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What’s Cooking with Still Blue Still Turning?

Some bands exist only to make music (see Stockholm). There is nothing wrong with that, they know what they want and that is all that they want to do. Still Blue Still Turning (originally included as part of my Caper Crusader Mix) is not one of those bands. Ray Duer and Ryan Brady, the creative geniuses behind Still Blue Still Turning, balance a number of […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: Addicts of Communication by Randy

While I’m more of a pancake guy (more on that later) Belgian waffles strike my fancy because they can hold the syrup and therefore can be eaten with my hands if need be. I wonder if the divets on a Belgian waffle would allow it to fly further than a pancake when struck by a golf club? If so, that would be a second reason […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Slottet

(image from Slottet’s Myspace Page) Scene: Halloween Party, 2007. At least some of the members of Slottet are in attendance. A horse mask makes an appearance, quickly becomes the hit of the party and changes the band’s life forever. Move forward three years. “Agnostics Nightmare” has just crossed my computer screen and I dig it enough to include it on my September Caper Crusader Mix. […]


Where they eat: Mack’N Biz at Outback Steakhouse or a Mexican Joint

(photo taken from the Mack’N Biz website, I did not take it) AJ Baltazar and Andy McNamara (aka The Mack’N Biz) are best friends that first met while pledging the Sigma Nu fraternity at UCSD. It didn’t take long for these aspiring rappers to realize they had a lot in common. The Mack’N Biz was born shortly after. Three and a half years later these […]


Zucchini Pancakes shredded by Grimes, Breathe Owl Breathe and Jonny Cola and the A Grades

Zucchini was really cheap at the farmers market a few weeks ago so I picked some up thinking that I would settle into my courgette routine of making grinders. But then Vegan Dad posted a recipe for Zucchini Pancakes and, well, why not? What transpired next was one batch, followed by another and another until I got a recipe J-Fur could handle (the Vegan Dad […]


Food Flavored Song of the Day: If Love is Gone Where Do We Go From Here by the Salteens

My co-worker eats soup almost every day for lunch. It’s easy, keeps in the freezer and is good she argues. I find it odd, in the Florida heat, that someone can continually eat soup. But I guess the same could be said for coffee and there are no shortage of Starbucks in this town. When I eat soup, for those two weeks in January when […]


Farfalle covered by Tomato-Fontina Cream Sauce and bowtied by Casa Murilo, The Go! Team and Silver Swans

Bow ties are making a comeback! It’s been sometime since I sported a bow tie with regularity (by that I mean like once a month). I used to wear them with any collared shirt I had because I thought they were funny and no other artistic college kid was pimping one. Now, instead of the collared shirt, I’m using them to dress up peas, Fontina […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Stockholm

(image from Stockholm’s Facebook Page) Doesn’t it just get under your skin when the need kid in town gets all the girls (or boys)? I mean c’mon, you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into wooing those around you for a while and next thing you know, its the new comer walking away with the prize. Metaphorically speaking, Stockholm is that new kid. They’ve been […]


Movie Food: Roasted Tofu and Couscous Pine Nuts fluffed with Dr. Dog and Donnis

You know what really curdles my milk (aside from those people that are always standing outside of grocery stores on Saturdays and Sundays trying to get me to buy their stupid cookies or landfill fattening discount cards)? Movie makers that create entertaining films that peter out in the last five minutes. Even my third graders know not to pull that stuff. I’ve witnessed two such […]