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Click: Vegan Strip Clubs, Gnudi Balls, Fakin Bacon Festival and Jacques Cousteau’s Psyche Amongst Other Things That Caught My Attention This Week

No fooling. Fifty years from now when I think back to this week, this is what I’ll be thinking about: News Cruelty Free Strippers (Yes, the 1st Vegan Strip Club is in Portland, go figure) Vegan April Fool’s Richmond’s 1st Vegan Bacon Festival More Americans Willing to Try Cannibalism than Veganism Recipes Spinach Tofu Gnudi Balls from One Green Planet A Collection of Vegan Muffins […]


Cook: Sweet Potato and Eggplant Bacon Pasta

This is the story history won’t tell you. It is one that I’ve uncovered only after countless hours of personal research: When Christopher Columbus arrived in the new world (thinking he was really in India) he quickly set to work bartering for spices and goods that he could take back to the King and Queen. As Columbus traded some of his gold coins for a […]


Cook: BrussBeBac (Brussels Sprouts, Pale Ale and Eggplant Bacon)

Earlier this year I espoused my love for Brussels sprouts in sandwich form. I talked about how I used to hate them, how they were a big part of my nightmares and how some people think they are the new it vegetable. Shortly after the post I received a hand written letter in the mail (yes, the actual mail). The letters were all out of […]


Cook: Yam Biscuits with Fried “Egg” Tofu Patties and “Bacon” Avocado Spread

Like a moth to a flame. That’s J-Fur and JoAnn Fabrics. Every time we are planning a shopping excursion that is within a 20 mile radius of the store she scrunches her face into a sobby sob expression and utters the dreaded line, “Do you mind if we stop at JoAnn?” How can I say no to a face like that? On one particular weekend […]


Fever Pitched: A Baseball Worthy Sandwich (Or How Vienna Was Saved)

Vienna is probably most well known for the log of meat that bears its name. But the Vienna sausage pales in its importance to the city when stacked up against baseball’s standby, the soft pretzels. You see one time pretzels actually saved the city. The story goes like this. During the Battle of 1510 the Turks decided to invade Vienna. Unable (or unwilling) to whittle […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Boxed Wine

In our latest installment of the  Baker’s Dozen Interview Series, Jersey band Boxed Wine shares their thoughts on colloquial Australia, life after school, slaughtering butterflies and playing the laptop. We also delve into their music a bit before hitting the kitchen for a brilliant (and fucking easy) open faced grilled cheese with turkey, gravy and bacon.  Boxed Wine gets cheap and fun now: TB: Boxed […]


Brussels, Bacon and Buffalo

I gave up meat almost thirteen years ago (the actual anniversary will be on Thanksgiving). Since that time I have only eaten it once, though it wasn’t on purpose. I was working at a health food store, famished after having eaten nothing all day. We were closing for the evening and getting ready to throw out some mashed potatoes. I decided to eat some, not […]