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Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Beth Thornley’s New EP?

Magnolia and Gabrielle. Britney Spears in Spring Breakers. Pixies in Fight Club. Tom Petty in Jerry Maguire. Every once in a while a film director perfectly pairs a song with the scene that is playing out before your eyes. It is such a flawless union that song and clip cease to exist separately. They become forever intertwined, you can’t have one without the other. A […]


Cook: Arizona Navajo Taco (50 for 50 #5)

A couple years ago bleacher report did a list of the 50 biggest sports whiners. This head band wearing, racket throwing, umpire molesting, tennis player took home top billing. Well last week I made a batch of beans that would give John McEnroe a run for his money. I’m talking WHINERS with a capital every letter in the word. These guys wouldn’t shut up. They […]


Major League Gluten Free Avocado Tacos With A Side of Magic Bones

So remember that bag of avocados I had? Well the soup wasn’t enough to rid myself of all that it held so I needed something else. I became enamored with the Crispy Baked Avocado Tacos from the Chubby Vegetarian and those avocados quickly hit my kitchen counter for their transition into taco hood. These things were easy to put together and quick. In order to meet the […]


Where We Eat: Anise Global Gastrobar

“You get what you pay for!” was a quote my middle school science teacher shouted every time a clutzy teen dropped a beaker on the floor that broke into a gazillion pieces. It was his attempt at a humorous mantra that was met with mostly bored hormonal eyes. Can’t blame him for trying. For the most part Tampa is filled with restaurants that give you […]


Wildebeest Tacos Laced with PEDICO and Starkeeper

My niece E arrived in town yesterday to do some exploring of Florida’s wildlife. She was being accompanied by her cop friend on the trip. J-Fur and I met the two of them for dinner at Ella’s. Between bites of fried green tomatoes, spicy taters and cheeseless pizza, a thought occurred to me. Dude, I’m a wildebeest. This thought was followed by a number of […]


Denver Eats: Watercourse Foods

Remember when I told you about accidentally booking a spring break trip to Denver? Well I enjoyed the fruits of that late night mistake this past weekend. I must say, it was EVERYTHING I expected. First and foremost, it was cold. How cold? Imagine my ex-girlfriend. Now put her on ice and toss her to the bottom of Lake Michigan in December while listening to […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Trapdoor Social

We’re back with another installment of the Baker’s Dozen Interview Series. This time we get up close and personal (or as close and personal as the internet waves allow us to) with Trapdoor Social. Band members Merritt and Skylar and I talk about such things as environmental activism, sustainability, spicy foods and Death Cab for Cutie. We then head off to the kitchen for a mean […]

The Art of (Taco) War

The Art of (Taco) War Mix: Trapdoor Social, Dead Ghosts, Knocking Ghost, Mike Mains & the Branches, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, No TV Tonight!, Vasco Da Gama and Lycaon Pictus

Yes that is a Vegan Taco. It is also a Vegan Taco shirt. The only problem? The taco came from one business, the shirt from another. J-Fur was famished after a day of grocery shopping. I had always wanted to try a hole in the wall taco place just past the farmer’s market so I pulled in without a thought to the attire I was […]


Lone Star Lentil Tacos Manned Up by Dexters, E4RTH and XOV

I was at a gathering for the fourth of July with some big brawny barbecue types who I had never met before. When I was introduced I shook hands and made a little small talk before moving to the other side of the yard. There, from a distance, I watched them eye me suspiciously. Like they could smell the tofu on me. It was so […]