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What’s Cooking With Loframes?

When last we checked on electro-pop/house duo Loframes, the band had just released their debut single “Get Real (Can’t Touch Your Love)” and were sitting down to dinner at Entre 2 Vins, a restaurant owned by the Franck half of the duo. Franck shared his drool worthy take on the Entre 2 Vins’ Vacherin du Mont d’Or, a prestigious and rare cheese produced only in the […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Organised Dahl Courtesy of Organised Scum

Every morning at 8, I strolled into this crazy Russian professor’s lectures about math, nuclear physics and whatever else he wanted to talk about. I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what this guy was doing in the middle of nowhere North Carolina. But he was there and so was I. I approached him after class one day and asked if he had […]


What’s Cooking With Guards! Guards!

Around these parts Sunday night is sacred. That’s the night that me and my semi-professional karaoke crew make their rounds. This Sunday we paid a visit to one of the most popular local stages and caught something truly amazing happening. Behind the microphone, in front of dozens of Tampanians, was none other than Rihanna. Her song of choice? Daft Punk’s “Pentatonix”. I left the karaoke club later that evening […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Bibimbab by Bom Carrot of Tirikilatops

                                                                  Eat the Bibimbab with a healthy does of “Magic Formula (My Feet Are Making)” playing in the background. Magic Formula (my feet are making) by Tirikilatops Check out Tirikilatops at: Facebook, Bandcamp

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Artist’s Cookbook: Pineapple HOLDS YOU Upside DOWN Cake Courtesy of Drowning Clowns

A few week’s back I was spending a lot of time worried about feral cats having comfy winter living conditions, growing milk in laboratories and Whole Foods trying to accidentally (on purpose) kill a bunch of red state people with nut allergies. Almost as an aside I shared with the world my love of Drowning Clowns. It only seems fitting, Drowning Clowns, as a lot of […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Bangin Shepherd Pie Courtesy of The Cold Start

I’ve spent the last few hours scouring my rock and roll thesaurus looking for words that accurately describe The Cold Start and their brand of music. Sure I could’ve just pulled from the band’s Facebook page and explained that their music is a bit of “pop, indie and rock hooks infused with emotion, fire and fragility” but that would just be pure laziness. So here is what I’ve […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Natural Fruit Jello Courtesy of Allison Strong

Howdy-ho everyone its Tender Branson back with another…whoa, what’s that weird looking force field thing? Let me just step in and <wavy lines appear>. Hey, this looks like my elementary school cafeteria circa 1986. Who is that amazing looking kid over there with the two foot high mohawk and the word vegan freshly Sharpied on his wrist? Oh wait, that’s me. I observe as Bobby Barfknuckles, the smartest […]

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What’s Cooking with Mario from Epic Proportions Tour?

It all started with an old school bus and some used vegetable oil. That, and a crazy idea dreamed up by a musician and former artist manager. Why don’t we make some waves in the music industry and take music to the people who need it by gathering up young, local, unsigned bands and sending them out on tour to do some free shows at colleges, high schools and […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Lemon Whiskey Slush Courtesy of Minka

I’m going to let Philadelphia Fun(k)-Rockers Minka do most of the talking in this post because they are just that entertaining. What you need to know before we get there is: Minka just released their follow-up to last year’s successful self-titled EP. This go round is called the Republican. If you are walking through your local cocktail lounge and hear a track that features punchy drums, […]