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Food Flavored Video: The Right by WYLDLIFE

The new video by WYLDLIFE provides answers to the deep foodosophical question that foodies everywhere have pondered for eons…just how far would you go for that last slice of pizza? Would you give up the girl? Drink something completely disgusting? Kill your best friend? When the delivery box empties out it becomes every man and *spoiler alert* woman for themselves. Find some answers below: Just […]

Cauliflower Jerky Time Mix

Cauliflower Jerky Time Mix: Los Campesinos!, the Morning Episodes, Gross Relations, Lunatics on Pogosticks, His Electro Blue Voice, EaSWay, Night Drive and Prince of Spain

              There is a scene in Trading Places where Eddie Murphy states “Beef Jerky time. You want some beef jerky? There’s plenty, you know.” In one of my pinterest browsing moments this month I came across a recipe for Cauliflower Jerky. I reimagined the scene in Trading Places with cauliflower instead of beef. If you ask me, has a much […]

Hush Little Puppy Cover

Hush Little Puppy Mix: Kyle Andrews, Panama Wedding, City Light, Cavalier King, Taiwo Heard, Dash, Young Lyons, Pedico and Wolther Goes Stranger

I hated Long John Silver’s growing up. Every time my grandmother wanted to go in there to eat, I opted to stay in the car and sweat my balls off. I couldn’t stand the smell of fish frying or the grease sticking to everything in sight (including the floors which made for an awful event if you were trying to carry a tray across it). […]

this ain't no napkin, this is a paper towel cover

This Ain’t a Napkin, This is a Paper Towel Mix: Mal Blum, The Wake Up Suzzys, NOVI, Zebra Safari, Buffalo Tales, TFDT, Emmy Wildwood and Deaf Phonetics

The Supreme Court made a huge stand recently. When they voted 5-4 to strike down Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, the court ruled that no governing body should tell you who to love. Or who not to love. Let’s go back in time a bit, back to August of 2011. This was when a man named Rick Santorum, you may remember him […]

Poppin' Taters Mix

Poppin Taters Mix: The Chainsmokers, BNLX, Sirsy, Dreamer, Teenage Kicks, Her Royal Harness and Blanche Dubois

I was walking the streets of downtown the other week and I happened by a packed pizza place. I caught a glimpse of an older lady reaching into her purse to pop some pills. She placed not one, not two, not three but four different pills on her tongue and washed them down with a soda. I can’t say that I’m surprised. There is a […]

You don't know jack fruit mix

You Don’t Know Jack Fruit Mix: Tiny Dancer, Messrs, Samuraj Cities, Lisa Bouvier, Karin Strom, Sictor Valdana and the Check This Outs, Winny Puhh, Leonard Friend and more…

I was walking the aisles at my local Asian Grocery store and I came across some nondescript video game. It was selling for slightly more than a shilling, so I figured I’d take it home and see what the game was all about. I loaded it into my computer and was surprised to see an unripe jackfruit appear on the screen. If you aren’t of […]

time for one more bowl

Time for Just One More Bowl of Chili Mix: Generationals, BellaMaine, Good Graeff, The Oh Hellos, White Like Fire, Wire, Aware Wolf, Big Eyes and Young Fathers

Kit Carson, frontiersman and mountain man, allegedly gasped out the words “I wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili” before succumbing to an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Considering he lived his final years in the great state of Colorado, one can infer that Kit wasn’t just talking about any chili. He probably was referring to the green kind. Green chili you say? […]

The Art of (Taco) War

The Art of (Taco) War Mix: Trapdoor Social, Dead Ghosts, Knocking Ghost, Mike Mains & the Branches, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, No TV Tonight!, Vasco Da Gama and Lycaon Pictus

Yes that is a Vegan Taco. It is also a Vegan Taco shirt. The only problem? The taco came from one business, the shirt from another. J-Fur was famished after a day of grocery shopping. I had always wanted to try a hole in the wall taco place just past the farmer’s market so I pulled in without a thought to the attire I was […]

What Spring Does with the Cherry Trees Mix

What Spring Does with the Cherry Trees Mix: Dan Friel, The Royal Concept, Apparat, Moxi, Boxed Wine, Campfires, I is Another, Satellite Stories and Wooden Wand

Poet Pablo Neruda masterfully blends love, fruit and slaughtering butterflies in his poem Every Day You Play. The poem’s essence can be summed up best by its closing line “I want to do with you what the spring does with the cherry trees.” In most of the world spring isn’t yet here. In Florida, I don’t think it ever left. Still, it would be premature […]