Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With “Chocolate” by the 1975?


The 1975 aren’t ones to rest on their laurels. Just a few short months after their Sex EP went straight for the g-spot (which came a few short months after their Throwdown EP hit the ring), the band is prepping for their next one. Music For Cars EP is set for release on March 4 and will mark the third and final EP leading up to the band’s debut full length. The first single from Music For Cars dropped today and it is a sweet one. Literally. “Chocolate” doesn’t differ much from the standout songs on Sex (referring to the title track and “You”). It features the same upbeat, ethereal, synth pop sounds showering the prominently positioned vocals of Matt Healy. It is a combination that has, over and over, been successful at crafting catchy pop tunes.

What does one pair with the single? I’m looking for something that blurs the line between edgy and run-of-the-mill. Since I’m on a bit of a brownie high, I think these Chocolate Cherry ones from 101 Cookbooks does the job.

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