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Carry a Big Stick Mix

Carry a Big Stick Mix: Grouplove, Jon Mckiel, Davila 666, Lifeguards, Wolf Gang, Childish Gambino, tUnEyArDs, Yer Beauties, Guineafowl and more…

I have eagerly been awaiting March 28th ever since last March 28th. It is a foodie holiday that everyone needs to be aware of, National Food on a Stick Day. Every year I celebrate by eating everything I can find on a stick. This year I plan to look for the most ridiculous food I can find and put it on a stick (hit me […]


Cannellini Au Gratin browned with the Chainsaw Hookers, BITCHES and Stay Hungry

Much to J-Fur’s chagrin, our Dutch Oven and I have become very friendly recently. Dutch ovens are versatile cooking tools that have been part of the American culinary experience for hundreds of year. These ovens were so important (and valuable) that they were often included in wills back in the 18th and 19th century. J-Fur’s wasn’t inherited, she bought it on her own, and she […]


Where They Eat: Fleet Street and Comet Ping Pong

Fleet Street are a gritty rock band from Annapolis, Maryland that are hard to classify. Are the a blues band with garage punk tendencies? An acoustic band with woebegone lyrics? Perhaps a stalwart of lo-fi whose slurring rawness is reminiscent of a drunken Bob Dylan frog hopping Jay Reatard? A jazz act that sings kids songs? One thing we can be certain of is that […]


Failure to Launch: Southern Style Cornish Pasties

It took a conversation with a co-worker, lots of bad music, two cut fingers and an awful rendition of Cornish Pasties for me to finally start a Failure to Launch segment of the blog. Named for the albatross of a movie starring Zooey Deschanel, Mathew McConaughey and ol’ whatshernamethis is to highlight some of the cooking endeavors I’ve embarked on that have not had pleasant […]


Peruvian Potato Stew in a Bread Bowl Thickened by Kanaku & El Tigre, Bonjah and the Raveonettes

My motto about soup is simple: “Soup does it better in a bread bowl.” To illustrate this statement I always use the story from a school lunch back when I was eight years old. A food fight had just broken out and I was trying to get involved by dipping my spoon into Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup (you know, the kind that has few substantial chunks […]


Food Pairing 101: What goes well with a three song EP by Moby?

Yesterday Moby decided to give his fans an appetizer before his sometime in May main course (called Destroyed). This three song EP (called Be the One) is low on vocals and high on atmosphere, beats and beeps. It is best listened to at night, while baking a blueberry loaf cake with lime drizzle. If you want the real Moby experience, take the cake a step […]


Genoese Minestrone shelled by Moksha, If They Ask, Tell Them We’re Dead and the Twilight Singers

“You say that we’ve got nothing in common, no common ground to start from and we’re falling apart.”   -Deep Blue Something “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”   My family does not share the love of Breakfast at Tiffany’s like the main characters in Deep Blue Something’s 1994 one hit wonder. Our common ground is Olive Garden. It is here that red meat devouring carnivores can sit […]

hole and cross

Food Flavored Song of the Day: Idiot Food by Superman Revenge Squad

You don’t need me to tell you that “idiot food” (fast food, convenience store grub) is bad for you. Too much salt, sugar, fat, processing, leads to obesity…you probably don’t wind up on this blog without knowing these kind of details. Superman Revenge Squad compares ones health after eating “idiot food” to what happens when one loses a lover. I can stick a fork in […]


Southwestern Sliders hammed with Derby, Hooded Fang and Five Eight

As the sole male teacher at my school I have the pleasure of teaching the boy portion of Human Growth and Development to a bunch of fourth and fifth graders. Not wanting us to go into this talk unprepared the district offers a mandatory training. There are three thing teachers should not touch in the classroom and these can be remembered by the acronym H.A.M. […]