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Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Beth Thornley’s New EP?

Magnolia and Gabrielle. Britney Spears in Spring Breakers. Pixies in Fight Club. Tom Petty in Jerry Maguire. Every once in a while a film director perfectly pairs a song with the scene that is playing out before your eyes. It is such a flawless union that song and clip cease to exist separately. They become forever intertwined, you can’t have one without the other. A […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well with E-Dubble’s No Rest for the Wicked

Somedays I want my food a bit wicked. It could be a Boston thing. It could be a horror show thing. It could be naughty like. That’s the beauty of wickedness, it is just so damn versatile. Most importantly, wicked never rests. With that being said here are just a few wicked recipes I would easily recommend. Wicked witches with sombreros, Boston Baked Beans, Wicked […]


Where We Eat: Capital Tacos

I was visiting Sugar and Spice Daycare last week attempting to enroll my new pet calf Lucy (oddly enough, they wouldn’t even consider her for the waiting list). When we reached the parking lot on our way out we were nearly run over by an out of control car. It came to a screeching to a halt a few inches from Lucy’s front hoof. Out […]


Cook: Tempeh Chorizo, Rice and Butternut Squash Burrito

About a year ago, thanks to a microscopic spill, J-Fur and I began participating in the Great Squash Out. Sponsored by the United Farmworkers Against Eating Squash (UFAES), this is a pledge to eat no squash for an entire year. We did pretty well with it for the most part. There was one time I snuck off to my car where I had hidden a […]


Cook: Arizona Navajo Taco (50 for 50 #5)

A couple years ago bleacher report did a list of the 50 biggest sports whiners. This head band wearing, racket throwing, umpire molesting, tennis player took home top billing. Well last week I made a batch of beans that would give John McEnroe a run for his money. I’m talking WHINERS with a capital every letter in the word. These guys wouldn’t shut up. They […]


Click: Beheadings, Oarfish, Undercover Snickers, New Arcade Fire Tracks and Other Things That Caught My Attention This Week

Whoa…what a week. As I stop to take a breath and hide out from all the pitchforks chasing me, here’s some things that caught my attention this week: Music: “Feeling Alright” by Robin Parris (featuring Kelly Hayden) “Much” by Typefighter “Shudder to Think” by Tegan and Sara “Cut Off Your Head” by Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs (dedicated to that old coot) “So Broken” […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with EaSWay

(Photo by Leen Beans Downloaded from EaSWay’s Facebook Page) Like most younger brothers, hip-hop artist EaSWay wanted to follow in his siblings footsteps. So when his brother started rapping, he quickly did the same. But what began as mimicry quickly grew into something more. It is a passion that remains with him to this day. One that can be seen up close and personal throughout […]


Click: Things That Caught My Attention This Week

Songs: Cuban Cigar Crisis “Marvins Room (ft. PG Tips)” (Drake Cover) Odesza “My Friends Never Die” Lolo “Year Round Summer of Love”: Nic Chagall “This Moment” (TIDLWAV Bootleg Remix) Alexandra Jayne “Who I’ve Become”: Fake Club “Beauty Queen”: Videos: Superchunk’s video for Me & You & Jackie Mittoo featuring lots of people holding records. Fake Club getting news broadcasters to hang on their every word. […]


Major League Gluten Free Avocado Tacos With A Side of Magic Bones

So remember that bag of avocados I had? Well the soup wasn’t enough to rid myself of all that it held so I needed something else. I became enamored with the Crispy Baked Avocado Tacos from the Chubby Vegetarian and those avocados quickly hit my kitchen counter for their transition into taco hood. These things were easy to put together and quick. In order to meet the […]