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Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Loon Choir

(image from Loon Choir’s website) Baseball manager Leo Durocher once said “Take a look at them. They’re all nice guys (people), but they’ll finish last. Nice guys (people). Finish Last.” I don’t think Durocher had Loon Choir in mind when he uttered these words back in the 1930’s. After all, the “nice” people that make up Loon Choir (Derek Atkinson, Nicole Yates, Jamie LeClair, Khary […]


Drugs, Sasquatch and Tofu: A Monologue About Jumpiter’s Four Stories Down

It seems like only yesterday (or August) that I was talking to Brooklyn native Jumpiter about his new record Bad God. You remember, it is the one where the vengeful god kills off a guy’s girlfriend repeatedly over multiple lives. I hadn’t yet gotten everything out of Bad God when Jumpiter, aka Sean Schuyler, informed me that he had a new one. Say what? Like […]


Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great one… GOBBLE GOBBLE – Wrinklecarver from Jheri Evans on Vimeo.

No bake pumpkin pie

No Bake Pumpkin Pie chilled with Zion I, Rebelution, The Knocks, Chiddy Bang and Vonnegutt

Since food and music are two of my passions outside of teaching, I try to incorporate them inside the classroom as much as possible. My kids and I dance every Friday and on special occasions (usually holidays) we work with food. For the past four Thanksgiving’s I’ve made no bake pumpkin pie with the class. There’s nothing special about this recipe but it is easy […]


Monkey Bread slathered with covers by Cassettes Won’t Listen, Horse Feathers, Weed and Foxes in Fiction

As I mentioned previously, J-Fur’s birthday was on November 14th and to celebrate I made her breakfast in bed. The sweet ying to the rest of the breakfast’s yang was monkey bread, a dish that I had not heard of until our friend Betsy baked it up four years ago. This was my first try at making it myself and I loved how fun the […]


Vegan Meatloaf Sandwiches madeover with Watch out for Rockets and Robert James and the Unaccountable Freaks

A little over two weeks ago Mister Peanut, a monocled mascot for Planters who has remained virtually unchanged since 1916, received a makeover. Just hours later I was at Barnes and Nobel looking for some picture books when I came across Jennifer L. Helm’s Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf. These two events, seemingly unrelated, got me thinking. The problem with meatloaf is that it […]


Food Pairing 101: What goes well with Pumpkin Ice Cream?

I’ve seen the posts by people around me…pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips (go JH), pumpkin bars (way to carve that baby CM) and pumpkin cakes and I can’t help but feel a little twinge of jealousy. Baking, at this time, doesn’t quite make sense in this Jekyll and Hyde climate that is Florida. One day it’s chilly and it seems that Autumn has been ushered […]


What’s Cooking with Postbox?

(Photo by Ruevan Tan, the Bastard Movement) Postbox first appeared on Write.Click.Cook.Listen with their song “Miss Sunshine” on our Caper Crusader Mix. Knowing very little about Singapore and their music scene I decided to contact them and get the lowdown. I heard nothing for a period of time and I figured any hopes of pursuing the band further was out of the question. Then, a […]


Breakfast in Bed with Surfer Blood

“You are a strange and magnificent creature and you have enchanted me completely.” Today is J-Fur’s birthday. She wanted breakfast in bed. I made her some home-fried potatoes, breakfast burritos, vegetarian bacon and monkey bread.   Since J-Fur is a big fan of Surfer Blood. I thought I would include one of Surfer Blood’s contributions to Insound’s Red Wax Session (the whole album is free, […]