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Battleships, Freddy Hall, Dum Dum Girls and a Side of Orzo and Cauliflower Gravy

During my formative years gravy (along with canned vegetables, boxed vegetables, meat and milk) made up my five food groups. There was something about that thick, comfortable, gray liquid that made food taste better. Any food, didn’t matter what the dish was, could be enhanced with gravy. And no one did gravy better than my grandma. When the time came for me to switch to a […]


Black Bean and Fennel Tostados with the Union Electric

The Union Electric, a plugged in alternative country band from St. Louis, reside in a part of town that has a large Latino population. Because of that the band is basically fueled by Mexican street food. They especially have a fondness for the tacos. Usually small and served on soft corn tortillas these tacos are then topped with onion, cilantro and whichever meat or veggie […]


Food Pairing 101: What goes well with the Summer Mix-Tape from The Dirty Nil?

I think the 18th year of my life was the last time I officially had a “soundtrack to my summer.” That doesn’t mean that for the past few months I haven’t driven my yellow rocket ship down the road blaring Japandroids every moment I can, it just means that bogging myself down with pinpointing a series of summer songs and such hasn’t been high on […]


Food Flavored Artist: TacocaT falls apart in Spring Break-Up

I tried to wrap my cat in a tortilla for an accompanying picture to this post but that didn’t happen. Something about being wrapped up brings out the claws in those wiley bastards. So I went to the next best thing, a picture of my chihuahua (which is generally looked at as being almost as Mexican as a tortilla) and my cat. TacocaT is a […]


Reader Submitted Recipe: Chocolate Zucchini Bread with Lots of Freekok, Animal Parts and General Fiasco

After posting about zucchini sticks, one of the people that frequently subs at my school messaged me and said she had this “awesome  chocolate zucchini bread recipe that I think might be vegan.” I told her to send it my way, I’d love to bake it up. When the recipe arrived in my inbox a few days later I immediately started laughing out loud so […]


Books Cooked: Divorce Cakes from Office Girl by Joe Meno

You know those moments where you are sitting and enjoying a pleasant meal and suddenly you get bad news. I’m talking life altering news. You are no longer hungry so you push the plate away. The next time you go to eat that food, that bad news comes back up. It has now been forever associated with that particular meal. Sometimes those memories are so […]


Flicks and Food Trucks and a Climb up Bear Mountain

Flicks and Food Trucks is a monthly Tampa gathering that takes place every third Thursday from 6-10. Located at the Grand Central at Kennedy, the event features live music, microbrewed beers, independent short films done by local filmmakers and a variety of food trucks. This past Thursday I decided to go and check out the event. I planned on not eating anything. I’ve been there […]


The Benedict Arnold Hungover because of Satellite Stories and Michelle Xen

Last week I had a nightmare. I was sitting at brunch with a large group of Victorian dressed rich people. A waiter wearing a fancy tuxedo came to take my order. I leaned in close so that my rich friends wouldn’t hear me and asked if I could get an Eggs Benedict without the dairy or meat. The waiter adjusted his monocle and said “Not […]


Food Flavored Video: (She’s Making Me) Nervous by Wyldlife

Two things stand out to me in Wyldlife’s new video “(She’s Making Me) Nervous” filmed almost completely in a grocery store and a car. The first, old school chocolate milk making. Not the type where you pour the chocolate syrup into your milk and stir it with a spoon, we are talking the type you only dared try when mom wasn’t around. Squeeze the syrup […]