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Caged Animal Sandwich and Teflon Heart

The summer of my 9th year was one of the longest in recorded history. My mother volunteered to help with my sister’s girl scout camp and unable to afford child care, she drug my brother and I along. Here I was desiring only to do something boyish, play soccer, spy on the neighbors, possibly cut the hair off my sister’s barbies while she wasn’t home […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Antwan the Don’s Surf and Turf Burgers Courtesy of Chocolate Bread

Do you remember the Bloodhound Gang? Cypress Hill? Les Baxter? Sublime? Do you recall the time back in the late 90’s when you shoved albums from all four of these artists into your six changer CD player and by some miracle upon miracle they all played at once? You don’t? Not a  problem. You can experience the same thing by listening to Chocolate Bread’s new […]


Tampa’s 1st Food Truck Rally Sold Out by Moreno, Macklemore and Lewis and Love Migrate

This post was supposed to share all the interesting food I ate at today’s food truck rally, the first of its kind in Tampa. I knew I needed to get there early. Just a week ago the rally’s facebook page had 100 likes, now it was at 1,000. All the local media joints had tweeted and written about it and the pictures posted this morning […]


Movie Food: Drive’s Tofu Chow Mein Distanced from College and Monarchy

Drive is easily one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. In short it is the story of a mechanic/aspiring race car driver/movie stuntman/wheelman who falls in love with his neighbor and then puts his life and freedom on the line to save her from a nasty lot of people. What made the movie great, aside from Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, was that […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Together by Skizzy Mars

      New Skiz the Rapper track that downs a lot of bottles, smokes a lot of cigarettes, drops lines about Shakespeare recitals and compares white bi**hes to Popeye’s Fried Chicken. For a pairing, finger these. Together by SkizTheRapper


Where We Eat: Mykonos Authenticated by Reptar and Astronautalis

Lying just a really bad javelin throw away from the sponge docks on Dodecanese Boulevard in Tarpon Springs is Mykonos Greek restaurant. Despite the obvious strike against it, I’ve found myself at this cramped, family run restaurant for a number of celebrations. Usually they involve a couple famous Iowans preparing for trips to Africa or long walks across mammoth stages to meet people who can’t […]


Anti-HCG Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles Dropped by Fallulah and Sick Figures

I met up with some of my former co-workers yesterday at a Spanish Restaurant in Tampa (my new favorite joint for Fried Yucca). One of them is currently on this crazy diet (the HCG Diet) that allows you to eat only 500 calories a day, do very little exercise and greatly restricts the types of food you put in your mouth. Basically she chugs iced […]


Where They Eat: The Embracers at Singapore Noodles

This weekend The Embracers will find themselves slotted somewhere amongst the likes of Blondie, Toad the Wet Sprocket, the Smithereens, Ed Kowalczyk and Nicole Atkins (courtesy of UC Musicfest). But unlike those artists, who have already met with their stardom and probably on the downside of their career pendulum, the Embracers are still on the way up. With just an EP and recently released full […]


Cauliflower and Orzo Soup with Savory Monkey Bread, Listener, Clowns and Light FM

On average, the time between me seeing a recipe on a blog and me actually making it is probably somewhere around two month. But when it came to this savory monkey bread I moved much quicker. Like a ninja. Mostly it was due to my having never contemplated that a savory version of monkey bread would work so it blew my mind when I saw […]