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Food Flavored Video: Sloshed by Pedico

Back in February I attended a benefit for a local non-profit at Kaleisia Tea Lounge. I left the event ready to make a difference for this community. But what could I do? A weekend visit to the farmer’s market sparked an idea. The wooden shelves were just bending under the weight of all the watermelons they had for sale. Why not serve a bunch of homeless people […]


Food Flavored Video: Killer Flamingo Bay by Flamingo Bay

Ever wonder what your favorite pizza delivery guy does between pizza deliveries? Hamilton, Ontario based Flamingo Bay explores just that in their new video for “Killer Flamingo Bay”. Their thoughts? He drops a bunch of football passes, eats pieces of the pizza he is supposed to be delivering, pumps up his shoes and plays in a rock and roll band. “Killer Flamingo Bay” comes from the […]


Food Flavored Video: Party Tennis by Pedico

When we walked off the tennis courts last Thursday we left behind a large number of flirty female types drunk on Lemon Whiskey Slushes. After a foggy weekend of fruity fun we returned to the courts today only to find they had been taken over by the beer guzzling gutter punks down the street. You know the type, they defecate and urinate all over the floor and don’t even care. […]


Food Flavored Video: “Peacekeeper” by Bear Hands

I received the video for “Peacekeeper” by Bear Hands a few weeks back and the email was loaded with NSFW warnings. I watched the video and, aside from a boob shot, there wasn’t much to it. I thought to myself, what do they mean NSFW? After rewatching a couple more times, I finally came to the realization that the video was NSFW because Bear Hands […]


Food Flavored Video: “You’re A Problem” by Twin Berlin

Whoa…this one got buried beneath a bevy of ice cream and cake and everything else birthday related. The new video (well, it was new last month when I got it sent to me) for “You’re a Problem” by Twin Berlin features, amongst other things, the band celebrating a birthday surprise. That makes this video all food flavored with sugary things. If you can only hear:


Food Flavored Video: “Seventeener (17th and 37th)” by the Lawrence Arms

I woke up last night in the middle of a gigantic puddle of sweat. I immediately started to cry. I had a horrible nightmare. In it a group of miniature giraffes grew fangs and traded in their leaf eating ways for hot dogs. Yep, I thought, cute little giraffes eating hot dogs. It can’t get worse than that. After viewing the video for “Seventeener (17th […]


Food Flavored Video: Hop by the Henry Millers

I went to the local milk pub last night and ordered some shots of chocolate almond milk with miniature umbrellas. The bartender, who considers himself a creative mixologist, put together a concoction of “epic” proportions. He sent it my way. When I suggested that this drink was “Not what I ordered” he winked at me and said “Just try it.” Remembering the line about treating […]


Food Flavored Video: GTMO (OMTG) by Empty Chairs

If you look closely to the new video by Empty Chairs, you will see a small ice cream cart conducting business in the park. You have to sort of weave your way through all the backwards walking park patrons (especially that amazing bar and double bag holder near the end) and look past the guitar player and the hazy image that comes and goes periodically […]

Boxed Wine - Cannibal

Food Flavored Video: Cannibal by Boxed Wine

I just returned from a day spent noshing on vegetarian burgers, vegan s’mores, better than meat appetizers and dairy free pumpkin cheesecake. It was a fabulous day of free eats at the Tampa Veg Fest. So when I return home after such a healthy day of treats what do I indulge in? A gigantic cheeseburger. Vats full of whipped cream. Jelly covered lollipops. And giant […]