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John Butler Does the Farro with Chimchurri

After running for hours on Monday trying to avoid the gang of bath salt zombies that have sprung up in the area, I needed something relaxing to ease my cramping muscles. I turned to Oprah for help. Her suggestion was nature’s muscle relaxant, Farro. Amazingly we had a bag of it sitting on our counter, booty from a hipster raid that J-Fur went on late […]


Food Flavored Artist: The Appleseed Collective Performing Mani

As we in America celebrate Memorial Day, a day for remembering those who died while serving in the Armed Forces, I can’t help but also think of appleseeds. These tiny seeds weigh about .756 grams but pack a punch powerful enough to bring a man down. I’m not only referring to the fact that they contain cyanide, a deadly toxin in large enough quantities, but […]


The Grubby Mitts Handle Jefe’s Mexican Manicotti While Matt Simons Looks On

A distant uncle on my mother’s side, Uncle Jefe, fell in love with an Italian woman years back. The two got along reasonably well…most of the time. Their only point of contention seemed to be dinner. Jefe loved foods that reminded him of his childhood in Mexico. The Italian woman wanted her meals to represent the nation of her origin. Back and forth they would […]


Strawbery Rhubarb Crisp Burned by Fevers

Sometimes, when everything leaves you dejected and wallowing and reflecting and sullen, what you really need is for your wife to hand you a slice of strawberry-rhubarb crisp courtesy of Back in the Day Bakery via Dimity Jones. Let it sit for a while and this dessert is golden. You could enjoy this dessert with perfectly sullen music that leaves you ready to gouge your […]


World Vegetarian Week: Flower Chick Fritters Blended with Beat Radio, Bravestation and Carousel

World Vegetarian Week this year has been a celebration of beans and cauliflower. In a number of dishes I’ve actually married the two, some purposefully some…not so much. This dish fit into the latter category. It was originally supposed to be a straight up rendition of The Healthy Foodies’ Cauliflower Fritters but that idea crumbled quickly. I managed to make it through the cauliflower part […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with the Forty Nineteens

(photo courtesy of the Forty Nineteen’s Facebook page) Named for a California police code, performing at local wineries, salads and a mean Redneck Rotisserie Chicken are just some of the things that came out during our latest installment of the Baker’s Dozen Interview series, this time with the Forty Nineteens. Oh yeah, we also talked music and the band’s new album, No Expiration Date. Without […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well with Ryan Smith’s New Album?

When the words Columbus, Ohio and music come together in the my mind they usually flow into lo-fi (Times New Viking) or punk (Gaunt). If it hits Southern Rock (Jasper Mills) I know I’ve gone too far and I quickly backpedal to the punk. Never, not once, has Columbus and music ever led me to electro-pop. Then Ryan Smith came along and changed all that. […]


Caulflower Steaks and Tapenade Boycotted by Cub Scouts, Tango in the Attic and Langhorne Slim

Two weeks ago, back in the days before Facebook was a publicly traded company, I was perusing the ol’ private sector and came across some interesting photos that one of my friends had uploaded. These photos showed parts of a cauliflower head lying on a plate with a meat tenderizer off in the distance. Blood was spewing from the cauliflower (which was actually a tomato […]

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What’s Cooking with The Rest?

When last we left The Rest their new album, Seesaw, had just been rescued by the same company that retrieves airplane black box information. As we catch up with them now, they finally have a release date for Seesaw (June 19th via Auteur Recordings) and are in the process of revealing it, track-by-track, on their bandcamp page. Each week leading up to the release the […]