Where They Eat: Decoded and The Griddle Cafe

IMG_7379 squareBefore last night when someone mentioned the word Hollywood only three things came to mind. These were, in no particular order, Elizabeth Short, Glam metal and the Walk of Fame. Oh, and the Dwarves. It should shock no one that my desire to visit this district in Los Angeles was tepid at best. But everything about this ho-hum place changed with one simple message in my email inbox. It came from Los Angeles band Decoded.  Because of a rather lovely ditty, “Hello Hipster”, Decoded and I had been writing back and forth for a week or so setting up a post. As far as I knew they were sending me a band created recipe that I would post along with their music. But when I opened the email a “Devil’s Daydream” appeared before my eyes.

What is the “Devil’s Daydream”? I’ll get their soon enough. First, Decoded. Decoded is a rock group comprised of Derek Jordan, Tevis Aubrey, Angela Grant, Amanda Gunnels and Heather Miller. Or, as they put it, they are “four talented rock goddesses fronted by one dynamic dude.”  They’ve been making music together for less than a year but have already garnered a large following. This is in large part due to their unrelenting passion and their focus on the art of song. If you want the latest chic version of cool, a band that can look the part but not act it, then you need to go jump in some other hipster’s fountain. Decoded does cool in a way that is so subversive you’ll hardly recognize it. Their latest foray into the world of cool is, as I mentioned earlier, “Hello Hipster.” It is the premiere satirical hipster anthem of the year (and I have no problem claiming this in March). The lyrics hit on some of the hipster lifestyle high points including: quirkiness, wearing shades indoors, knowing music before Stereogum does (what are you staring at?), bicycling to nightclubs and playing in the streets of Williamsburg and Silverlake. You can catch the new single in live action tomorrow night at the Universal Bar and Grill in North Hollywood (at 9:00 PM). Get their early because it appears to be the second song in their set (according to a setlist posted to Decoded’s Facebook page). To purchase “Hello Hipster”, visit the band’s bandcamp page. You can also get the single free with the purchase of a shirt. To sweeten the pot extra fierce, Decoded donates 10 percent of all their shirt sales to the Westside German Shepherd Rescue. Get music! Help dogs! All at the same time!

When Decoded hits the breakfast circuit, oftentimes they find themselves at The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard. The “Devil’s Daydream” is a chocolate lover’s wet dream fantasy that was crafted there. It is rich chocolate bread that is dipped and grilled french toast style. It is then loaded with bittersweet chocolate chips and topped with whip cream. It looks something like this:










And when it is gone, it looks like this:

ResizedImage_1363028956727 (1)









Now, I know it is a bit sacrilige, but I’m not a chocolate fan. No worries. The Griddle Cafe has numerous other options for diners. Some that seem to stand out to me are the BLUESberry (blueberry filled flapjacks with blueberry sour cream and sugar), Apple Cobbler (apple bread rolled in cinnamon crunch batter), Red Velvet panCAKE (red velvet topped with cream cheese icing), Barry Yellow (raspberry and lemon pancakes). Gee, I wonder if he likes fruit on his breakfast foods? Anyway, thanks to the pictures in my email and a visit to the menu, I have now moved Hollywood much further up my “must visit” list. It has cracked the top 50.

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Check out Decoded on: Facebook, Twitter, the Web, Bandcamp,Youtube

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