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Where We Eat: Give & Grub Food Truck

Everyone knows that the more people that get involved in something, the more likely it is to be ruined. There’s even an ancient proverb that speaks directly to keeping collaborations to a minimum: “too many cooks spoil the broth”. I think it is time to mark that proverb with a big ol’ asterisk, one that is footnoted at the bottom with the words “the exception to this proverb is Tampa’s Give & Grub […]


What’s Cooking With Guards! Guards!

Around these parts Sunday night is sacred. That’s the night that me and my semi-professional karaoke crew make their rounds. This Sunday we paid a visit to one of the most popular local stages and caught something truly amazing happening. Behind the microphone, in front of dozens of Tampanians, was none other than Rihanna. Her song of choice? Daft Punk’s “Pentatonix”. I left the karaoke club later that evening […]


Cook: Fire Extinguisher Focaccia

Friday night I was invited to this dinner party being hosted by two of my good friends from high school. They just happened to be in the Tampa area, visiting an aging relative, and decided that it would be the perfect time for us to get together and do some eating and catching up. The party was occurring right in the middle of a week-long gluten bender, where I made focaccia (or […]


Click: Beyonce Delivers, Starbucks Going Coconut, Cardamom Creme Brûlée, I’m From Barcelona Returns, Pleather Sales are Booming and More Things That Came My Way This Week

Hello. I’m Tender Branson, and you are? I’m From Barcelona? Didn’t I used to know you back in 2012? Where have you guys been? Never mind. Let’s just get to your new music and all the other cool stuff that came my way this week: Happenings:…Vegan Leather Sales Are Booming Since the Name Change Starbucks is Going to Start Offering Coconut Milk for their drinks […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Valentine’s Day Tacos?

Employees were called to their boss’ office, reception area or mail room in droves the last two days. Most of them weren’t losing their jobs, getting an earful from the secretary or fixing the fact that they forgot to put a stamp on some outgoing mail. No, they were there to receive their latest tokens of love. These tokens probably came in one (or two or three) of several […]


Cook: Strawberry Fruit Leather

“Like a raisin in the sun, I’m just not a nice guy.” -Skizzy Mars Back in 2011, as Skizzy Mars announced his presence on the summer soundtrack scene with the release of his new single “Profound”, across the ocean a similar phenomenon was taking place. In the Nordic region of the world a leather clad rapper, Drizzy Lars dropped the immortal line “Like a raisin in some water, […]


Cook: Simple Tempeh and Grits

One Sunday after a long run a few years back I met up with J-Fur and a couple of our graduate school buddies for brunch at this now defunct place called Circles Bistro (rightfully so, we stood at the check in station for about ten minutes before anyone seated us. It was so bad I called from the lobby just to see if someone would come […]


Click: Bloody Boar Heads, Vegan Yetis, Kosher Prison Lawsuits, Pad Thai Cupcakes and Other Things That Marked My Soul This Week

I wish I had some Vegan Emoji’s to text my buddy right about now…oh, what? They are coming? Nice. Here are some other things that came my way this week: Happenings: Lil B Launches Vegan Emoji App Ikea’s Vegan Meatballs to Launch in April The Boston Yeti Doesn’t Eat Cats, He’s Vegan NFL’s David Carter Shares His Vegan Super Bowl Menu Bloody Boar Heads Found […]


Where We Eat: Ciccio Cali

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day I finished writing Act IV of my new American tragedy theatrical piece dubbed Ciccio Cali. Act IV, like the previous three acts, was set in the beautiful outdoor seating area of a restaurant, Ciccio Cali, in Tampa Palms. The weather was perfect, just the right amount of Florida sunshine and shady trees and seventy degree temperatures floating in the air. The table […]