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Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Boxed Wine

In our latest installment of the  Baker’s Dozen Interview Series, Jersey band Boxed Wine shares their thoughts on colloquial Australia, life after school, slaughtering butterflies and playing the laptop. We also delve into their music a bit before hitting the kitchen for a brilliant (and fucking easy) open faced grilled cheese with turkey, gravy and bacon.  Boxed Wine gets cheap and fun now: TB: Boxed […]


Spinach, Onion and Vegan Feta Pizza Delivered by Automatic Children and The Invincible Summer

I never got around to making my own cheese before I stopped eating it. A lot of that had to do with the fact that every cheese recipe I ever saw involved days and days of waiting around for something to happen. Couple that with all the things that could go wrong and I figured it was much easier to go to my local grocery […]


Strawberry Spinach Salad Adopted by Strangeheart, Astronauts, etc and Old English

Plant City, Florida, which is about 30 minutes outside of Tampa, is the winter strawberry capital of the world. The town begins pumping out berries in late January/early February and continues doing so until sometime in March. The high point of the season is celebrated with a festival that features music, games and the best strawberry shortcake around. In a normal year J-Fur and I […]


Food Flavored Video: Stay Still by Vuvuvultures

In “Stay Still” by the Vuvuvultures one of those bored housewives goes off the deep end and completely beheads her husband. This is after serving him up a plate of dead chicks, maggots, spiders, ants and a number of other gross appetizers. Not the kind of food you were expecting? Perhaps I should include that there were some oranges, strawberries and pasta involved as well. […]


Chipilo-Venetian Posole Assimilated by Paper Crows, Turrentine Jones and Enerate

Before I give you a brief history lesson I have to mention, this is sort of a bitchy dish. Back in November I cooked up this compromise and exuded about it in a playlist. I then moved on to other foods, the holidays, life stuff. Unfortunately, like a spoiled brat, this posole would not let me live a day without reminding me that I had […]


Darren Ockert: A Mini Documentary Wins the Enzian Film Slam

British-turned-Floridian Darren Ockert is a man who does it all. He sings, writes music, produces and votes for important music decisions such as The Grammy winners and inductees to The Songwriters Hall of Fame. Recently Darren added actor to his CV as he starred in a documentary (entitled Darren Ockert: A Mini Documentary) that centered around his life as a professional musician. The ten minute […]


Hank & (Avocado-Chocolate) Cupcakes

Somehow, some way, J-Fur and I have to figure out how to fit a baby in this cramped apartment. In recent weeks we’ve combed painstakingly through our possessions trying to figure out what needs to go and what can stay. One of the first things we attacked is our 95 book shelves. Memories ensued, followed closely behind by tantrums, as I had to part with […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: The Promised Land by The Hyper Actives

Right before Christmas the  The Hyper Actives released a critically acclaimed debut album called Rock N Roll Lives Again. The album pays tribute to some of their adrenaline fueled forefathers like AC/DC, Motorhead and Dead Boys. The album is largely made up of three chords being played for about three minutes (or less) as fast and aggressively as possible. It is a fun time packaged […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With a Dairy Free Sicilian Pizza?

A few years back I wrote about the wonderful deep dish Sicilian pizza that is offered in a Wesley Chapel strip mall. After every half marathon I return to La Prima Pizza to ease the pain and celebrate a (hopefully) successful 3 months of training. Now that I have pretty much removed dairy from my diet I was looking for another way to continue to […]