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Merry Listmas: The Food

It has been an amazing adventure with food this year. I’ve come to know many great restaurants, blogs and recipes here are some of my favorites: Favorite Recipes Created by Me Fennel Au Gratin Grilled Foccacia with Tomato, Pesto and Mozzarella Potstickers with Edmame and Chili Soy Dressing Creamy Garlic Hummus Tofu Cacciatore Lazy Man Vegan Mu Shu Wraps Bangin Tempeh Quesadillas Vegan Meatloaf Savory […]


Merry Listmas: The Music

Back by popular demand is my year end list of some of the best music and recipes I’ve experienced this year. I’ve decided to break it into two posts as to not overwhelm. Here are my favorite tracks that were posted on Write.Click.Cook.Listen this year in an awards type format:       Best song for invoking images of a hand reaching up from the […]

seasonings greetings mix

Seasonings Greetings Mix: Kittens Ablaze, Versant, Rockie Fresh, Turbogeist, Matisyahu, e-dubble, Lord Huron, Sun Airway and more…

Nothing says “What’s up” like a pinch of salt. Cinnamon whispers “Miredita” into my ear. For nutmeg, it is something along the lines of “Goede Dag, Hallo.” Whatever your seasonings greeting of choice is, this playlist is her to encapsulate it. The Seasonings Greetings Mix:   Track Listing: Kittens Ablaze-Glass Moon The Rural Alberta Advantage-Stamp Versant-Quick Escapes Rockie Fresh-Otherside (featuring Rich Hil) Turbogeist -Alien Matisyahu-Time […]


Pumpkin Whoopie Pies Swapped with the Cave Singers

It is my humble opinion that some things aren’t meant to be swapped. Cookies are not one of them. This week I participated in my first cookie swap at work. The rules were simple, bake as many cookies as you want, whatever flavor you want, and trade yours for a variety of others. I took 18 Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Toasted Walnuts but couldn’t find […]


Taste of New Orleans tinctured by Lost in the Trees and The Morning Code

I spent a little more time in New Orleans than I did in New York so I was able to spread my meals out a little more. Almost everywhere I went required some sort of wait, probably because of all the Anthropologists (fluffheads?). One of the most humorous things to me, was that the park outside of Cafe Du Monde was covered in powdered sugar […]


Artichoke and Spinach Calzones stocking stuffed by Broken Records and The Loveable Tulips

Has stocking stuffing gone the way of the past? I used to walk into friends’ homes and see a row of red and white stockings duct taped to the fireplace mantel (or central air conditioner if you lived in a place like Florida where fireplaces don’t exist). A few years ago I started to notice their absence. J-Fur’s family was one of the last that […]


Taste of New York with music provided by Junk Culture, Kanye West and Le Days

How much food can you eat while your wife and mother-in-law watch a bunch of people singing about not mourning the wicked? This is the question I posed to myself (and attempted to answer) during one afternoon this summer in the Big Apple. Taking recommendations from friends and blog readers I created my own personal food tour that covered more than twelve miles (all walked) […]


Chili Con Canne Wanderlusting With the Whalers

At least once a week someone comes up to me and says “Tender, dude, how do you do it? How do you find time to cook these dishes? I’m just too busy.” I usually reply with something along the lines of “Do you have hands? Can you work a can opener? Then you can cook.” Sure, there are times where I throw down crazy dishes […]


Baked Three Cheese Mac and Cheese browned under We Were the States and Das Racist

After experiencing Capdeville’s version, J-Fur broke down and let me make mac and cheese that didn’t come from a box. I rose to the task and made something that she not only didn’t hate, but that she actually wanted more of. While far superior in taste to the boxed stuff, I must admit, this version spared no expense when it came to calories. If you […]