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Apple Pie Samosas Kishmished by Horse Feathers and Future History

Anytime I go for Indian food I make it a point to get at least one samosa. I love those things. Stuffed with just the right amount of potato, onion and spice and wrapped in a nice crispy shell, I have yet to meet a samosa I didn’t like. So I started thinking the other day (as I eyed an outgoing Caribbean woman who was […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Honey Honey by Fallon Cush

Despite not being a honey fan, every spring I take my class through a writing unit on advertising. Their goal? To create a brand new type of honey, make a jar for it, write a commercial and videotape it. The group of kids I have this year have taken it further and done more with it than ever before. My honey fandom is improving though. […]


Deconstructed Hummus Tattooed by The 65’s and Ourlives

A few years back I was at a karaoke party that catered to academics. In between bad renditions of Bob Dylan songs I could barely make out a conversation between two people I didn’t know. They were going on and on about the deconstruction of something really boring. I yawned a few times, audibly like Chris Farley in a chimpanzee movie, but they didn’t seem […]


Food Flavored Video: Cuban Cigar Crisis Does Silver Goons

The new video from Cuban Cigar Crisis features some tossed drinks, next generation zubaz pants, a chorus that reminds me of SNFU’s hey day and some of the finest apple eaters this side of 80. There is also a boat if you are into that kind of stuff.


Lentil and Irish Cheddar Soup Fueled by Real Grass, We Were Evergreen, Work Drugs and the Glammers

Each morning I awake from my sleep, stumble around for some clothes and then take my dog outside to do his thing. I try to remain on the sidewalk, not wanting my feet to touch this horrible thing that Florida calls grass. It isn’t the grass from my youth. It most certainly isn’t the grass they have in Ireland. According to this article in the […]


West Side: Sam Densmore, Anabot, Urban Fries and a BBQ Portobello and Cheese Sandwich to Bring it all Home

It wasn’t that long ago when J-Fur sat me down at our kitchen table and said “We need to talk. Seriously. You have a kitchen gadget problem.” I stared into our crowded kitchen and thought for a second. There was the immersion blender but that thing really helps make soups without the mess of pouring into a food processor. I’ve had one two many nights […]


Avocado Pasta with Vegetables Mudslided by Beast Makes Bomb

Something I’ve learned through this blog is that food that you are going to share with someone else needs to not only taste good, but it has to look good. If something doesn’t meet the eye test of the eater than it is going to be difficult for them to swallow. Pasta, in my opinion, goes south quick. What looks beautiful and delicious when it […]


Kimchi Soup Soured by The Neighbourhood, Modern Faces and Hana Kim

I finished my triumvirate of kimchi recipes (here and here) by posing the question what does one do with kimchi that has sat for so long that it is beginning to sour? In the name of daikon I couldn’t just dump it out. By the same token stuffing it in a quesadilla or on a reuben was out of the question. I decided to hit […]


Eat Me: Arancini Brothers in Bushwick

There are few things that I can’t do halfway decent in the kitchen. I used to not be able to fry, now I’m getting pretty good at it. I can’t make a good rub. I also can’t do Arancini. Arancini Brothers, located in the Bushwick section of New York, specializes in what I can’t do. They fry little balls of Sicilian rice with various flavors […]