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Click: Vegan Spam, Foie Gras is Back on the Menu in California, Neo-Nazis Embrace The Vegan Diet, Fat Heaven Gets All Night of the Dead and Other Musings From This Week

I took a brief  (12 minute) hiatus from vegan bacon grease wrestling this week to scour the web. Here’s some of what I found: Happenings: Going Vegan: Mexican Gray Wolves Can Be Killed For Eating Too Many Deer and Elk Casa Diablo, the Vegan Strip Club in Portland, is Getting Sued Vegan eBook: For the Dairy Free College Kid California Foie Gras Ban is Overturned […]


Where We Eat: The Corner Store

I have to admit that what initially drew me to The Corner Store, located in the historic downtown of Plant City, was their bold and memorable motto, the logo it helped create and their brand new brunch menu (only four weeks old) which has consistently included vegan biscuits and gravy. The motto, EAT WELL OR DIE, represents a number of The Corner Store’s most important philosophies. First and foremost, […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Boxed Wine

In our latest installment of the  Baker’s Dozen Interview Series, Jersey band Boxed Wine shares their thoughts on colloquial Australia, life after school, slaughtering butterflies and playing the laptop. We also delve into their music a bit before hitting the kitchen for a brilliant (and fucking easy) open faced grilled cheese with turkey, gravy and bacon.  Boxed Wine gets cheap and fun now: TB: Boxed […]


Zedd, Foxes, Work Drugs, Sea Legs and Streets of Laredo Join Me For Brinner Biscuits

My version of a dorm delicacy consisted of shells and cheese loaded up with salsa, canned corn (drained) and (sometimes) baked beans. Can’t say I would ever go there again, but it worked at the time in keeping for days and ensuring that my grocery bills hovered around 20 dollars a week. As I perused the web to find out more about Kate Middleton and […]


Purple Potato Topped Pot Pie Burned by The 1975, Bonda, Skizzy Mars and Janitors

One of those things I remember from my childhood is eating a lot of microwaveable pot pies. Mom would put those Swanson (or were they Banquet) brand behemoths on top of a plate and send them off to spin in circles for five minutes or so. Once the timer beeped, I would remove the plate and try my hardest to let the pot pie cool […]


Battleships, Freddy Hall, Dum Dum Girls and a Side of Orzo and Cauliflower Gravy

During my formative years gravy (along with canned vegetables, boxed vegetables, meat and milk) made up my five food groups. There was something about that thick, comfortable, gray liquid that made food taste better. Any food, didn’t matter what the dish was, could be enhanced with gravy. And no one did gravy better than my grandma. When the time came for me to switch to a […]


The Benedict Arnold Hungover because of Satellite Stories and Michelle Xen

Last week I had a nightmare. I was sitting at brunch with a large group of Victorian dressed rich people. A waiter wearing a fancy tuxedo came to take my order. I leaned in close so that my rich friends wouldn’t hear me and asked if I could get an Eggs Benedict without the dairy or meat. The waiter adjusted his monocle and said “Not […]


Vegan Chicken Fried Seitan Forged by The Great Book of John and Estadio Olimpico

On the surface Lamesa may seem like just another hole-in-the-wall county seat in Texas. It is the home to about 10,000 residents, boosts an economy driven by cattle and cotton and houses a prison named after a former Texas governor. But taking that spade and slamming it just a little deeper into the dirt causes one to find that Lamesa is about much more. That […]