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Sweet Potato Enchiladas with Homemade Salsa Enlightened by TV Buddhas

George Washington Carver is well known for his work with peanuts. But the botanist/inventor also did a large amount of work with sweet potatoes. During a 1921 presentation on peanuts, Carver told the Ways and Means Committee that there were over 107 different sweet potato products including vinegar, molasses, postage stamp glue and ink. In 1936, he released a bulletin offering recipes and instructions for […]


Kale A Mung Us Overindulged by Tailor, Alex Kelly and The Happy Hippo Family

I’m not Italian. I’m also not a big fan of processed foods. This makes carbo loading for a half marathon a pretty dull thing. I beat the doldrums for a while by changing up the sauces I used. When that started to grow stale, I experimented with the types of vegetables and flavors that I worked around the pasta. But after 17 weeks these too […]

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Food Flavored Video: Down by E-Dubble

Like a wild dog snapping at the heels of a stranger, E-Dubble is following last week’s successful release of his single “Two Steps From Disaster” (garnered over 100,000 plays on YouTube and Soundcloud) with a video for the first single from his Reset EP “Down.” The track follows in the footsteps of many of E-Dubble’s other releases with its food imagery and protein packed lyrics. “Down” hits on pink slime, ground […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Carnivore Girls by FIDLAR

Remember FIDLAR? I mean I haven’t posted anything about them in twenty-four hours. 1440 minutes ago (give or take a few) I mentioned that they had a kick ass EP that they just released called Shit We Recorded in Our Bedroom. It consists of four raw and ready hits including “West Coast Girls”, “Shrooms” and “Crackhead Ted.” But here at writeclickcooklisten we are most concerned […]


Fame by Association Stuffed Red Peppers Along With Mile Me Deaf, Echoes De Luxe and Trails and Ways

At least five mornings a week I wake up and my third thought (after why does it sound like a hockey match in here and what happened during the night that all my pillows are still on the bed but I am on the floor) is why didn’t my brother marry someone like, I don’t know, a Kardashian. Don’t get me wrong, his current wife […]


A Braised Kale and Chickpea Sandwich Intervention Smoothed Out by Flora, Snoskred and FIDLAR

I made the mistake of espousing to my friends a while back that spinach is the only green for me. I said I didn’t care what nutrients I may be missing out on, I wasn’t ever turning my back on spinach. This led some of my more serious green loving friends to begin holding interventions. At first, the “interventions” were funny in the same way […]


Food Flavored Songs of the Day: The Butchered EP by Oso Negro

(Carpaccio picture by Franzconde via Creative Commons) Oso Negro is back. The recovering scientist turned hip hop artist who raps with one hand on the mic and one finger in the food tries his hand at butchering on his new EP. Four tracks, each revolving around a different delicacy of meat, that breaks it down, chops it up and wraps it in a neat little […]


Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes Remouladed by E-Dubble and PropaneLV

J-Fur is sort of like the female cooking version of the most interesting man in the world (a Dos Equis commercial if you’ve never seen it). She doesn’t always cook but when she does, it steals the show. One of her best meals came this summer when she cooked up a batch of Post Punk Kitchen’s Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes. She made them for a little […]


National Find a Stranger and Offer Them a Sweet Potato Day With Work Drugs, Blonde Louis, Pacific UV and Little Daylight

Whoa there. Step back for a second. Take a moment to breathe and tell someone you love them. Pull a couple weeds from the garden in your soul. Smile, a little. Relax. Share a sweet potato. Anyone in America that lives in a swing state can attest that they need these moments. I mean there is a lot of hate flowing. Ads on television, message […]