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Click: Dahmer Goes Vegan, Laundromat Romances, A Brighter Smell of Teen Spirit and Other Attention Grabbers from This Past Week

I think I loved the f**k out of this week. Most of it is due to: Recipes: Toasted Almond Hazelnut Butter from the Healthy Foodie Chickpea Tofu from My New Roots Fudgy Beetroot Chocolate Cake with Pink Frosting from One Green Planet Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese Casserole from Go Dairy Free Tampa Happenings: 22nd Annual Pesto Festo announced for May 4th at 5PM. Tickets […]


Click: Vegan Strip Clubs, Gnudi Balls, Fakin Bacon Festival and Jacques Cousteau’s Psyche Amongst Other Things That Caught My Attention This Week

No fooling. Fifty years from now when I think back to this week, this is what I’ll be thinking about: News Cruelty Free Strippers (Yes, the 1st Vegan Strip Club is in Portland, go figure) Vegan April Fool’s Richmond’s 1st Vegan Bacon Festival More Americans Willing to Try Cannibalism than Veganism Recipes Spinach Tofu Gnudi Balls from One Green Planet A Collection of Vegan Muffins […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well with E-Dubble’s No Rest for the Wicked

Somedays I want my food a bit wicked. It could be a Boston thing. It could be a horror show thing. It could be naughty like. That’s the beauty of wickedness, it is just so damn versatile. Most importantly, wicked never rests. With that being said here are just a few wicked recipes I would easily recommend. Wicked witches with sombreros, Boston Baked Beans, Wicked […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Raw-vocado Key Lime Pie Courtesy of Alice Brightsky

The road hasn’t always been easy for indie folk rock artist Alice Brightsky. In 2009, citing “creative and logistical roadblocks”, the overwhelmed artist walked away from the music world, leaving a partially finished solo debut album lying on the floor. After three years away, Brightsky returned with a renewed passion and determination for finishing the album. With the help of friend/producer Brandon Wilde, she was able […]


Cook: Hazelnut Grits and Berries

Forbes recently released their list of 500 richest people. Nestled among the tech geeks, hedge funders and retailers is a few candy men. The highest ranked is 88-year-old Michele Ferrero, head of the Ferrero Group which makes Kinder and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Tic Tac and Nutella, has a net worth of $26.5 billion. I’m not one for lining the pockets of fat cats if I can help […]


Click: Voodoo, Haggis and Tattie Pasties, Chai Baked Donuts and Other Items of Note From the Past Week

Here are some things that were so this week (or last week since I’m behind). Recipes: Vegan Jambalaya Veggie Haggis and Tattie Pasties from Tinned Tomatoes Vegan Sticky Buns (Vegan Dad via the Peace Patch) Vanilla Chai Baked Donuts (Finding Vegan) Music: Amen Dunes “Lonely Richard” Skizzy Mars “All Say” and “Too Ill” August + Us “Fun” World Tour “Surreal” Record/Start “Followay” Zella Day “Sweet […]


Kaleisia’s 9th Annual Gifts of Love

You’d be hard pressed to find a Tampa restaurant that is as invested in the community as Kaleisia Tea Lounge. For the past nine years the tea lounge has hosted an event called Gifts of Love. The premise behind the event is to raise money for a local non-profit (100 percent of all the proceeds raised at the event goes to the non-profit). This year’s […]


Where We Eat: Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies

If you live in Tampa, are suffering from a sweet tooth and aren’t down with the dairy it can be very difficult to find something decent to satisfy your craving. There is the carrot cake at Trang Viet and…well, not much else. About a year ago I started hearing rumblings about this small bakery right up the street from me called Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies. […]


Click: Get Your Sexy on with Pastrami Cured Beets, Lumineers Covers, Kitchen Singing and Other Things From the Week That Was

Things that caught my eye this Valentine’s/Presidents’ Day weekend… Recipes: Pesto Soup with Gnocchi, Beans and Greens (the Guardian) Valentine Donuts (Tinned Tomatoes) *not vegan Pastrami Cured Beets (The Chubby Vegetarian) and Portobello Wiener Schnitzel  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal (Vegan Yack Attack) Smokey Bean and Spinach Sliders (Thug Kitchen) Music: Profecy “Find Your Way” “Pictures in the Dark” by Josh Record Black Flowers Cafe “Be” […]