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Food Pairing 101: What Goes with Little Daylight’s First Original Song (Not a Remix!)?

On June 10th of last year, a visit to Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe provided me with two things: some of the finest fried green tomatoes these tastebuds have ever enjoyed and an Edward Sharpe remix by Little Daylight. In time, the fried green tomatoes faded to just another food memory in a long line of them. But Little Daylight wouldn’t go away. They followed […]


Charred Brussels Sprouts Sandwich Popularized by Denny White, Josef Salvat and Jay Reatard

When I was six I had some pretty bad nightmares. These were to the point that my mom actually asked the doctor about them. I remember him suggesting that she shouldn’t give me money (like that was the root of my nightmares?). For a few weeks she would lay in my bed until I fell asleep. If I woke up, I cried out to her. […]


Rock and Roll Holds Me Down: Grapeberry Aloe Juice, Good Riddance, FIDLAR, Descendents and Baby Baby

I’ve got a huge aloe plant on my porch that seems to keep multiplying (aw man, I just looked out the window and it increased in size again). Every time I look, there’s more. Because I am so meticulous and fluid in the kitchen, I don’t burn myself enough to use more than a stalk of aloe a year. What do I do with the […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With “Chocolate” by the 1975?

The 1975 aren’t ones to rest on their laurels. Just a few short months after their Sex EP went straight for the g-spot (which came a few short months after their Throwdown EP hit the ring), the band is prepping for their next one. Music For Cars EP is set for release on March 4 and will mark the third and final EP leading up to the band’s debut […]


Movie Food: Argo F*** Yourself Tacos Held Hostage by The Cadres, Daddy Lion and To Kill A King

Unless you have been sleeping (or against seeing movies that are award nominees) you’ve probably heard about Argo. It is the story of a far fetched, ridiculous, off-the-wall plan by the United States government to go in and save six of their embassy workers who are stuck in Iran. The plan? To make up a movie and pretend they are scouting a location to film […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Shark Vs Apple by Sex Jams

Put an apple in front of a shark and a bunch of weird shit happens. Namely acid drops become tender toilet paper affairs, drum sets are the new grass naps and raccoons tattoo themselves with pot leaves. At least according to Sex Jams. Sex Jams are a raucous party punk band that knows how to get the beers in the air and the acid on […]


Black Gold and Ginger Brownies Bubbled Beneath Alan Ho and Jez Dior

For fourteen hours last Sunday (or at least my brain’s equivalent of fourteen hours) I heard the same red carpet interview over and over again. The main gist was an opening question about who was being worn. There was an answer which was followed by the reporters fake gushing. Then the follow-up focused on viewing the nails/jewelry/purse of the star in sight. I quickly bored […]


Udon Noodles and Tofu in Miso Sauce Chopsticked by Janitors, Lyke Giants, Bell Weather Department and Vaadat Charigim

We interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast (which is me cracking nut jokes as I make various milks in my new Vitamix) to share this important recipe. It came about because on my last trip to the Asian market I needed some miso. Instead of buying a small container, I opted for the largest one they had. This meant I actually needed to seek out miso […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes With Letters From the Lost by Jay Nash?

Americana Folk-Artist Jay Nash recently emerged from his home studio (nestled somewhere up in the great state of Vermont) with a new album in tow. Letters from The Lost is an album free of constraints. His own studio meant less pressure and more time to experiment. New sounds and instruments found their way between the CD sleeve including a mandolin, baritone electric guitar and ukulele. The result is […]