In the Name of Life, Death and the Pursuit of Bagel Sandwiches

Last weekend my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to town for a visit…well sort of. They actually came to St. Pete Beach which is about 45 minutes away as long as traffic is moving. If someone has driven off the bridge or decided to erect a new roadside marker then the trip is much longer. This meant that J-Fur did a lot of back and forth and I missed out (some of us have 9-5’s you know). I did have the opportunity to spend the weekend over in St. Pete (and eat all of their food and steal their beer). On Sunday morning we arose early and went for breakfast at Beverly’s La Croisette. There wasn’t much on the menu in the way of vegan fare so I spent a lot of time deliberating. A lot of this is due to my recent visit to Boca, a place that will absolutely not do substitutions to meet dietary needs (I get it, you don’t need to tell me why, I just wish they put more thought into vegetarian options).

When the waitress came back around I hesitantly asked her if she could make me a bagel sandwich with some vegetables. She told me she would do anything I liked. Emboldened I created a sandwich full of peppers and onions and mushrooms and spinach. The sandwich came with a side of home fries that were seriously some of the best I’ve eaten (the sandwich was ok, you could definitely tell the vegetables weren’t the finest in the lot but what do you expect from a place that specializes in salty, sweet and fatty). On the table sat a jar of freshly made orange marmalade which I almost added to the vegetable mix but thought otherwise. J-Fur ordered the blueberry waffles, her sister the blueberry pancakes and her mom got something eggy. All of them greatly enjoyed their orders. It is a long hike, but I’d probably return to Beverly’s…maybe make myself a home fry sandwich on a bagel. Beverly’s on Urbanspoon:

Beverly's La Croisette on Urbanspoon

Ok, so what does all this have to do with a spicy chickpea burger? Well that bagel sandwich got me thinking about how much I wanted to make a home made version. I foresaw some beautiful onion bagels stuffed with spinach, tomatoes and…it was at that point that I became lost. I didn’t want to do the pepper, mushroom and onion thing again (been there, done that). What to do? What to do? At some point in my ponderings I came across the blog That Was Vegan. Barb, the author, had created a recipe for Spicy Chickpea Burgers. I began to think about nature’s candy, chickpeas that were made to perfection in a pressure cooker. These things just melt in your mouth. That was it. I would put Barb’s patty on an onion bagel and everything would be wondrous.

And it was.

Something else that is wondrous is when people who need surgery are able to get it. I’m thinking like kidney transplants, things like that. One of my co-workers has made it onto the kidney transplant list (this deserves a whoop, whoop). Vancouver based indie rockers We Need Surgery (I was their 1,400th like on Facebook, I love round numbers) seems appropriate. “Stranger” is from the band’s debut album that is out now via Light Organ Records.

A good batch of pressure cooked garbanzo beans are enough to bring me to my f**king knees. Throw them into a burger and place it on a bagel and I am liable to break out into big bawly baby tears. I think the Trashed Romeos know a little something, something about this. Their new track “I Sit and Cry” was, according to legend, written over a bowl of piping hot garbanzos. In all seriousness, The Trashed Romeos are a Memphis supergroup born from the ashes of Snake Eyes. Today’s lineup features Greg Roberson (Snake Eyes), Rick Steff (Lucero, Cat Power) and Adam Hill (Big Star, Alex Chilton, White Stripes, The Raconteurs). Originally the band featured Jim Dickinson and Jake a Toby Vest. The original lineup had completed almost an album and a half worth of original songs when Dickinson suffered a heart attack and died. Roberson shelved the album saying it would never see the light of day. An indefinite hiatus followed before the current lineup rounded into shape. The new album pays homage to their late friend by featuring 6 of his songs reinterpreted (they were originally written back in the ’60’s). Here is “I Sit and Cry”:

From life to death and back to life. If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know that one of the bands that I featured consistently last year were La Chansons, a husband and wife duo that makes electronic dance pop music. The band switched labels (from Stickfigure to a brand new one called Poplosive), had a baby and have finally returned with a new single called “Treasure Trove.” This track contains La Chansons’ signature electronics but also adds some steel drum sounds that give it more of a beachy feel. It is way mellower than some of their previous releases. More fit for a beer along the beach than a sweaty sausage fest:

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  • I’m glad you enjoyed the chickpea burger… now I’m totally dying to try it on a bagel!

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