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Merry Listmas 2012: The Music

2012 began with me being lost in the proverbial music desert. I drifted from track to track with no real rhyme or reason. I longed for an album (like Fucked Up from 2011) that would just capture my attention and not let it go. On June 5th I got just that when The Japandroids’ Celebration Rock came out. Through the summer I played this album religiously […]


Merry Listmas 2012: The Food

  Before hitting 2013 running, let’s take a moment to enjoy some of the finer food parts of 2012. Favorite Sandwiches: Beer Barbecued Chiken with Sprite Biscuits Vegan Fish Tacos BBQ Portobello and Mushroom Sandwich from the Chubby Vegetarian Veggie Ruebens with Kimchi Chicago Style Italian Seitan Monsieur Red Dog Braised Kale and Chickpea Sandwich from Serious Eats Calabacitas Burritos with Homemade Tortillas Lone Star Lentil […]


Sole Ruminates on Mass Killings, Alienation and Capitalism on “Gun Control”

Friday was one of the darkest days in American history as a 20-something brainiac from the white side of town took out his angst on a school. Our most defenseless citizens were murdered senselessly in a place that was supposed to provide safety. As a teacher, I see these citizens, each and every day. For some it is the only place in their world that […]


Taps Restaurant Bar and Lounge Crowned by Silver Medallion

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons downtown Tampa turns into a dead zone. This is pretty amazing considering that one can actually walk (unlike most of the rest of this sprawled out city) and there are a number of decent restaurants in close proximity. One of these restaurants is Taps Restaurant Bar and Lounge. I wound up at Taps when I attended a kidney walk to […]


Black-Eyed Peaball Banh Mi Explored by Tiger High and Josephine & The Mousepeople

This recipe came together because of two events. The first was my half marathon back in October. The night before the race J-Fur and I camped in Starkey Park along with our friends B & E. As I previously mentioned, J-Fur and I dined on these. B & E’s food of choice was a Banh Mi sandwich that had meatballs as the filling. I thought […]


Holiday Kutya Yule-Tided by Janitors, Culture in Memoriam and Skizzy Mars

This week at school the seven third grade teachers have each picked a country to focus on for a winter holiday feature. My country of choice was Russia. The main reason I choose this once communist nation was because of the food. Namely kutya. This sweet dessert dish symbolizes unity, immortality, happiness and a good year. I choose it because it meshes wheat berries and […]


A T-Shirt Giveaway and Work Drugs

This week, thanks to WhoopTee, I was able to experience a first. My first t-shirt design. WhoopTee is an online printing company that allows the customer to design their own t-shirts using a straightforward online designer. It makes customization fun and painless. The company stands behind their five foundational practices of competitive pricing, a quality product, friendly customer service, fast shipping and straightforward online […]


Tahini Broccoli and Tofu Stirfry Detailing the Longwalls Story of the Running Wolf

When it comes to seeds or nuts that have been ground into a paste, my world has always revolved around peanut butter. During my teenage years when I sought out a quick after school snack, I grabbed the bread and put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My first forays into Asian style rice usually involved a peanut butter blend for the sauce. Green […]


Attack Decay, Marnie Stern, Very Americans and The Benjy Sandwich

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” -Semisonic I try to instill, in the young writers that I teach, that what Semisonic professed in their song “Closing Time” was that a beginning is nothing without an end. And an end is nothing without a beginning. Younger me was just like most of those writers that I teach. He petered out at the end […]