Where We Eat: The Cupcake Cache Sweetened by Crushed Beaks

Part of the beauty of Christmas morning for the child version of me was to come down and see a tree overflowing with boxes of all shapes, sizes and colors. What kind of treasures did these boxes hold? I couldn’t wait to open them and find out. The Cupcake Cache is the dessert equivalent of Christmas morning. Each cupcake, and their are 48 different varieties that the cache rotates between, is stuffed with something unique. It may be a piece of candy or lemon pudding or (gasp) a vegetable depending on what flavor you get. These aren’t your normal, everyday Wal-Mart cupcakes. These are gourmet oversized cupcakes. They are painstakingly put together by cupcake craftsmen to pair the cake, filling and icing in a “mouth tingling” complimentary way. They are so big, you get a spoon with them.

I knew none of this when I made my way across the parking lot yesterday and entered the Cupcake Cache. Based on the outside of the building (which is not impressive) I thought a few tiny, dried out cakes would be what greeted me. As soon as I entered the two owners, husband and wife duo Michael and Eve, met us with an “Are you part of the Cash Mob?” We were a bit confused. I had heard of the Secret Tampa Cash Mob through blogs and articles in dailies but never crossed paths with them. Seems yesterday they hit up the Cupcake Cache a few hours before we stopped by. We told the owners we weren’t part of the mob, we had just wandered in on our own. We made our way to the cupcake case. It was surprisingly full considering they had sold about 60 more cakes than normal (due to the mob). I was looking for something a bit fruity so I asked the owners which cake would work best for me. They prescribed the “Pink Lady” which, according to them, tasted just like lemonade. I went for it.











The Pink Lady served with a spoon and an umbrella

They weren’t kidding when they said it tasted like lemonade. The cake was white. It was then stuffed with a lemon pudding (which tasted a lot like lemon curd) and then topped with a pink lemonade frosting. It was soft and moist with a nice balance between cake and pudding. I needed the spoon that came with it to sop up the final few bites.

J-Fur was looking for something chocolate based and she had quite a few to choose from. After inquiring about four different cakes she settled on one that was stuffed with a melted Hershey kiss (I forget the creative name the Cupcake Cache crew came up with for this one).










J-Fur’s Cupcake

J-Fur was also very impressed. Both of us agreed that these were the best cupcakes that we’ve had in Tampa to date. The cakes were rich but not too rich. They were certainly sweet but not overly so (although J-Fur said she couldn’t handle mine because it was too sweet for her tastes).

Looking for something specific? No problem. The Cupcake Cache will make you whatever flavor cupcake you want, just call ahead and give them a few days notice. Parties? Catering? Yep, they offer those too. Well, what about ice cream? Glad you asked. The Cupcake Cache has a trading partner in Brandon based Revolution Ice Cream Company. These two local indy sweet shops sell each others products. Yesterday’s ice cream offerings were pints of Key Lime, Drunken Brownie, Soda Pop, Cherry and Chocolate Shock (each pint sells for 6 dollars).

At first glance, three dollars for a cupcake may seem steep. But these are bigger than any cupcake I’ve encountered before. They are also baked fresh each morning (Michael and Eve arrive around 3:30 most days to start the baking) and stuffed with a bunch of goodness. After eating, three dollars seemed like a steal. You can set up ordering and check out a description of all their cakes at their website.

Cupcake Cache LLC on Urbanspoon

The Cupcake Cache on Foodio54

While Michael and Eve would probably pair their cakes with something different (just listen to the sounds on their website), I was looking for something that echoed their products sweetness. That would totally be Crushed Beaks (here) new track “Feelers.” Their new song instantaneously hit home and found its way onto my sweet list. “Feelers” is part of the band’s debut EP Tropes which is forthcoming on ASL Records (due out the 16th of September). Crushed Beaks is also set to headline London’s White Heat on Tuesday and will be hosting their own release show at The Lexington, London on 19th September.

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