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Baker’s Dozen: Interview with CREO

Sydney’s CREO are the type of band that likes to let their music (and the critics) do the talking for them. You won’t find them, even on their own social media sites, shamelessly plugging how amazing they are. Instead you will find a descriptor along the lines of “CREO are four dudes from Sydney who do their take on rock and roll.” Bam! Microphone drops to the […]

The Handmade Tale cover

Baker’s Dozen: Interview With Lola King and the Kickstarts

Lola King & the Kickstarts are the kind of genre bending band that won’t fit into any box you build. In one moment the band will flit around with grungy guitars, the next will be processed strings and poppy melodies. Throw in the unique stylings of lead singer Lola King and you’ve got a band that is both original and memorable. Recently I had the chance […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Sam Clayton

Sam Clayton writes songs about boy-girl relationships, short stories and parodies. Every once in a while he will pen a quick, 90’s style song about absolutely nothing. It was the latter that first caught my ears last month. It still hasn’t let go. Recently I had the chance to ask Sam Clayton some questions as part of our Baker’s Dozen Interview Series. We talked about the witness protection […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with EaSWay

(Photo by Leen Beans Downloaded from EaSWay’s Facebook Page) Like most younger brothers, hip-hop artist EaSWay wanted to follow in his siblings footsteps. So when his brother started rapping, he quickly did the same. But what began as mimicry quickly grew into something more. It is a passion that remains with him to this day. One that can be seen up close and personal throughout […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Taiwo Heard

If you said that Taiwo Heard had an ear for music, you’d be pretty accurate. At the ripe old age of six he started learning piano, more specifically “Ode to Joy”, just by hearing it played. Today, some twenty years later, Tai continues to display his musical ear. The only difference is he has traded in his Beethoven for original indie rock tunes. One of […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with The Chainsmokers

They’ve played for Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Usher. They’ve played for their moms (and probably yours as well). They’ve probably also played for your girlfriend (as long as she is as hot as you say she is). They are New York City’s The Chainsmokers. Made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggert, this producer/DJ pair has put out a number of amazing remixes over […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Good Graeff

  What if you had a great friend who never went home for dinner and was involved in all aspects of your life? A friend who you played on street corners with and invited to Vietnam in order to incubate your music? Now imagine that same friend, was your twin sister. That is sort of what it is like for Brittany and Brooke Graeff. Together, […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Trapdoor Social

We’re back with another installment of the Baker’s Dozen Interview Series. This time we get up close and personal (or as close and personal as the internet waves allow us to) with Trapdoor Social. Band members Merritt and Skylar and I talk about such things as environmental activism, sustainability, spicy foods and Death Cab for Cutie. We then head off to the kitchen for a mean […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Boxed Wine

In our latest installment of the  Baker’s Dozen Interview Series, Jersey band Boxed Wine shares their thoughts on colloquial Australia, life after school, slaughtering butterflies and playing the laptop. We also delve into their music a bit before hitting the kitchen for a brilliant (and fucking easy) open faced grilled cheese with turkey, gravy and bacon.  Boxed Wine gets cheap and fun now: TB: Boxed […]