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Cinnamon Cake sprinkled with Golden Ages, Neon Hitch and Marthas & Arthurs

A late night excursion to Tampa’s Three Coins Diner got me thinking. How about a recipe for cinnamon bread with ice cream on top. It worked at the diner when I dipped smothered ice cream on my bread and created, as Elizabeth put it, an “ice cream sandwich.” Eventually the idea morphed into a cinnamon cake with ice cream (much to J-Fur’s chagrin as she […]


Tofu Cacciatore hunted by DJ Bahler, Little Gold and the Gay Blades

I’m not much of a gamer. I grew up on Intellivision, played a lot of James Bond my first year of college, can beat most people at Pac-Man and always welcome the chance to destroy my brother at Tecmo Super Bowl. But outside of that I generally forgo video games for music, movies, cooking or running. But things might change now. I decided to make […]


Beans, Bread and Polaroids: A Monologue About Moreno’s New Album

I finally got around to listening to Polaroids, the new album from my favorite Chilean artists Moreno (mentioned here and here and here). What Moreno has going on with Polaroids is a much tighter and more polished album than its predecessors. That isn’t to say that Polaroids loses the rawness that is Moreno’s strength, quite the opposite. But this new lustre serves to create tracks […]


Baker’s Dozen: Interview with Jumpiter

Quick movie pitch. A vengeful God kills a guy’s girlfriend. He decides that He likes it enough to reincarnate her and do it again. And then again. And again. This is the concept behind Jumpiter’s new album, his third, Bad God. Jumpiter came to my attention through “Eyes of the Trucks” (a track off his second album Trucks) which I included on my July Condiment […]


Lazy Man’s Vegan Mu Shu Wraps Enveloping Rae Spoon and Paleo

Every once in a while I try to think of my life before tortillas. There was a time when I ate vegetarian hot dogs and sausages on rolls, grilled cheese on bread and eggs on english muffins. All of that changed when I began eating tortillas (the halfway authentic kind, not the crap that is sold in the refrigerator section at the grocery store). I […]


Lot’s of Calories because of Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Crostini

My life has been all about the toast recently (although not Sunday afternoon thank god). First there was the cinnamon toast that I bought at that hole-in-the-wall diner (not the kind of place you would expect to find great cinnamon toast but I’ll swear by it). Then there were this little crostinis that caught my eye in an old issue of Real Simple. Just a […]


What’s Cooking with Marco Mahler?

Marco Mahler (originally mentioned in my fourth of July post) released his latest album, Laptop Campfire Speed, on June 29th. He sent me a copy of the album before I headed north (which is awesome considering it was a 16+ hour drive). I wasn’t sure what I would get out of Laptop, having heard little of Marco’s stuff. What I got was an acoustic album […]


Bar-b-qued Lentils served on Luge

“Look, said Esau,”I’m on the point of dying. What good will any birthright do me?” But Jacob insisted, “Swear to me first!” So he sold Jacob his birthright under oath. Jacob then gave him some bar-b-que lentils; and Esau ate, drank, got up and went his way.” Genesis 25:31-34 Ok, so maybe it was lentil stew but the point is, these little legumes pack a […]


Where we eat: Senorita Burrita sour creamed with LCD Soundsystem and theprostitutesofpop

(I didn’t do much cooking on vacation but I did eat at some great places so periodically I will post about these restaurants). When I think of a crazy cat lady (or man) two people come to mind first: HH and CC. Both of them would be in heaven in Senorita Burrita. The whole restaurant, which is located in downtown Lancaster, PA, is decked out […]