Cook: The Austrian Bosna

Last night, The Menzingers played a sold out show at the Ritz in Ybor (opening for Taking Back Sunday). After their set, which ended with a rousing performance of “In Remission”, I left the club sweaty, hungry and reminiscing about 2011. You see, back in 2011 when one left a club in Ybor City hungry they were likely to find some pretty decent vegan street food. That’s […]


What’s Cooking With Loframes?

When last we checked on electro-pop/house duo Loframes, the band had just released their debut single “Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)” and were sitting down to dinner at Entre 2 Vins, a restaurant owned by the Franck half of the duo. Franck shared his drool worthy take on the Entre 2 Vins’ Vacherin du Mont d’Or, a prestigious and rare cheese produced only in the […]


Click: Murder Free Chianti, Vegan Sex, Meatless Monday at a Steakhouse, Making Mustard, Lunchmoney Lewis and Other Things That Titillated My Fingers This Week

Not wanting to be outdone by their Thin Mint brethren, Tag-A-Longs went all raw, vegan this week. The ball is in your court now terrible, terrible Samoas. Here’s some other things that outdid themselves this week: Happenings: Austin’s Getting an Entirely Plant Based Gastropub Vegan Winos and Murder Free Chianti Your Condoms May Have Milk: Healthy Vegan Sex The New York State Fair is Seeking a […]


Where They Eat: Controller and Kent Ale House

One of the saddest things about getting music digitally is the lack of good, old fashioned liner notes. I loved opening up a brand new CD, pulling out the insert and reading all about how the band would like to thank mom, dad, Sasquatch and pillows for making their latest album a reality. On top of that, I had the lyrics right in my hands […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Organised Dahl Courtesy of Organised Scum

Every morning at 8, I strolled into this crazy Russian professor’s lectures about math, nuclear physics and whatever else he wanted to talk about. I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what this guy was doing in the middle of nowhere North Carolina. But he was there and so was I. I approached him after class one day and asked if he had […]


Listen: Protein Packed Poppers from Van Damsel, The Disco Fries, Running Young and Work Drugs

Are you packing the protein like I am? Then these tracks are perfect for your current eating habits: I came out to my kitchen table this morning and noticed a bowl of my protein packed stew sitting on the table with a smug look on its face. Before I could ask, the soup offered “You know, I really am the best protein you’ve ever had. You mind as […]


Cook: Lentil, Barley and Split Pea Stew

“I’ve heard it all before, I could hear it all a thousand times more” -“What If I” by Pennywise (the band, not the clown) I get it, Señor Meatman, I’m a vegan and you are super concerned about the amount of protein I take in. I assure you there is nothing to worry about. I get more than enough protein from all the protein bars I […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With 1990Future’s New EP?

Today is the day that indie alt-rock group 1990future rolls out their new EP, Roll On, to the masses. If you happen to reside in Toronto, you can catch the EP release show at the Soundtrack of the City Festival at the Hideout. What I like about the EP and 1990future is that they aren’t afraid to rock. Too many times I have to preface […]


Listen: Doldrum Shaking Singles from Pet Symmetry, Survival Guide, Strangeheart and Cody Crump

If you mess up squash dumplings and turn them into a pancake like batter you will be glad to know that these songs flow in a similar manner: “I know its late but I’m all out of trust” (I’ll admit, I thought it was drugs at first). This is one of the many memorable lines that comes from bespectacled Chicago trio Pet Symmetry’s song “Class […]