Spinach, Onion and Vegan Feta Pizza Delivered by Automatic Children and The Invincible Summer


I never got around to making my own cheese before I stopped eating it. A lot of that had to do with the fact that every cheese recipe I ever saw involved days and days of waiting around for something to happen. Couple that with all the things that could go wrong and I figured it was much easier to go to my local grocery store. After reading that there are cookbooks full of Artisan Vegan Cheese I felt a slight calling to try some homemade “cheese.” Not yet having access to Schinner’s book I started with a Vegetarian Times recipe I gathered a number of years ago. The recipe was for a homemade vegan herbed feta. My ultimate goal was an onion, spinach, mushroom and vegan feta pizza. To concoct this dish I paired a stand mixer crust, with the cheese and these toppings (minus the mozzarella). The final result was something delicious and guilt free. I had no qualms eating the entire pizza (made from half the crust and 1/4 of the cheese). No qualms, that is, until halfway through my run when I cramped up and had to slow considerably (note to self, don’t eat an entire pizza moments before running four miles your stomach will make you regret it).

New York City collective Automatic Children is sort of like this pizza. They combine the coolest bits of every band your older sister ever told you about into one helluva an act. For instance, their latest 7” Johnny/Now You Know, features loud hooks that recall Surfer Rosa-era Pixies, a high-registered vocal delivery (courtesy of Adam Lippman) which echoes The Get Up Kids and lyrics that display the world/weary smarts of Paul Westerberg. Its music that is lean, fun, and unpretentious. Check out “Johnny” below. It’s what’s for dinner:

Australian indie pop band, The Invincible Summer drew a number of comparisons after the release of their first two singles “Runaway” and “To the Sky.” These comparisons included Foster the People, Coldplay, Tears for Fears and MGMT. While appropriate, these comparisons don’t do justice to everything The Invincible Summer has going for them. First, they don’t watch television. They also don’t read or do crosswords (and you can’t tell me MGMT doesn’t fill in the crossword squares). This leaves lots of time for experiencing the city, exploring the beach and making music. It also provides a few moments a day for contemplating world domination. This world domination begins with their new single, “The Edge”, which forms one half of the next double sided single release (due out sometime in April).

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