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Sea Pinks, Stereo Soul Future and a Plateful of Autumn Vegetable Roast with Orzo

As my family digs out from a Northeast snow dump I want to use the beginning of this post to assure them that I am doing just fine down here. My half marathon went off without a hitch with nary a flurry anywhere. I did have to dodge some kid dressed as a monkey hurling sand balls but his aim was only slightly better than […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Fight for Days by E-Dubble

As I’m sitting here planning my playlist for tomorrow’s half marathon (which will feature E-Dubble and Komplex) a quick Facebook break brought me a pleasant surprise. E-Dubble is back at it. Since I pimp everything he does I thought I’d drop a quick food flavored post. The new single, “Fight For Days” is everything I’ve come to expect from E-Dubble. Indie rock samples (Phantogram’s “Don’t […]


Where we Eat: The Columbia Colored by Goodbyemotel

In my three years of blogging I’ve learned a number of valuable things. First, no matter how bad something tastes, if you dress it up and take a good picture it can still make mouths water. Second, the world will never run out of music (good or bad). Third, and perhaps most importantly, if a restaurant that has been around for over one hundred years […]


You Say Nachos & I Whistle

On Friday night I was invited to a gathering at Grillsmith in Carrollwood. I was way out of my element. It was like erecting a little shack with ivory towers all around. Thankfully the vegetarian appetizers being served, caprese salad skewers and mushroom bruschetta, made the entire evening worthwhile. I stood in the corner, downed a number of glasses of water and a plateful of […]


Fireball Grinder Spreading Through Eight Bit Tiger and The Volcano

I wasn’t looking for love the other night when I walked into a local wood- fired pizza place to meet some friends before heading off to Howl-O-Scream but I found it anyway. The way that waitress looked at me and mouthed the words “Dante’s Inferno” before giving me one of those seducing eye winks I knew I had fallen head over heels. Of course, Dante […]


Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally: Bites in the Heights (Photo Dump) with Frost and Parts & Labor

The second installment of Tampa’s version of a food truck rally took place today in Seminole Heights. With a lot more room and food than the last one (about thirty different trucks compared to ten) and much better weather I left feeling a lot more satisfied. Here’s the shots I captured: Choices at the Cuppin Cake I went with the Apple Pie a La Mode […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Zoo Legacy and Haitian Zombie Chicken with Fried Planbrains

As the days between the present tense and Halloween dwindle, the comparisons between music and horror movies are bound to increase. It always happens. Not wanting to be left behind I present the haunting piano chords, contagiously musty melodies and heart pounding beats of  hip-hop trio, Zoo Legacy. These guys hail from Canada, home of such frights as Prom Night and Black X-Mas and the […]


Phantogram, Drew Smith and Great Balls of Black Beans

Sometimes life gives you a wife who begins cooking up a large vat of black beans following the “quick” method only to find out that this is a misnomer at which point she tosses them aside like a used tambourine. I say, when life gives you that, make great balls of black beans (aka croquettes). These are sister-in-law approved. Great Balls of Black Beans (adapted […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Kenton Dunson

I can count on one hand the number of people that I know who have traded in the semi-posh life at an investment firm in favor of the dark and dingy existence offered by the music scene. Actually I can count it on one finger. Kenton Dunson. There you go, that’s it. Earlier this month I featured Kenton’s track “Firestarter” on my Do it all […]