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Failure to Launch: Quinoa, Mango and Cashew Breakfast Bowl with Dangerous Ponies and MAKE OUT

Tired of the typical imitation Cheerios with blueberries and Captain Crunch I tried to marry three of my most recent worlds for breakfast the other day. I combined the black and red quinoa of Peru with mangoes and agave nectar from Mexico and the shredded coconut of South Florida. I also threw in some cashews from Brazil but I have no connection to that place […]


Breaded Tofu and Kiwi Lime Salsa Spiced by Fucked Up and Penguins Kill Polar Bears

The Cuzco Alpaca Spit begin their season today hoping to improve on last year’s position. If you’ve never heard of them, no worries, they are a fantasy baseball team. I’ve done fantasy baseball almost every year since I was eleven or twelve, it was something my father and I would do together. Over the years my team has gone through many name changes. Among them: […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Everyone is My Friend by Owls

In “Everyone is My Friend” the Owls pose the question: “And even now, in the sunlight with grapefruit juice and coffee bound and bountied to winter without end, would you two like each other or are you too much alike?” I’ve thought through this lyrical inquest a number of times, looked at from different angles and I keep coming back to one thing. If I’m […]


Molletones refried with Tomorrow in Vegas and Boat

If you’ve been planning a trip to Italy but haven’t yet gotten the funds together, may I suggest that you forgo that plan and travel instead to the Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico. Everywhere we went (which is Cancun, Merida and Tulum) Italians and Italian fusion restaurants weren’t difficult to spot (thank god for that because otherwise J-Fur might not have had anything to eat). These […]


Taste of Mexico Escorted by Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins

I tried to cash it completely on my trip to Mexico (although I had to stop to the ATM twice because of various difficulties). This created an interesting conundrum. In the US, when I go out to eat I usually order tap water and drink to my heart’s content. Since people are all about not drinking the water in Mexico, everything comes in bottled form […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: More Cowbell by Asher Roth

What would pine nuts, tortellini and fresh mozzarella be like if I “didn’t get the pesto” like Asher Roth mentions in his song “More Cowbell?” I can tell you because the first time I tried to make it I ran out of pesto and settled for tomato sauce. It was weak. Asher Roth-More Cowbell On another note: I’m heading to Mexico for a week of […]


Where We Eat: Mr. Dunderbak’s with The Boom Bang and Ponytail

A German inspired restaurant is not the place that a vegetarian expects to find decent food. So the first few times I found myself at Mr. Dunderbak’s I put little effort into making a decision. I barely even glanced at the menu before ordering a pretzel, pomme frites and potato lattkes. I always left feeling that the next time I saw a potato would be […]


A Fat Tuesday Feast of Edmame Soup with Goat Cheese Croutons and Moreno

Most people probably celebrated Fat Tuesday with doughnuts and Vegan King Cakes. My cuisine was slightly less colorful though positively more healthy. I piled some asparagus, broccoli and Edmame into a pot, added some stock and spices then topped it with goat cheese croutons (aka baguette with slathered in goat cheese). The dish tasted really good (even if the picture looks like crap). If my […]


Vegetarian Sausage, Pepper and Onion Stromboli with Kyla La Grange and Phineas and the Lonely Leaves

On Saturday I caught a spring training game between the Phillies and Pirates. One of my favorite parts of walking into Brighthouse Networks Field is the smell of peppers and onions. Since it is usually paraded alongside some huge meat pile like a Cheesesteak or Italian Sausage I don’t get to enjoy this stalwart ballpark combination. Instead I have to mimic it at home. This […]