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Sounds Like Space Command, Ford & Lopatin and Land of Leland Making a Thai Barbecue Brussels Wrap

Sometimes a simple cut is all you need. It is what takes my hair from a Billy Ray Cyrus trailer rave to a hipster tea party. It is what takes Peter Jackson movies from being rambling pieces of gorilla feces to, well, shorter pieces of gorilla feces. It is what took this Thai Barbecue Brussels Wrap from being ho hum to humdinger. The first time […]


Food Pairing 101: What goes well with a Roast Beet Sandwich?

I was fourteen and found myself in a steakhouse where they actually asked you how you wanted your meat cooked. I, not wanting to appear uneducated in front of my new girl, blurted out “rare.” This was the only level of meat cooking that I had ever heard about because it was in some movie I had seen. When the waitress brought it out, I […]


French Fry Po’ Boy Slathered over The Distant Sounds, Betty Airs and Poly Styrene

My co-worker Caylee and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago and I told her that “I run so I can eat.” We both had a laugh about that. While this statement was a joke there was some truth behind it. I don’t necessarily run so I can eat but I pay a lot less attention to what I eat because of the […]


Where we eat: The Bricks of Ybor Mortared by Terrible Feelings

The let down I experienced on Record Store Day has been well documented. But it wasn’t all bad. As J-Fur and I strolled around Ybor City she suggested we find some place that served drinks so that she could get an iced tea. Lo and behold The Bricks of Ybor appeared in front of us. This place looked like a coffee shop, so I figured […]


Tofu a la King Crowned by Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble

When Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble take their Eastern European folk infused klezmer grunge rock on the road inevitably they wind up in Saint John (Canada) crashing at saxophonist Martin Davidson’s parent’s house. It is here that his mom astounds the whole band with an amazing meal of chicken a la king over homemade biscuits. As mom wouldn’t part with the recipe (OK, OK I didn’t even […]


Artist’s Cookbook: Fettucine with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Feta Courtesy of Galapaghost

After posting Fucked Up’s last single “The Other Shoe” I was contacted by Galapaghost (aka Casey Chandler) who shared with me an experience he had at one of their shows. Seems that the band played a 10 minute set at SUNY Purchase before Damien stripped down, broke through the barricades and was escorted out by campus security. It was, in his words, the most memorable […]


French Onion Soup Tartines Faced with the Sounds of Daughter and Classified

The final scene in 8 Mile is a freestyle showdown between Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith (Eminem) and Papa Doc (Anthony Mackie). In this “battle” B-Rabbit chooses to go first and “flips the script.” Instead of hiding from his screw-ups he puts them out there for everyone to see. When Papa Doc’s turn rolls around he has nothing to hit B-Rabbit with because everything has already been […]


Record Store Postview: A Letdown (with pictures)

My two goals with Record Store Day 2011 were to get my hands on the limited edition Nirvana EP Hoarmoaning and Fucked Up’s David’s Town (a companion compilation of fake British bands to go with their upcoming album David Comes to Life). Despite checking out three record stores, I struck out on both. In the end I settled for the Bouncing Souls Live at Generation […]


Record Store Preview: Cupcakes and Vinyl

It is officially go time. Record Store Day 2011 is upon us and it takes on a whole new meaning this year as Vinyl Fever, a Tampa record institution for the last twenty some years, recently closed its doors. This makes buying from independent stores today, and everyday, that much more important. What’s happening in the Tampa-St. Pete area (per Tampa Bay Online): Daddy Kool, […]