Food Flavored Video: Stay Still by Vuvuvultures

In “Stay Still” by the Vuvuvultures one of those bored housewives goes off the deep end and completely beheads her husband. This is after serving him up a plate of dead chicks, maggots, spiders, ants and a number of other gross appetizers. Not the kind of food you were expecting? Perhaps I should include that there were some oranges, strawberries and pasta involved as well. The catch in all this is that the housewife (who performs amazingly in her lip close up scene) is married to a fly. Maybe he is abusive. Maybe he just watches too much television. Or did he marry out of his league? Whatever the reason, he loses his head moments before she sits down to eat herself. Her meal? Her husband’s head…

After an EP last year, Vuvuvultures is preparing a debut album. No word on when it will be out. One hopes it is as deviant as this video.

Minus the pictures:

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