Where we eat: Sweet Jane’s Candy Store

Somewhere amongst the trees and anti-abortion signs, on the outskirts of Ocala National Forest, lies Sweet Jane’s Candy Store. I was first called to the store by signs alongside the road claiming whoopie pies were nearby. I walked into the store shoeless (there is no time to put on shoes when whoopie pies are to be had). It was set up like one of those old-timey general stores that dot the mountains of Pennsylvania. I quickly glanced around…where were the whoopies? Finally, my eyes landed on an entire counter decked out with the pies. I’ll admit, I had tunnel vision. From the website I see that Sweet Jane’s has oodles and oodles of homemade candies and fudge (and even gummy worms) but I couldn’t focus on any of this. Only whoopies would satisfy me. The whoopie pies ranged in flavor from chocolate and cherry to pumpkin and cream cheese this was a Pennsylvanian kids dream (I mean the Amish did invent the darn thing). To the left of the whoopie pie counter was a freezer that contained even more pies. These were stuffed with homemade ice cream rather than icing. It was a tough decision, all those glorious looking pies. I went with the carrot cake option and J-Fur went with the chocolate and cherry. We weren’t disappointed. We should’ve grabbed a few more for the drive back to Tampa.

Since my visit to Sweet Jane’s, whoopie pies have followed me everywhere. First it was my friend BH sending me a link to nine whoopie pie recipes that you’ll absolutely love. Then EW insisted that her sister has the best recipe (though I haven’t procured it yet). Finally it was some good ol’ hockey trash talk that led to a whoopie pie bet on the Stanley Cup finals.

I blame all of this on Sweet Jane and her quaint little store. Check out Sweet Jane’s Whoopie Pies (and possibly order some online) at her website.









Look at the spread at the beginning of “Rich Kids” by Washington. Now imagine that spread with Whoopie Pies.

In less than three weeks The Constellations debut album, Southern Gothic, will hit stores. One of the tracks on this album is “Love is a Murder.” Here is a live version of the song from a performance last year in Athens, Georgia. Thanks to Spin (cough, cough) for turning me on to them. I’ve listened to the track a number of times and am pretty sure they don’t mention whoopie pies (although transpose blood with icing and wounds with whoopie pie in verse two and you know exactly what I’m talking about).

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5 thoughts on “Where we eat: Sweet Jane’s Candy Store

  • October 19, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    Hello, everytime I google myself and this story comes up saying my store has NO CANDY I am very upset. I realize you can not un-do this announcment, but please the next time you publish something after visting someone place of business….look around…..you must be BLIND not to see the hundreds and hundres of candy I sell. thanks Sweet Jane


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