pudding: I’ll be completely honest, Little Daylight and I are pretty much on the same wavelength. If they write an original song, chances are I’ll be dancing with it for weeks. If they choose to remix a song, I usually like it. Their remixes have turned me on to a […]


Cook: Date Night Pudding

It was date night last evening in the Branson household. Now I know what you might be thinking and I assure you this has nothing to do with our normal date antics like dinner and a movie, being raped by aliens, taking blood samples or running a crack cocaine ring (yep, 27 out of 37 were just me and J-Fur having fun). Last night was all about the […]


Food Flavored Video: Party Tennis by Pedico

When we walked off the tennis courts last Thursday we left behind a large number of flirty female types drunk on Lemon Whiskey Slushes. After a foggy weekend of fruity fun we returned to the courts today only to find they had been taken over by the beer guzzling gutter punks down the street. You know the type, they defecate and urinate all over the floor and don’t even care. […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Lemon Whiskey Slush Courtesy of Minka

I’m going to let Philadelphia Fun(k)-Rockers Minka do most of the talking in this post because they are just that entertaining. What you need to know before we get there is: Minka just released their follow-up to last year’s successful self-titled EP. This go round is called the Republican. If you are walking through your local cocktail lounge and hear a track that features punchy drums, […]


Listen: Inky Jack, Black Honey, The Chainsmokers and Passport to Stockholm

When you’ve got OPP (Other People’s Pupusa) on the brain and can’t function, try a bit of these to refocus your energy: Inky Jack is great at making indie rock songs that are hypnotic. I’m not talking hypnotic like the blue screen on a television, I’m thinking hypnotic in the way a muddy stream hitting a rock is. There is dirt and water and silt flowing […]


Cook: Salvadoran Pupusa

Every country seems to have their own version of dough stuffed with a combination of veggies, meat and/or cheese. Mexico has the gordita. Italy has the calzone. Arepas can be found in Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Venezuela. In the US, we have…uh, Hot Pockets? The Salvadoran version is called a Pupusa. If I am remembering my high school Uto-Aztecan language class correctly “Pupusa” means octopus. […]


Where We Eat: The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle House

“From the death of the old the new proceeds, and the life of truth from the death of creeds.” -John Greenleaf Whittier In 1961, a once illustrious sugar mill standing adjacent to Deleon Springs was at the brink of demolition. The “old building” had been vacant for some time and many people were ready to see it go. But, as John Greenleaf Whittier suggested above, out of […]


Click: ILVTOFU, Will Go Vegan for Paid Water Bills, Take Me to Church, Chasing Rubies, Cheeseburger Oats and Other Things That Caught My Eye This Week

In the land of instant gratification and information overload, these are the things that caused me to stop and take a moment: News Articles: How to Date a Vegan Detroit Woman Goes Vegan to Pay Her Water Bill I Love Tofu License Plate Denied for “Dirty” Reasons Recipes: Preserved Lemons from the Healthy Foodie Raw Vegan Chocolate Blackberry Ice Cream Sandwich from Sometimes I Veg […]

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What’s (Not) Cooking with Lewis Hurrell (Volume 2): Green Goddess Salad Dressing

A few weeks back Lewis Hurrell invited us into his kitchen to show us the secrets of his raw chocolate which he paired nicely with his synth-pop tune “Ordinary Life.” Not one to rest on his raw keys, Lewis is again making things happen in the kitchen and the control room. In the kitchen, Lewis continues to not cook. This time his rawness takes the […]