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Baker’s Dozen: Interview with CREO

Sydney’s CREO are the type of band that likes to let their music (and the critics) do the talking for them. You won’t find them, even on their own social media sites, shamelessly plugging how amazing they are. Instead you will find a descriptor along the lines of “CREO are four dudes from Sydney who do their take on rock and roll.” Bam! Microphone drops to the […]

Tim Cushing hummus

What’s Cooking With Timothy Cushing

This blog is named for the artistic endeavors of writing, cooking and photography and the age- old pastime of listening to music. Had I knew it was going to turn into a five year endeavor I might’ve put a little more time into succinctly saying what I meant. Oh well, its a mouthful. Of course, that’s what we like around here… It could’ve actually been worse. In […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Vegan Cinnamon Rolls?

While I love fruit desserts dearly, there is absolutely no after dinner (or early morning) treat quite as sexy as a cinnamon roll. It all begins with that soft, warm, yeasty interior seasoned with a reasonable amount of sticky cinnamon. If you stopped there, things would be good enough. But a cinnamon roll keeps pushing the sugar envelope. It is then drizzled with gooey icing. Its a mess. […]


Artist’s Cookbook: What’s (Not) Cooking with Lewis Hurrell?

Since the World Cup is coming our way in a little over two weeks I’ll use a bit of a soccer analogy to describe songwriter/producer Lewis Hurrell. He is an American, from Sebastopol, California, who holds dual citizenship as a result of being born in England. That means if he was a soccer star he could elect to play for either country in the World Cup. […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Beat the Heart’s Tjälknöl

Somewhere amidst the frost bumped loins of Stockholm, Sweden there lives a group of five men. Four of these men are brother pairs. The fifth wheel is a haunting fellow named Filip. These brother pairs and Filip have merged their extraordinary talents into one seamless project. The result? Beat the Heart. Beat the Heart is best described by what the band has accomplished. They’ve been able […]


Ryan Hobler’s Manifesto and Brussels Sprouts Bowl

Weight gain starts slowly. A pound here, a pound over there, one back behind and before you know it, your twenty-five in the hole. And one morning you wake up, take a look in the mirror, grab a bit of extra skin and ask yourself: do I allow this spiral to continue or do I do something about it? When Americana Noir songwriter Ryan Hobler found […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Raw-vocado Key Lime Pie Courtesy of Alice Brightsky

The road hasn’t always been easy for indie folk rock artist Alice Brightsky. In 2009, citing “creative and logistical roadblocks”, the overwhelmed artist walked away from the music world, leaving a partially finished solo debut album lying on the floor. After three years away, Brightsky returned with a renewed passion and determination for finishing the album. With the help of friend/producer Brandon Wilde, she was able […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Vegan Chocolate ‘Cheese’ Cake by Starar

A few nights ago I feel asleep to a documentary about the disappearance of bees from what has become known as Colony Collapse Disorder. According to the documentary, this is a very serious threat. It is one that could wind up having a huge impact on future eating habits and access to certain fruits and vegetables. What do bees have to do with British duo […]

Empire Beats

Artist’s Cookbook: Cornbread and Gumbo Courtesy of Empire Beats

Empire Beats and Camille Atkinson are no strangers to the food/music combo that I write religiously about on this blog. Camille, a New Orleans native, is a professional vocalist who has laid down her sound on numerous songs including an original one dedicated to one of the world’s finest condiments, “Hot Sauce”.  Mark Boquist, the drummer and founder of Empire Beats is also a renowned chef who […]