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North Carolina Pulled Pork Barbeque with Mind the Gap, The Enemy and i, said the sparrow

A few weeks back I talked about my struggle to track down the elusive jack fruit. When I finally did find it I figured I had two choices: go big or go home. Well I went big. I loaded up a cart, filled it with dozens of cans of jack fruit and watched the cashier’s eyes as he ran it over the scanner. I filled […]


Movie Food: Shame’s “Lamb” Chops and Harissa Debauched by Elias

Last Sunday, under the star lit ceiling of the Tampa Bay Theatre, J-Fur and I sat down to our first ever NC-17 movie, Shame. It is the story of a sex addict, Brandon (Michael Fassbender) and his inability to connect with anyone on a substantial level. He shuns intimacy replacing it with a form of debauchery that makes him miserable while distracting him from his […]


Vegan Fish Tacos Protected by Tree and Faculties

I trust you guys enough to let you in on a little secret. I didn’t relocate to Florida because of school or jobs or J-Fur’s education. The real reason I’m here is because I’m part of the Foodie Protection Program (hmm…excellent idea for a television show Food Network). It all happened because, as a troubled teen, I walked into a local tacqueria and asked for […]


Chevre and Shiitake Tart Whisked by Blak Madeen, Carousel and Fort Lean

Last Saturday’s visit to the Asian mart brought an excellent surprise. Nestled between the live eels and cramped grouper (which was the fish equivalent of this dreadful event) were piles and piles of shiitake mushrooms. These beautiful, long stemmed pleasure pills would’ve been the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day…if J-Fur liked them. Unfortunately she does not so I had to revel in their beauty by […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Grab a Plate by Chiddy Bang

Breakfast is often times the meal that gets over looked during my day (for instance I am here writing this post instead of finding something to eat). Many experts have talked about the importance of it. That’s why it is great that someone like Chiddy Bang is taking up the crusade. Chiddy Bang’s new album (and major label debut) is titled Breakfast and he has […]


Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well with Dan London’s Debut Album?

Dan London is finally comfortable in his own skin. It took years of traveling from the suburbs to Boston to Nashville and back. It took volleyball games on a beach overlooking a nuclear power plant and vats and vats of fried chicken. It took working at bookstores, dining with crime fiction publishers, grad school for library science and getting fired….many times over. It took a […]


Magically Delicious Polenta and Vegetables Catered by Jesse Thomas, These Furrows and Rap Muhammad

On October 5th J-Fur sent me an email that simply stated “Yummy” and linked to this magic sauce. In true amateur fashion I put it on the back burner and forgot about it (thankfully it was turned so low that the pets and apartment never caught fire). Shortly after passing the four month anniversary of the email, I got an idea. Why not broil some […]


Where we Eat: the Wine Exchange Bistro and Wine Bar Romanticized by Baby Baby, Chainsaw Hookers and Drew Smith

As I left work on Tuesday I had a brief conversation with one of the custodians. Custodian: Are you going to celebrate the “hallmark” holiday tonight? Me: I’m going to take my wife somewhere to eat. Custodian: You know this isn’t a real holiday right? It was just made up to sell cards? Me: Not a problem because I am going to steal my card. […]


Creamy Green Chowder Healed by Project Blvd.

I alluded to it briefly here but the full story goes something like this: I woke up on Monday having not remembered the past few days. I tried to clear my groggy head with a cup of tea but that only served to bring a few still frames to light (think the credits of the Hangover). There was a picture of me smiling behind a […]