Where they Eat: Baby Baby at 2 Fat 2 Fly

A few nights ago Grant (the drummer) and the rest of Baby Baby brought their version of scuzzed out drunken “fun rock” to Columbia, South Carolina for a show. To properly fuel for their stage antics, the band decided a 7 course meal was in order. Now Baby Baby is not rolling in swag by any stretch of the imagination, unless they are independently wealthy and if that is the case I apologize for not properly doing my homework, so they weren’t looking for the kind of 7 course meal that requires a loan to afford. What they found to satiate this need for filling without unfilling (the wallet) was 2 Fat 2 Fly, a “food truck” that operates under the guise of saving the world from boring chicken wings by stuffing real food inside them. While stuffing real food into wings may seem a bit unnecessary the men behind this truck, Ramone and Corey, take their dream seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they were voted the best wings in Columbia this year.  The menu is an ever revolving collection of flavors. Past examples include Jalapeno, Bacon and Cheddar (the Sucka Punch) or breaded mozzarella, Italian herbs and marinara (Chicken Parmesan). When Baby Baby came across the truck, four grown men enjoyed waffle and chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, stuffed chicken wings with rice pilaf, “the best fried okra ever invented,” french fries that “could have possibly been made in France” and a few other courses that were lost somewhere in a food induced coma. Seven courses, less than 15 dollars. This was, as Grant called it, “the best fast food ever.”

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At home Grant likes to dish out his specialty of ramen, cut up hot dogs and PBR. To make it follow these simple steps. First, open the packet of ramen and dispense it into a pot. Second, add water and boil until the bubbles spew over the sides. Next grab a Kroger Hot Dog from the fridge and cut it up like a sushi chef. Add that shit to the pot along with some siracaha. Then add the secret special spices packet. Finally, mix into a bowl, grab a fork, crack a beer and dig in.

Baby Baby will be playing at Earl (part of the Nophest) on the 23rd of this month and an Atlanta House Party on the 24th. Then they will be taking a short break before hitting up Savannah on the 8th, 13th, 15th and 28th of September. They will have a new record, Big Boy Baller Club, out sometime in the future as well as a new video. For now, check out “Wah Uh! Uh Oh” courtesy of The Gospel of Rhythm Recordings:

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  • Thanks for the NICE words about Baby Baby!

    take care,

    The Gospel Of Rhythm Recordings

  • I think I’ll pass on the Ramen shit… and on the wings too, for that matter, however tasty they may sound. A tad too fattening for my taste… ;)

    I would totally go check out Baby Baby though, if I were in the area!

    • I was pretty convinced that Ramen and Hot Dogs were up your alley, I mean with a name like Healthy Foodie…

    • whats yr area? yeah… we’re on a big budget..

      • Tampa…I’m planning on trying it sometime.

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