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Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With a Bloody Beet Burger?

There are some pretty fabulous vegan burgers out there. Like this crunchy eggplant monster or this stuffed tempeh version. Some of these burgers have a very convincing meaty texture that can almost stand toe-to-toe with their carcassy brethren. Others have a taste that can fool even the most hardcore meat eater. A few even have the outside appearance (you know the look, the one that fools you into thinking […]


Where We Eat: Capital Tacos

I was visiting Sugar and Spice Daycare last week attempting to enroll my new pet calf Lucy (oddly enough, they wouldn’t even consider her for the waiting list). When we reached the parking lot on our way out we were nearly run over by an out of control car. It came to a screeching to a halt a few inches from Lucy’s front hoof. Out […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Beet Bourguignon?

I had very nearly rid myself of the sink full of dishes left behind from my sister-in-law’s surprise visit when I made the decision to flair it French last night for dinner with a Beet Bourguignon. I’m not sure if every dish the French conjure up requires a kitchen full of pots and pans but the Bourguignon certainly does. One pot for the lentils, another […]


Cook: Oyster Po’ Boy with Radish Remoulade

Hey Philly…what’s up? We used to be bros. I mean I read your daily (via the internet of course), root for your sports teams (except the Sixers, I don’t stoop that low) and cook your food. I always stand up for you when people mention Santa Claus or Michael Irvin. But then Philly, you go and pull something like this. You take a package full […]


Click: Things That Caught My Attention This Week

Songs: Cuban Cigar Crisis “Marvins Room (ft. PG Tips)” (Drake Cover) Odesza “My Friends Never Die” Lolo “Year Round Summer of Love”: Nic Chagall “This Moment” (TIDLWAV Bootleg Remix) Alexandra Jayne “Who I’ve Become”: Fake Club “Beauty Queen”: Videos: Superchunk’s video for Me & You & Jackie Mittoo featuring lots of people holding records. Fake Club getting news broadcasters to hang on their every word. […]


Food Flavored Video: You Can’t Get AIDS if you Never Get Tested by PEDICO

When we last checked in with PEDICO they were exposing the virtues of a black girlfriend in their single “My Girlfriend’s Black” . About a month past with nary a sign of the party punks from NYC. Then, without warning, their new video appeared in my inbox. This video features a PEDICO style rooftop party with an inflatable pool, make believe tropical birds, groupie babes, hamburgers, beer […]


Mr. High Class Gets a Job Accompanied by Rizzle Kicks, I Am A Camera and Joe Moorhead

On Tuesday, I received some excellent news. The substitute teacher position I have been working since the 2nd of July needed to be extended for the rest of the summer. For those of you tallying at home, that is three weeks longer than I expected. Three additional weeks of pay for yours truly. Now, chances are you’ve never lived the life of a high roller. […]


The Killboy Powerhead Sandwich Smashed By Professor Green, The Triads and Kyler England

Almost 20 years ago the Offspring put out their only full length album worth owning (that would be Smash). At the time I thought Smash (and to an even greater extent Out Come the Wolves by Rancid) were like nothing I had ever heard before. They were magical. So much so that when my American History teacher asked me to make him a mixtape (and […]


Y LUV, Gazzo and Pumpkin Seed Pesto Pasta with Green Olives and Shiitake Mushrooms? Because I said so…

Years ago J-Fur and I went on one of those first date thingees to a now defunct (for obvious reasons) pizza place. She asked that we forego a pizza slathered in tomato sauce (sacrilege) for one in pesto. I wanted to seem worldly, foodie like and agreeable so I went along with it. The pizza was disgusting. It was a disgrace to all dough, sauce […]