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Food Flavored Album Review: Mary Kelly’s Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi by Mary Kelly is the musical equivalent to stir-fried udon noodles. But it is definitely not your normal stir-fry noodle. It is one that has a unique twist. Sort of like putting udon noodles on a sandwich or pairing them with Indian curry for a bit of Asian fusion. For my Modus Operandi experience, I chose the latter. Mary Kelly has dubbed their […]


Cook: Colorado Denver Sandwich (50 for 50 #6)

About 1,600 miles east of Denver is the small Pennsylvania town of Carlisle. It is here that J-Fur and I spent most of our early dating days. It is also here where our families still reside. That means each Christmas we return to see what has changed. One thing that hasn’t changed much since oh about 1930 is the Hamilton Restaurant and Lounge which is […]


Where We Eat: Consciousness-Blossoms

Consciousness-Blossoms is the kind of restaurant that isn’t satisfied with just capturing your stomach. That stuff is child’s play. Their intention, according to their website, is to nourish your heart and soul as well. That’s called Chinmoy’s play. How do they do it? It all starts with healthy vegetarian meals. Everything in the place is made without meat. There are a large number of completely vegan […]


Cook: Tempeh Chorizo, Rice and Butternut Squash Burrito

About a year ago, thanks to a microscopic spill, J-Fur and I began participating in the Great Squash Out. Sponsored by the United Farmworkers Against Eating Squash (UFAES), this is a pledge to eat no squash for an entire year. We did pretty well with it for the most part. There was one time I snuck off to my car where I had hidden a […]


Cook: Cajun-Creole Spiced Tempeh Pieces with Creamy Grits

Being from the Northern part of the United States, one thing I’ve had a hard time grasping is the militant allure of grits that people here in the South have. It is one of the most polarizing foods I’ve seen. There are some people that absolutely LOVE them and would shove people out of the way to get a bowl. It is sort of like […]


Cook: Arizona Navajo Taco (50 for 50 #5)

A couple years ago bleacher report did a list of the 50 biggest sports whiners. This head band wearing, racket throwing, umpire molesting, tennis player took home top billing. Well last week I made a batch of beans that would give John McEnroe a run for his money. I’m talking WHINERS with a capital every letter in the word. These guys wouldn’t shut up. They […]


Cook: Thai Barley Stir Fry

I felt bad for the Thai Barley Stir Fry I made the other day. It was ogled and fondled and objectified by all of my co-workers as soon as I took it out at lunch. Imagine a perfect blonde haired   girl in a skimpy bathing suit walking through a construction site. Those are the only catcalls that would compare to what this dish received. […]


Cook: Panang Curry Over Quinoa Topped With Stinky Nuts

A few weeks ago J-Fur and I were shopping in the Indian section of town (I guess it would be more accurate to say the Indian strip mall as Tampa doesn’t have ethnic sections of town, it has ethnic strip malls) and we came across this house full of sweets. We went in and had no idea what anything was. We tried to talk to […]


A Historical Perspective on The Radical Reuben as Told to Satellite Stories, Emperors, the Malex Kings, Amber

In the wake of the French Sandwich Revolution, a group of counterrevolutionary sandwich creators (namely Rachel Reuben and Reuben Kulakofsky) began a controversial campaign that became known as the “reuben wars.” Each pushed their particular sandwich to the masses while working to craft reforms that hindered their competition. Different strands of the reuben movement developed. There were the middle class “reformers” aiming to widen commercial and industrial interest […]