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Cook: Hazelnut Grits and Berries

Forbes recently released their list of 500 richest people. Nestled among the tech geeks, hedge funders and retailers is a few candy men. The highest ranked is 88-year-old Michele Ferrero, head of the Ferrero Group which makes Kinder and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Tic Tac and Nutella, has a net worth of $26.5 billion. I’m not one for lining the pockets of fat cats if I can help […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Vegan Chocolate ‘Cheese’ Cake by Starar

A few nights ago I feel asleep to a documentary about the disappearance of bees from what has become known as Colony Collapse Disorder. According to the documentary, this is a very serious threat. It is one that could wind up having a huge impact on future eating habits and access to certain fruits and vegetables. What do bees have to do with British duo […]


Click: TCBY Adds More Vegan Flavors, McDonald’s Petitioned, Vegan Super Bowl Snacks, Dr. Dog Gets All Trippy, Made Violent Wastes Their Days and Other Things That Caught My Eye This Week

Linky links from around the webosphere that have made my Super Bowl Sunday superb. News: Petition Urges McDonald’s to Offer Vegetarian Options Marshall, TX Mayor Goes Vegan Then Urges the Rest of the Town to Do So Too. Its working. Las Vegas’ First Animal Sanctuary is Opening Soon Dallas Vegan Dessert Truck Rolls Out TCBY Adds Vegan Vanilla Frozen Yogurt to its Repertoire Recipes: Super […]


Where We Eat: Revolution Ice Cream Company

About a year after I became vegan I read an article in the Tampa Bay Times about this upstart local ice cream shop with a commie-hipster vibe. The shop was called Revolution Ice Cream Company and their schtick was to make homemade ice cream in the funkiest flavors possible. Instead of your typical vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and moose tracks the Revolution Ice Cream Company’s constantly […]


Cook: Chocolate Lactation Squares

A person can only take so many nights of hearing their sick wife and child struggle to comfort each other at 4 AM before they want to step in and help (I know, f***ing martyr right?). After two of those sleepless nights J-Fur and I had the following problem solving session (to set the scene, she was topless and struggling to breastfeed, I was groggily […]


Click: Vegan Christmas Cookies, A White and Sorry Holiday and Toy Spark Guns

Things that caught my attention around the inter webs this week: Tracks Future History “With Haste” Sam Smith “Money On My Mind” Salm (featuring Dan Black) “Toy Spark Gun” The Mites “Wash Away” Fou De Toi “Fall Out” The Casket Girls “Same Side” Crushed Stars “Haters” Trails and Ways “Taj Mahal” Haunted Hauses “Hunters” The Noise Figures “Rollin’” Ash Riser “When It’s Over” Angel Haze […]


Click: Artisan Vegan Cheeses, Cap’N’Crunch, Meat Free Gumbo and LSD Laced Trips to the Video Arcade

Here are some of the things that made an impression this week. Recipes: Vegan Richa’s Lasagna Bechamel with Sweet Potatoes and Cauliflower Homemade Gluten Free Vegan Cranberry Bliss Bars from Fork and Beans The Sweet Life’s Tofu Avocado Benedict Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Dirt Cake Vegan Lahmajun (Turkish-Armenian Pizza) from One Green Planet Also their Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Orange Marmalade Frosting News: Treme Creole […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Suzuki Method’s New Track?

In one word, sherbet. That was easy. I mean you don’t have to think too hard about a pairing when a band send’s you a single called “Sherbet.” Gee, let me over think this one a bit. Should I pair it with vegan duck flambé? To get just a little bit more specific, I would make it with this Vegan Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Version […]


Cook: Chickpea Cookies

Remember that time I sat at the bench waiting for the bus and you rode by on your stupid ass bike and observed me eating what you thought was a brownie? You spiked some gravel in my face as you spun to a stop and inquired about whether or not you could buy one of them for a snack. I smiled, brownie crumbs falling from […]