Tempeh Scaloppine Broken by Dash and The Almighty Rhombus


About two months ago I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep. To help pass the time I decided to surprise J-Fur with a spring break trip for the ages. We are talking rainforests, ring of fires and, an anthropologists wet dream, over 841 different languages spoken. I was taking her to Papua New Guinea. I went through the process for booking our flight to Derim (airport code DER). Unfortunately, in my middle-of-the-night half awake state, I accidentally typed DEN. It wasn’t until later, way later, that I realized I had not sent us off to the tropical lands of Papua New Guinea but to the ice cold Rocky Mountains. Our spring break would be in Denver.

It has taken some time but I’ve come to terms with this giant mistake (therapy works wonders). I’ve actually half convinced myself that I’m excited about the trip. One of the food destinations I’ve been eyeing is this restaurant called Watercourse Foods. Supposedly this Tempeh Scaloppine was inspired by someone’s visit to the restaurant. I decided a date in my kitchen with the Scaloppine was in order. The tempeh is coated and floated in roux and sautéed alongside onions, mushrooms and zucchini (my addition).

Just a Dash of parsley sends this dish to its final finish. In the same vain, just a bit of Raleigh’s Dash is what can send a typical morning drive to work over the edge. Like a Bible Belt Passion Pit or MGMT, Dash drives its music behind intense rhythms  and catchy lyrics. Checkout their single “Home”:

Currently we are going through our unit on plane shapes in school. Probably part of the reason I was drawn to “Even Though” by the Almighty Rhombus, a band that is like a Sudbury supergroup. They consistently play to packed bars and are always picked first to open for famous touring acts. Their brand of pop plays well there. It is like a “rainbow of experience” that is “tightly wound into a musical joy-machine.” Download their free EP here (it is free until the end of March).

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