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Cook: Collard Greens and Lima Beans Soup

This week the governor followed up his snakes in the swamp decree by offering a reward for any Floridian who got their hands on a Skunk Ape. I joined three of my best buddies, including Beast Mode (Calla Lily) and we headed out in search of that elusive critter. We searched high and low through the Florida backwoods with nary a sight nor sound (nor smell). […]


Cook: Avocado Vichyssoise

It has only been two days since Cinco De Mayo passed. That’s not much time in human years but in avocado years, it’s like an eternity. According to scientists, avocados age at a rate that is nearly four million times faster than a human (summed up in a famous paper I wrote in elementary school with the equation 4,000,000 x H = Av). As I perused the […]


Cook: Lotsa Veggie Lentil Soup

“I don’t always get sick, but when I do I prefer Progresso Lentil Soup.” -Most Interesting Man in the World (circa 2004) Fun fact: before becoming the spokesman for Dos Equis and their most interesting man in the world campaign (which launched in 2006), Jonathan Goldsmith actually auditioned for the same role at Progresso soup. Unfortunately the ad campaign was shelved due to internal strife. […]


Cook: Onion Famine Soup

“It’s like Adelaide, circa August 1951 up in here.” I sat bolt upright in bed. What the f*** was my brain talking about? I’m an American, I barely know the history of my own country. Hell if I know anything about the history of a continent located on the whole other side of the world. I tried to communicate this to my brain. I had […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well with E-Dubble’s No Rest for the Wicked

Somedays I want my food a bit wicked. It could be a Boston thing. It could be a horror show thing. It could be naughty like. That’s the beauty of wickedness, it is just so damn versatile. Most importantly, wicked never rests. With that being said here are just a few wicked recipes I would easily recommend. Wicked witches with sombreros, Boston Baked Beans, Wicked […]


Click: Bitches in the Morning, Chromeo Gets Jealous, Scorpion Topped Pizza And Other Things That Were So This Week

What’s been on my radar for the last few weeks: Music Zella Day “1965″ Chance Waters “Bonnie” featuring the Griswolds Pigeon “Settle In” Say Lou Lou “Everything We Touch” Escapists “Breaking It Up” Dameht “I Love You Too” Crozet “Hold My Weight” Pool “Harm” Twintapes “Everyday Chemical” Eliza and the Bear “Brother’s Boat” Shortstraw “Good Morning Sunshine” Remixes Kings of Leon X Ghost Wars “Use […]


Cook: Pumpkin and Garbanzo Chowder

It officially hit Florida cold the day which means the temperatures dropped below 70 for a few hours. Kids came to school wearing boots and scarves and thick ass jackets. Walking the halls you could hear little bits of conversations about the weather. Macho things like “I love the cold. I wear shorts all ‘winter’ long” or “I love it when it feels like this […]


Cook: Turnip and Quinoa Stew

Between October and February winter turnips come out of hiding and remind the world that they are here and ready to be eaten. It should come as no surprise that these little purple packages of sweetness have found their way in mass quantity to the farmer’s market. Normally I look past them. But after spending some time reading the New Orleans cookbook Treme I decided […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Chef Jeremy Haffner of JJXO Shares His Mango Chili Lime Sorbet

I was on one of those food blogger dating shows the other night and the host, a cute thing with short brown hair and blue eyes, asked me point blank…”Tender, what really gets you going?” I thought for a few brief seconds and then answered, “Well, it is really cool when bands write to me and tell me how much they love to cook and […]