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Cook: Cavatappi with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Breadcrumbs

While everyone I know is going absolutely ballistic over the pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin donuts and deep fried pumpkin on a stick that are being served up in just about every food establishment that is worth a damn (and some that aren’t), I am saving my excitement for a different fall treat. It isn’t one that will be baked into a cupcake or stirred into […]


Cook: Deep Dish Pizza

I was rifling through some old pictures yesterday of my time in Chicago. Lying amongst the images of nerdy glasses, dyed hair, gay pride parades, jack boots, Vanilla Ice and bicycles, were numerous glamour shots of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza. One tiny tear trickled down my cheek. It was simultaneously a reminder of what used to be and an ode to days gone past. A […]


Where We Eat: Pazza Bistro

Pazza Bistro invited a group of bloggers to come by to taste their food offerings last Wednesday night. A brief internet search told me that I was probably heading to one of those darkly lit mom and pop pasta places that have red and white checkered tablecloths with waiters speaking bad Italian as they bring out huge portions of boxed pasta and multiple courses of […]


Poor People, Pizza and the Dirty Nil

My pal from high school ran a 5k last weekend and then summoned his inner Adam Richman to compete in a pizza eating contest. Normally I make fun of people that run then splurge. You probably have seen them in line at your local ice cream shop. They are sweating profusely, with some designer bandana wrapped around their head, and they get to the counter […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Coldboy by Astronauts, Etc.

The new single from Astronauts, etc is called “Coldboy.” It is a hypnotic upbeat foray into the world of electronic pop. It is what would happen if MGMT and Passion Pit decided to put on a dance part smack dab in the middle of a terrible blizzard. During “Coldboy”, Astonauts, etc’s last single before the release of his LP in August (which will be all brand […]


Spinach, Onion and Vegan Feta Pizza Delivered by Automatic Children and The Invincible Summer

I never got around to making my own cheese before I stopped eating it. A lot of that had to do with the fact that every cheese recipe I ever saw involved days and days of waiting around for something to happen. Couple that with all the things that could go wrong and I figured it was much easier to go to my local grocery […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With a Dairy Free Sicilian Pizza?

A few years back I wrote about the wonderful deep dish Sicilian pizza that is offered in a Wesley Chapel strip mall. After every half marathon I return to La Prima Pizza to ease the pain and celebrate a (hopefully) successful 3 months of training. Now that I have pretty much removed dairy from my diet I was looking for another way to continue to […]


The Great Vegan Bambino Swaddled by Stereo Telescope

Babe Ruth is arguably the greatest baseball player in the history of the game (and was voted so by The Sporting News back in ’98). He is also one of the most famous. Part of this notoriety stems from his being more than just an athlete. Sure he did amazing things on the field but his celebrity was cemented off the field. It was here […]


Where We Eat: Cafe Fresco & Bakery and Jumpiter

Cafe Fresco & Bakery is located at the corner of an unassuming strip mall on State Road 56 near Wesley Chapel. I drove by it hundreds of times without even giving it a second glance. One of my co-workers lives near it so after a meeting this summer we stopped by for lunch. Since then I have been there three more times. The place is […]