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Uppama, 7 Psychopaths and Taking the Rest in a Hammock Circa the 1975

On Tuesday I caught a premier for 7 Psychopaths (pretty ridiculous/bloody movie, I enjoyed it immensely). One of the psychopaths is created when his daughter is murdered and he decides to follow the murderer around. He follows him through 15 years in the penitentiary. He follows him out of the joint to his home. He follows him to his new home (as he relocates to […]


Baker’s Dozen Interview: Slam Donahue

(photo taken from Slam Donahue’s Facebook Page) Take a moment and think about your parents having sex. Now thank Slam Donahue for that image. We talk sex lives of parents, the difference between New York and Connecticut, styrofoam mixed drinks, gunshots to the stomach and the band’s new EP in our latest installment of the Baker’s Dozen Interview series. Without further adieu, I give you […]


Where We Eat: Cilantro Indian Cuisine and Vaadat Charigim

On one of my last weekdays off of the summer I set out to conquer a twenty mile bike ride. This ride was unlike the others I took this summer because it would be along main roads and through trailer parks rather than winding in the woods. I had gone about seven miles when I blew out my tire. I flipped the bike and tried […]


Apple Butter Oat Bars and Yardvarks

For months the apple butter I bought was tucked somewhere in the vast void that is our refrigerator. It came up for air about a week ago and I grabbed it to make sure it didn’t get away again. I planned some apple butter barbecue sauce, some ribs and maybe a dessert. Although I went in reverse order, dessert first. I chose Community Cucina’s Apple Butter […]


Cheap Beer, Cigarettes, Bookworms and Roasted Brussels, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Stew

There’s a clip at the end of NOFX’s 1997 album So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes where the band is played on the Howard Stern show. Stern cuts off the song as soon as Fat Mike starts singing and says something along the lines of What is this? The producer replies “NOFX.” Stern plays that in his mind a few times, thinking up a […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With a Smokey Tofu Muffuletta?

This week’s cooking priority is to get rid of the olive salad in my refrigerator. For the past two weeks, every time I open the door of the fridge my eye catches the big green bowl that houses that salty king of  condiments. It is just your typical pyrex bowl, yet it has taken on an ominous appearance like grandma’s outdated holiday china. I dread […]


Sexy Orange Chili on Top of Vegan Corn Bread and Pesto Muffins with the Valery Trails, the Caretakers and Cruiser

J-Fur’s cousin and her husband spent a few months living in two places. They had a unique mountain home in Colorado and a nice river front place in Sarasota. Eventually bills caught up to them and they had to decide which one to live in permanently. They chose Sarasota. They packed up the house in Colorado, bought a trailer, and headed straight for the land […]


Too Much of A Good Thing (Almost): Polenta Crusted Roast Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic Tapped Out by New Hands and Farewell Luna

I remember thinking as a child that there are some things that I would never get tired of. Oddly enough, most of these thoughts revolved around condiments. First it was mayo and butter. I would put these on everything. Then one day, famished and alone after returning home from first grade, I decided to start spooning right from the mayo container and licking the butter […]


Packing the Heat: Thai Chili Tempeh with Noodles, Jez Dior and Kopps

J-Fur and I visited a new Farmer’s Market this weekend. It was much more impressive than the one we’ve been frequenting (although it was also more expensive). As we were checking out, I glanced back at a table overloaded with ginger and I caught a glimpse of a sinister looking bucket. On the side, scrawled in blood, were the words “Ghost Peppers: Hottest in Tampa.” […]