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Where We Eat: Capital Tacos

I was visiting Sugar and Spice Daycare last week attempting to enroll my new pet calf Lucy (oddly enough, they wouldn’t even consider her for the waiting list). When we reached the parking lot on our way out we were nearly run over by an out of control car. It came to a screeching to a halt a few inches from Lucy’s front hoof. Out […]


Kaleisia’s 9th Annual Gifts of Love

You’d be hard pressed to find a Tampa restaurant that is as invested in the community as Kaleisia Tea Lounge. For the past nine years the tea lounge has hosted an event called Gifts of Love. The premise behind the event is to raise money for a local non-profit (100 percent of all the proceeds raised at the event goes to the non-profit). This year’s […]


Where We Eat: Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies

If you live in Tampa, are suffering from a sweet tooth and aren’t down with the dairy it can be very difficult to find something decent to satisfy your craving. There is the carrot cake at Trang Viet and…well, not much else. About a year ago I started hearing rumblings about this small bakery right up the street from me called Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies. […]


Where They Eat: Yellowbellys of Bailgate and Vx

Those who spend a lot of their time shuttling back and forth between two locales that are quite a distance apart understand the importance of finding food that floats your vegan fancy in both places. Otherwise your left with a virtually impossible scenario. Take it from me, two hours for a deep dish pizza is a bit much (though Satchel’s is totally worth it). For […]


Where We Eat: Revolution Ice Cream Company

About a year after I became vegan I read an article in the Tampa Bay Times about this upstart local ice cream shop with a commie-hipster vibe. The shop was called Revolution Ice Cream Company and their schtick was to make homemade ice cream in the funkiest flavors possible. Instead of your typical vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and moose tracks the Revolution Ice Cream Company’s constantly […]


Where We Eat: Consciousness-Blossoms

Consciousness-Blossoms is the kind of restaurant that isn’t satisfied with just capturing your stomach. That stuff is child’s play. Their intention, according to their website, is to nourish your heart and soul as well. That’s called Chinmoy’s play. How do they do it? It all starts with healthy vegetarian meals. Everything in the place is made without meat. There are a large number of completely vegan […]


Where We Eat: Genghis Grill

If I were to make a wordle of my actions in Chicago bike riding, street roaming, garbage digging and going to class would probably show up the biggest. It seemed like everything was always go, go go (except for those moments that me and the Blue Kangaroo spent together). To keep that pace up, I needed to frequent foodstops that served decent food quickly and […]


Where We Eat: Cappy’s Pizza

One of my archaeology friends told me that they recently found a scroll dating back to the beginning of the written age. The scroll said only four words inside: cheese + dough + sauce + topping = perfection. Yep, since the beginning, pizza has remained virtually the same. It is the sum of four amazing parts joined together as one. Nowadays people like to mess with […]


Where We Eat: Pazza Bistro

Pazza Bistro invited a group of bloggers to come by to taste their food offerings last Wednesday night. A brief internet search told me that I was probably heading to one of those darkly lit mom and pop pasta places that have red and white checkered tablecloths with waiters speaking bad Italian as they bring out huge portions of boxed pasta and multiple courses of […]