Merry Listmas 2012: The Music

2012 began with me being lost in the proverbial music desert. I drifted from track to track with no real rhyme or reason. I longed for an album (like Fucked Up from 2011) that would just capture my attention and not let it go. On June 5th I got just that when The Japandroids’ Celebration Rock came out. Through the summer I played this album religiously (not to mention loudly). Then fortune smiled upon me as, on October 9th, I got another album to capture me when Macklemore’s The Heist hit the market. Along the way I also enjoyed music that highlighted:  the farce that is the Vietnam war, getting it on while watching Parks & Rec, thinking about my parents lovemaking habits, clever…less girls, crashing a car into a bridge, Vampiristic walks through town and society’s impending collapse. And that is just the beginning…(all of these songs may not be from 2012, but that is when I came across them).

My actual top twenty would look like this:

1. Macklemore and Lewis-Starting Over (featuring Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses)

2. Japandroids-The House that Heaven Built
 3. Y LUV-Keep it Rollin’

4. Holy Esque-Rose

5. Atherton-No Threat
6. Soko-I Kill Her (Hannes Fischer Remix)

7. Eternal Summers-You Kill

8. Mind The Gap-Find My Way

9. Tony Williams-Blazin’ High (featuring Wale, Emillio Rojas and Macklemore)

10. Crocodiles-Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

11. Sole-Young Sole

12. Slam Donahue-I Turn On

13. Icona Pop-I Love It

14. Japandroids-Younger Us
15. Johnny Neon-Hearts

16. Foxes-Youth

17. Danny Brown-Grown Up

18. Macklemore and Lewis-Same Love

19. Fevers-Passion is Dead (Long Live Fashion)

20. Red Aces-The End

Some Other Honorable Mentions

Best Freddy Krueger impressionChainsaw Hookers-Never Sleep Again

Best Impression of a Dancing Lab Coat Geek or best to cook matzo soup toDaddy Lion-The Scientist’s Lament

Best song by a band with a name that would drive a radio host batty: Moonmen On the Moon, Man-Oh Look A Sweat Ballo0n Artist

Most Sexy Use of the Word Euphoric: Germany Germany-With You (Featuring Kotomi)

Most Interesting Song Titled with a Character from Gilligan’s Island: California Wives-Marianne

Song Most Likely to Remind You of the Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa: The 1975-Sex

Best Remix of a song that will remind you of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa: The 1975-Sex (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

When a Unicorn Defecates Rainbow Colored Turds, this will be playing: 
Chocolate Robots-Impossible Princes

Best Song To Listen to When You Are Wondering What the F*** You Did Last Night: Skizzy Mars-The Come Down (featuring Conner Youngblood)

The World Didn’t End. Now Let’s Keep it That Way Song: E-Dubble-Two Steps from Disaster

Song Paved by Good Intentions: Sleigh Bells-Road to Hell

Song Most Likely to Cause a Broken Ankle (from Dancing, not working): Cloud Nothings-Stay Useless

Band of the 2012: (Tie) Macklemore and Japandroids. Awesome albums, amazing shows.
See you in 2013!

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